May 8, 2011


The Division I Stroll…



·         Barring some absolute craziness, Mercer Island is #1, Issaquah is #2 and Bellevue is #3

·         Eastside Catholic should be #4 assuming they beat Mukilteo

·         Again, assuming no crazy upsets of the top three teams the Skyline @ Lake Washington game on Monday and the Eastlake @ Northshore game on Wednesday will determine the final two spots.  Here are the scenarios:

1.      Skyline wins, Northshore wins – Skyline #5, Northshore #6

2.      Skyline wins, Eastlake wins – Eastlake #5, Skyline #6

3.      LW wins, Northshore wins – Northshore #5, LW #6

4.      LW wins, Eastlake wins – LW #5, Eastlake #6


·         Despite their recent struggles Bainbridge should claim the top spot here, but if Tacoma can pull an upset there could be a three-way scenario with Bainbridge, Tacoma and Curtis that would need sorting out.

·         Assuming Bainbridge beats Tacoma, Curtis is #2 having only lost to Bainbridge.

·         If Tacoma loses to Bainbridge and beats Lakeside and Seattle Prep they are #3

·         King’s Way is #4 at best having lost to the top three.  However Tahoma still has a shot at #4 as well.  If Tahoma can win on Tuesday (Vashon) and Thursday (Puyallup) it would set up a Saturday night showdown between the Bears and King’s Way for the #4 spot.  The loser would then be #5

·         Seattle Prep is mathematically still alive, but the Panthers would need to upset both Bainbridge and Tacoma to get to 5-5 as any 4-6 scenario has them out having already lost to Stadium and Lake Tapps.

·         Assuming Seattle Prep loses at least one of their two remaining, Wednesday’s game between Lake Tapps and Stadium will decide the #6 spot.




The D2 Stroll…



·         Klahowya is #1 and will host Cascade #2 (Providence or Snohomish) in the 1st Round

·         Gig Harbor is #2 and will travel to Wenatchee in the 1st Round

·         North Kitsap or Port Angles will be #3 as before mentioned and must travel to Skagit #1 (most likely Skagit Valley)


·         Sammamish is #1 and will host Three Rivers in the 1st Round

·         Highline is #2 and will host whomever surfaces as #2 from the Skagit (should be Whatcom or North County)

·         Redmond is #3 and must travel to Blanchet for an all green and gold match-up in round one


·         Garfield is #1 and will host Cascade #3 (providence or Snohomish) in 1st Round

·         Blanchet #2 and will host Redmond in the 1st Round

·         The third spot looks to be Roosevelt’s but Nathan Hale is still alive.  Hale needs Roosevelt to either lose both of their remaining games or they need to beat Blanchet and hope Roosevelt still loses one.  Either of those scenarios create a tie and force Roosevelt and Nathan Hale to play it off.


·         Wenatchee is #1 and will host Gig Harbor in the 1st Round

·         Three Rivers is #2 and will travel to Sammamish


·         Woodinville is #1 and will host Metro #3 (Roosevelt or Nathan Hale) in the 1st Round

·         Snohomish must beat Providence by 8 or more to earn Cascade #2.  Otherwise, Providence will travel to Klahowya.

·         #3 will travel to Garfield


·         Skagit Valley in line to finish #1 and host the North Kitsap/Port Angles winner

·         #2 is most likely the North County or Whatcom.  Whomever surfaces must travel to Highline.





Lacrosse The Country…


·         Sam Snow (Bainbridge) scored a big goal in helping Fairfield upset Loyola in the ECAC semifinals.  Snow scored again in the final, but the Stags fell to Denver to conclude their season. 


·         NCAA Tournament Fields will be announced Sunday evening (May 8th). Several WHSBLA alumns will be participating in the NCAA Division I and NCAA Division III tourneys including Drew Snider (Garfield) and Landon Carr (Curtis) for Maryland, Taylor Wisman (Northshore) for RIT, and Zach Steedman (Puyallup) for Colorado College.


·         Several WHSBLA alumns will be also be taking part in this year’s MCLA Tournament.  Seedings are to be announced late Sunday as well and the brackets can be found here.




Lacrosse Four Thought…

Which conference will have the most exciting finish?

What are your predictions for the soon to be announced Division I All-State and Division II All-Conference teams?

Will the Stealth repeat as NLL champions?

Would you be in favor of a WHBSLA final four weekend where all semifinal games were played at one location?


Parting Shots…


o   “How about another young player from Wenatchee, Connor Christensen (soph) with 11 goals and 11 assists in 3 games last week. His totals are 32 goals and 17 assists on the year, putting him 10th in PPG.” – Dylan Hummel


We’ll give a shot to the best emails of the week and include your comments/quotes/etc in next week’s Sunday Stroll.

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