Frequently Asked Questions

(3 on 3 Tournament)

Do I have to be a travel player to be in the tournament?

No, anyone in grades 4-8 can play in the tournament.

Do I have to have four players on my team?

No, you may have three or four players on your team. A fourth player is good to give fellow players a rest and in case a team member fouls out.

I’m in the third grade; can I play in the fourth grade division?

No, currently this tournament is limited to grades 4-8.

Why can there be no more than two ‘A’ travel players on a team?

We limit the teams to two ‘A’ travel players to help even the playing field for all teams. We want kids to learn to create competitive teams, similar to pickup games in their driveways.

For the 4th grade girls and boys, how does the two ‘A’ travel player rule apply?

Since the two 4th grade girls and boys travel teams were selected as equal teams (‘Orange’ & ‘Blue’), a maximum of two travel players are allowed on a 3v3 team.

Can a player on my team be from a school that is not in Walpole?

Yes, as long as there are no more than two ‘A’ travel players (or equivalent for that town) on the team. At least "one" player from each team must be a Walpole Resident in order to participate.  "Please note: exceptions may apply for school teams and town teams"

How long will the tournament last?

We try to keep each grade division to a 3 to 4 hour length tournament. Some grade divisions have more teams and it may last a little longer. Also, those teams that make the playoffs will need to stay a little longer.

How many games will each team play?

Our goal is for each team to play 5 games (approximately 10 minutes long). Teams that make the playoffs will play 1-2 more games.

How are games scheduled?

Games are scheduled randomly within each grade division. The game schedulers do not know who is on each team.

Will all the games I play be against other teams in my grade division?


What time should I show up for the tournament?

Each team captain will be notified by phone or email as to when the tournament starts and ends for his/her team’s grade division. The website will also be updated with this information a couple of days before the tournament. It is the responsibility of the team captain to contact all other members of the team with this information.

Some teams create matching shirts; does my team have to have them?

No, we will have pinnies at the tournament. It is the discretion of the referees and scorers if a team will have to wear pinnies in a game regardless of matching shirts.

I mailed my registration form in, how do I know if it arrived by the due date?

The 3v3 Coordinator will email a registration confirmation to the team captain. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact the 3v3 Coordinator immediately.

The registration due date has past, can I still get a team in?

No. Scheduling begins the day after registrations are due. In order to communicate grade division start/end times to the teams in a timely manner, the 3v3 committee must adhere to this strict schedule.