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The Week that Was…


Division I Notes:


·         As the weather warmed up so too did the intensity and excitement of games this weekend.  The big showdown of course came on Friday night between Mercer Island and Bellevue.  Islanders came to play and held a 5-3 halftime advantage.  But, the Wolverines scored 5 unanswered in the 2nd half to take an 8-5 lead before Mercer could respond.  Respond they did though, clawing back to trail 9-8 with under two minutes to play before Bellevue held on.  This game was played at a very high level and could very easily be a preview of this year’s State Championship.

·         An odd ending to a game in Kirkland on Friday night.  The match-up between Lake Washington and Emerald Ridge-Puyallup was supposed to be an ER-P home game but due to stadium conflict teams agreed to move the game to Kirkland.  After entering triple overtime tied at 6, the lights went out and thus the game was ended in a tie.  For now it will remain a tie.  The game will only be finished if the need arises based on results over the next two weeks.  Bothell-Inglemoor is hot on the Kangs tail and if they catch LW forcing a tie in the standings, LW might have to finish the triple overtime contest to decide it.  Stay tuned…

·         Big upset out in Covington as Tahoma got themselves back into the playoff discussion by knocking off King’s Way 8-5!  The Bears got a hat-trick from Trevor Larsen and the road weary Knights couldn’t produce any magic this time.

·         Issaquah overcame a 3-goal halftime deficit to pull out a big 9-8 win over Bainbridge.  Another typical tight ball game between these two.  Brady Hahn made 14 saves to help Issaquah shutout the Spartans in the 4th quarter and hold on for the win.


Division II Notes:


·         Playoff Rundown by Conference:

o    Central-South – Richland earned the playoff berth from the Central South and with it a first round bye.

o    Eastern – Wenatchee is #1 and earns a 1st round bye.  Gonzaga Prep knocked off University to earn the #2 seed and will host Metro #4, in the first round.

o    KingCo – Garfield is #1 and has a 1st round bye.  Mt Si is #2 and will travel to WescoNW #2, Everett in the 2nd round.  Ballard is #3 and will host Olympic #4, North Kitsap in the 1st round.  Roosevelt is #4 and will most likely travel to Stanwood but the Shorecrest vs Stanwood game will determine final outcome.

o    Metro – Nathan Hale is #1 regardless of last game by virtue of two wins over Overlake.  So, the Raiders have a 1st round bye.  Overlake is #2 and most likely will travel to Peninsula-Gig Harbor as part of the 2nd round.  The last three spots depend on the outcome of the Kennedy Catholic vs Seattle Prep match-up to close the Metro season.  If Kennedy wins it makes life easy as Kennedy finishes #3, Blanchet #4 and Seattle Prep #5.  If Prep wins it gets messy… see below.

o    Olympic – #4 North Kitsap goes to KingCo #3, Ballard. #3 Klahowya hosts WescoNW#5 which is most likely Shorecrest.  Stadium is #1 as even if they finished tied with Peninsula-Gig Harbor they own tie-break having only surrendered 28 goals in league games this season.  Noteworthy that Stadium has four shutouts this season.  Peninsula-Gig Harbor is #2 regardless and barring some monumental collapse to South Kitsap will host Overlake as part of the 2nd round.

o    Cascade – Everett finished their regular season by beating Friday Harbor to wrap up the Cascade Conference title and secure the WescoNW#2 position.  The Seawolves will host KingCo #2 Mt Si in the second round.  Shorecrest hosts Stanwood in a big conference finale.  The scenarios are explained below.

o    Skagit –Sehome-Bellingham finished the regular season unbeaten securing the #1 seed out of the WescoNW region.  They earn a 1st round bye and will await a winner.  Lynden will finish second in the Skagit regardless of their final game but their playoff seed depends on the Stanwood vs Shorecrest game because Lynden holds a win over Stanwood but lost to Shorecrest.  Friday Harbor slips in to the playoffs as the WescoNW #6 by finishing third in the Skagit.  They will travel to Metro #3


·         Scenarios left to be decided:

o    If Stanwood beats Shorecrest or loses by 8 goals or less then Lynden is WescoNW #3, Stanwood is WescoNW #4 and Shorecrest is #5

o    If Shorecrest beats Stanwood by more than 8 goals, Shorecrest will become WescoNW#3, Lynden is WescoNW #4 and Stanwood drops to #5.

o    If Kennedy Catholic beats Seattle Prep, Kennedy is #3, Blanchet is #4, Seattle Prep is #5.

o    If Seattle Prep beats Kennedy Catholic AND Blanchet loses to Vashon, Prep is #3, Kennedy is #4 and Blanchet is #5

o    If Seattle Prep beats Kennedy Catholic AND Blanchet beats Vashon it creates a 3-way tie.  Outside of a ridiculously lopsided score in Prep’s favor the 3-way tie-break leaves Kennedy as #3, Prep at #4 and Blanchet at #5.


If the Playoffs Started Today…


First Round

Second Round

Second Round

First Round





5/10 or 5/11

5/17 or 5/18

5/17 or 5/18

5/10 or 5/11

2013 WHSBLA Division II Playoffs

Nathan Hale








Gonzaga Prep



















May 22nd




May 22nd










Memorial Stadium






June 1st














Mount Si

May 29th


May 29th
















































May 22nd


May 22nd



























North Kitsap


Friday Harbor




Best Upcoming Match-Ups…


Division I:

·         5/7 – Skyline @ Lakeside: Each team currently seeded #3 in their respective conferences and trying to stay there!

·         5/7 – Tahoma @ Bothell-Inglemoor:  Each team currently #4 in their respective conferences but each still alive… a loss will hurt big.

·         5/7 – Issaquah @ Eastside Catholic: Each owns a 1-goal win over Bainbridge but each has a loss or two they regret.

·         5/10 – Issaquah @ Mercer Island:  These two have met for the State Championship three times and Issaquah took last year’s match-up by just two!


Division II:

·         5/7 – Stanwood @ Shorecrest: Will Shorecrest be content to be in the playoffs or can they climb all the way to the WescoNW #3 seed?

·         5/7 – Seattle Prep @ Kennedy Catholic: As has become the Metro Motto, “You never know in the Metro”!

·         Division II Playoff start on Friday 5/10.  The best opening round match-up may very well be



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