Questions based on OFB/Little League rules.

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This interactive quiz has over 300 questions (and growing). The database of questions started out as a learning aid for umpires working Little League games at the majors and below.  Over the years, its expanded to included Junior/Senior/Big League and Softball. 

For each question, I try to cite the rule.  When the question was written (barring dyslexia), the correct rule was cited.  As rule books change, the rule numbers sometimes drift, so you might have to look around a little to find the exact rule. 

Some of these questions are specific to Little League, a particular level of Little League or even a specific local Little League. You can choose to filter out these questions using the options below. If a question doesn't apply to all basball/softball, it will note what it does apply to.  (If nothing is noted, the rule is the same for all associations, all levels)

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The RLL would like to thank the folks at ThetaSoft for creating a great learning tool for young umpires.

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