This week’s Varsity News (Episode #37) includes highlights of the big Bellevue @ Mercer Island game as well as Curtis @ Issaquah.


The Division I Stroll…




WHSBLA Division I – Final Regular Season Stat Leaders


The D2 Stroll…





Lacrosse The Country…


Dylan Holmes (Lakeside) earned North Coast Athletic Conference honors for Division III Oberlin College.

Alex Jacques (Bainbridge) was named MCLA Division I, Third Team All-American playing in goal for Colorado St.

Adam Extine (Tahoma) was named MCLA Division II, Third Team All-American playing defense for Western Washington University.



Lacrosse Four Thought…

Which Division II Quarterfinal result surprised you the most?

Who was the first player from Washington to be on the field Memorial Day weekend for an NCAA DI Final Four, DII Final or DIII Final?

What programs will be throwing victory parties come Saturday, May 29th?

Where will Mercer Island finish in the LaxPower West Regional Ratings and the Inside Lacrosse Under Armour Regional Ratings?


Parting Shots…


·         I think the All-State selections were bang on. I'm so proud they recognized Brett Menella, who, except for a broken ankle last year, would have had an amazing two-year run for Bellevue.  It's impossible to argue against Wisman's or Wettack's selection, but Hap Giraud was deserving of All-American as well. He gets hurt because his team is so good and the level of competition so....uh...not yet good...that he doesn't get to showcase his talent. That is, few people make it past MI's defense to attempt a shot on Hap, so people don't understand how good he is.” – Patrick Boyd


·         “When Tacoma last faced Skyline in '07, Skyline was D1 while Tacoma was still in D2.  The 11-9 loss to Skyline was one of two losses for that Tacoma squad all year (the other being to D1 Curtis).” – Jimmy Twining

·         “The Cascade Conference is loaded with talented middies, so I guess someone great has to be left off the list.  Oliver Thomas from Providence is 5th in the state in assists, 6th in the state in ground balls, and 12th in the state in PPG (more than 6 games).  He would be the first or second best middie in any other conference.  Admittedly, stats don’t say it all but I would argue that Oliver Thomas adds even more to his team than his stats demonstrate.” – Nathan Morris

·         “San Juan midfielder Forest Dayton suffered a shoulder injury in the beginning of the 4th quarter of their game against Snohomish.  He has had an amazing career for the Dragons as their leading scorer since his freshman year.  The team has looked within itself during his absence and everyone has found a way to contribute.  Forest will likely be back to face Roosevelt this weekend.   He is a tough kid and we will welcome him back with open arms.” – Rob Cuomo

·         “Sam Chapman Jr. Defenseman from Sammamish got snubbed.  Sam was a dominant force and leader of a defense that allowed only 43 goals in 13 games this year.  His 75 gb’s ranked 3rd in the conference while marking the top player in each contest.  With all due respect to the Evergreen team (including very good defenseman in Bowman, Clement, Ericson, and Bomberry), there is no better shut down defenseman in the Evergreen than Sam Chapman.” - DII guy

·         “It seems a little odd to me that Providence did not get at least one defender on the all-conference team. After all, they have the least number of goals against in the conference, which would arguably make them the best defenders in the league. In all the other conferences except Skagit, the team with the lowest points against got two defenders on the all-conference list. Luke Morris is did a great job on the field, slowing down those attackers named all-conference, namely Cameron Girgus, Nick Hund, and JD Chapman. I think Luke is probably the best defender in the league, and will only get better.”  -Byron Heyward



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