Nanuet Little League Policy On Players Playing Up


It is the current position of the Nanuet Little League to encourage players to play within the basic Nanuet Little League age structure unless a gross disparity in a player’s ability hinders their ability to improve their skills.  It is also the current position of the Nanuet Little League to strongly discourage players at the 12 year old level from moving up to the Junior Division.  The Junior Division plays on a larger field- (80-90 foot bases, 60 feet 6 in. pitching, 127 ft. 3 3/8 in. home to second, vs. 60 ft.bases, 46 ft. pitching, 84 foot 10 in. home to second).  


This policy comes with a lot of research and thought put into it.  Here are some general results of players playing up versus playing in their proper division:
Players will get less playing time- usually the minimum.  They will not get much chance to play a field position they want to improve and excel in.  They will be batting much lower in the batting order.  They will have less success in their role, and in individual events.  Their level of frustration will be higher, and their overall experience could be negative. They will not be looked up to by teammates as a leader.            


It is the policy of Nanuet Little League, that any player that is to be considered for playing in an “older” division than the basic Nanuet LL structure, must meet certain criteria before being considered to be moved up.  The criteria are as follows:


The player may only play in a division that is within the Official Rules of Little League.
The Player should attend a Tryout.
The Player Agent and the Baseball or Softball Director, must recommend and approve the move. This recommendation and approval will be based on Player Ability, both physically and mentally, and maturity level. The player’s abilities are determined by the Player Agent and Directors, using input from the Player Evaluation Committee’s observations in Tryouts, Division Coordinators, Managers, and Coaches.  No accolades, accomplishments, statistics, or experience from any competing or conflicting Baseball or Softball Organization, are considered in the decision making process.  Social factors, such as carpooling, friendships, conveniences, are not a basis for movement.  Parental pressure will not be considered.
The Player Agent will coordinate and guide the player and the parent/guardian through the process.

The parent/guardian needs to approve any upward division move.

The parent/guardian of the player should not be a new Manager of a competitive division team the player plays on.  (They may be a coach on the team.)
A player cannot bypass the AAA division of play by playing up.
The movement of any player can not be such to upset the equitable balance of any of the league’s divisions.

Any player approved to ‘play up’ is only approved for playing up for that season.  Each new season the player will be expected to play in the age prescribed for that player. (Approval to ‘play up’ does not mean permanent advancement ahead of age prescribed division schedule.)
The movement of any player will be subject to in-season and future evaluation, and is subject to reversal at the discretion of the Player Agent and Directors. (Exception: Once a player is moved up to the Junior level, they cannot return to, or participate in, any lower level division.)


For specific division structure, see our DIVISION STRUCTURE on the website.




Policy Adopted September 1, 2005 by Nanuet Little League Board of Directors

Revised September 14, 2009