Nanuet Little League Policy On Drafting


It is the policy of Nanuet Little League that there shall be a fresh drafting of all teams in all divisions every season.  Fresh Drafting means that all teams start from scratch, with no tenure, or returning players.  This is to increase the likelihood of having balanced divisions, which should make for better competition between teams, and an increase in fun for all participants.  Little League International provides simple methods for fresh drafts as outlined in the Operating Manual.  At the end of each draft, equitable trades are allowed, but must be made before the end of the draft meeting, and monitored and approved by the Player Agent.  Nanuet Little League has had fresh drafts in all competitive divisions since 2006 and the success has been quite apparent.   


Nanuet Little League Policy On Drafting of Siblings


Official Little League Rules have a stipulation for drafting of siblings.  If a player is drafted who has a sibling available in the same draft, that sibling is protected from being drafted by any other manager until the very next pick of the manager who drafted the first sibling.  There is no provision to force a manager to select the sibling. The rules state that once the manager passes on the option to select the sibling, any other manager can select the sibling.


It is the policy of Nanuet Little League that, siblings in the same draft, must end up on the same team unless the parent or guardian has previously made it clear to Nanuet Little League that they have no preference to keep the siblings together.  Without prior notice by the parent /guardian, it will be concluded that their preference is to keep the siblings together.  Therefore, if the manager who drafted the first sibling does not draft the subsequent siblings in the protected rounds, and another manager selects that sibling(s), a trade will be executed after the draft is complete to ensure the siblings play on the same team. The managers will first get a chance to work out an equitable trade.  If a trade is not agreed upon by the managers, the Player Agent will execute the trade. 



Policy Adopted November 29, 2007 by Nanuet Little League Board of Directors