Nanuet Little League Policy On Requests for Player Placement


It is the current position of the Nanuet Little League to consider parents’ or guardians’ requests to place their child on a specific team only in the non-competitive levels of play.  These include T-Ball, A, and AA divisions only.  Since these are non-competitive levels, we want to try to accommodate families for their various reasons, as best we can.  The Player Agent and the Baseball or Softball Director, must approve of the placement.  There are no guarantees, for administrative and logistics reasons.



We cannot consider specific requests to place a child on a specific team, a specific Manager* or Coach*, or with another player*, in any other level. 

*Players are assigned to their parent’s or guardian’s team if the parent or guardian is a Coach or Manager.  Players who have siblings in the same division are placed on the same team unless a specific request is made by the parent or guardian.

Players in competitive levels are drafted. Registration is grouped collectively as 9-12 year olds.  The Majors division is drafted first. Those not drafted in Majors are eligible for the Minors division draft which follows the Majors draft.  Those not drafted in Minors are eligible for the AAA division draft which follows the Minors draft.  There is no guarantee in what division a player will end up, (*except 12 year olds must play in Majors unless a request by the parent/guardian is made and it is approved by the board.)

Note on Coaches:
In divisions at the AAA level and above, n
o coach or player, other than a son or daughter of a Manager, can be pre-assigned to any team.  No pre-draft deals can be made to ensure a coach is teamed up with a Manager.  If a Manager has a particular coach in mind that they want to have as one of their assistant coaches, they need to attempt to draft that coach’s son or daughter to their team.  If they are unable to draft that particular player, they are allowed to try to work out an equitable trade for said player after the draft is complete, thought the trade must be approved by the League.  After rosters are set, the Managers must submit, in writing, their choice for up to 2 Coaches and 1 Team Parent to be reviewed and considered by the League for approval.  If, and only if, the coaches are approved, they can coach on that team.


For specific division structure, see our DIVISION STRUCTURE on the website.










Policy Adopted October 6, 2005 by Nanuet Little League Board of Directors