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The Division I Stroll…


·         True it is a long season and much to be determined, but the first full week of the season seemed to show there are two clear favorites at the top and then a host of mid tier teams.  This may in fact be the year that someone crashes the Final Four party that Mercer, Bainbridge, Issaquah and Bellevue have had on lock since the playoffs expanded to 12 teams back in 2010.  Bellevue and Mercer Island remain clearly at the top.  Issaquah, Bainbridge, Lake Washington, King’s Way, Skyline, Eastside Catholic and Bellarmine Prep are often mentioned in the next tier.  Yet, this week Skyline fell to Eastlake while Lake Tapps defeated Bellarmine Prep by a touchdown showing there might be more teams than we thought battling for those #2, #3 and #4 seeds come playoff time.


·         The Wolverines did little to dispel the notion that they are the cream at the top this year by simply smashing Lake Washington 20-1 to bring the Kangs back down to earth after their big season opening upset of Bainbridge.  Bellevue followed with a 17-1 count over Woodinville.


·         Mercer Island cruised to a 3-0 start with two more wins this week.  In a win over Bellarmine Prep the Islanders scored 15 goals in the opening quarter.  No, that is not a misprint; 15 goals in just 12 minutes of play in the 1st quarter.  We’ll have to do some further research but we’d bet that is a record for the state of Washington.


·         Lakeside has started the year 2-0 already matching the number of conference wins they had all last season.  The Lions have been led by senior captain, attackman Keaton Santi with 8 goals while getting solid play in net from Peter Scott with 27 saves.


·         King’s Way sits at 3-0 to match Mercer Island in the Southwest.  Their most impressive win thus far came against Eastside Catholic in a high scoring, run and gun, 19-11 victory.  Couple with Bellarmine Prep’s early loss to Lake Tapps, appears the Knights could be thinking about a #2 seed though Bainbridge will surely still have a say in that.




The D2 Stroll…


·         Congratulations to a couple new programs as Kennedy and Edmonds each won their first WHSBLA game this week.  At first glance it appears the toughest conferences will be each of the six-team conferences.  Fortunately each of these conferences is allotted 3 playoff berths.  This still may leave some decent teams on the outside come playoff time as we have seen some interesting early season surprises already. Let’s take a look conference by conference:






Lacrosse The Country…

·         Sam Snow (Bainbridge) is the 3rd leading scorer for Fairfield.  The Stags are now 7-1 and currently ranked #14 in the country in NCAA DI.

Lacrosse Four Thought…

Who are the top face-off guys in the WHSBLA this year?

What is the most goals you have ever seen scored in one quarter of high school lacrosse play?

When was the last time you saw four teams ahead of Bainbridge in the conference standings?

Why no Bellevue in the Under Armour High School Regional Rankings?


Parting Shots…


·          “St. Andrews will continue as a varsity program competing in the MCLA.  One of our new missions during this transition is to lead the way to expand the ranks of men’s varsity lacrosse in the college ranks, by lobbying, promoting, and pushing for lacrosse to be recognized by the NAIA as a sanctioned varsity sport.  In the mean time, the program is shifting directions helping those athletes who want to compete at the NCAA level, utilizing St Andrews as a launching pad.  Recruiting athletes who financial could not afford to play on select level team, or did not get the looks they were hoping for by getting them in to college, getting them accustomed to a college lacrosse, college classes, and then helping them transfer if they desire on to the NCAA programs.” – Chris Sherman


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