Nanuet Little League Policy On Managerís Coach and Other Volunteer Selection



It is the policy of Nanuet Little League, that the guidelines for Coach and other Volunteer selection and assignment are according to the following:

The Manager selects their choices for their STAFF: Up to two coaches plus other team volunteers. (Team Parent, Announcer, Coordinator, etc.)
All adults that will have any interaction with the players, whether it be in games or practice, must submit a completed current Volunteer Form and a copy of their Driver's License to the League and are subject to a background check.

The Manager must submit their choices for 1 or 2 Coaches to the Board of Directors to be reviewed to be Approved or Denied PRIOR to ANY involvement with the players by the Coach applicants either in practices or games.ONLY if and after the Coach Applicants are Approved, are they allowed to participate in team practices and games.    
The Manager has absolute and full say (provided they are approved and in good standing) who their STAFF consists of throughout the entire season.  Should a situation arise where a Manager chooses to, they have the authority to remove any of their STAFF from their team, at any time.  There is no appeal process for a Volunteer to be reinstated to a team.  This decision is the Manager's. 
For AAA divisions and above, a Maximum of 3 adults are allowed in the dugout (including the Manager).
A minimum of one adult MUST be in the dugout at all times.  (Players may have to be base coaches to comply with this.)

On the AAA and Majors Level, ADULTS MUST BE INSIDE THE DUGOUT while their team is in the field.







Policy Adopted October 6, 2005 by Nanuet Little League Board of Directors

Latest Revision: September 14, 2009