SLA is proud to announce that we will be using Tourney Machine for the Ken Vilar Memorial Jamboree!


Schedules can be viewed via web application and or you can download the App to your phone! All updates will be real time through this site or by downloading the APP. Click Link Below or above!


Hey Coach, 

We are using Tourney Machine this weekend for scheduling and score updates. As a coach you can receive score updates and important news updates from me via text or e-mail by going to ​ 2017 Southington Ken Vilar Memorial Jamboree TM Home Page. You can also download the Tourney Machine app from the App Store and Google Play and search for the event.

NOTE: In addition we strongly recommend you cut, paste and send the following in an email to the parents of your athletes so they can get the app and sign up for notification. 


Hey Parents,

For this tournament all schedule and score updates are being powered by a software called Tourney Machine.

Go to 2017 Southington Ken Vilar Memorial Jamboree TM Home Page to view the schedule on your computer. To download the app on your mobile device search for Tourney Machine on the App Store or Google Play.

You can also follow your team and receive tournament updates (score postings, schedule changes and news) via text and email.

1.    Go to 2017 Southington Ken Vilar Memorial Jamboree TM Home Pageon your computer 

2.    Click the green Notifications button

3.    Follow your team and choose to receive updates via e-mail or text

Let us know if you have any questions about sharing your schedule and results. 



Pets are NOT ALLOWED on the high school grounds   Please be sure to share this rule with your parents because every year we upset parents who have driven a long way and now have to keep their dog in the car for the day and we must enforce this rule as it is a town ordinance for school properties.

         Charcoal or gas grills are not allowed. Please understand that this is a rule we must enforce for insurance purposes.

         Only water is allowed on our High School Turf field.


We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend of lacrosse this Saturday & Sunday!

Please review all of the attachments for very important information regarding (All Information can also be viewed on Tourney Machine site or APP)


         Schedules in Excel format - Seniors, Juniors & Bantam schedules are on separate tabs at the bottom of the excel attachment.  There is a color coded version and a black & white version for easier printing.

         Welcome Letter - please review this letter for some very important information regarding locations, directions, rule, parking etc.  THERE HAS BEEN A LOCATION CHANGE FROM LAST YEAR SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW THE ATTACHED.

         FIELD MAPS FOR BOTH LOCATIONS -- Juniors will play in the morning at SOUTINGTON HIGH SCHOOL, Seniors will play in the afternoon at SOUTHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL and Bantam will play at DEPAOLO MIDDLE SCHOOL between 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. 

         Menu for our concession stands.