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2007 Annual Meeting

Wednesday March 28, 2007
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Courtyard by Marriott
10 Morgan Drive, Lebanon, NH

Board Nominees

Dear UVRF Members and Friends,

Since we pulled the docks in November, some exciting and challenging things have come our way. We look forward to providing a recap and discussing our plans for this season (and beyond) with the membership at our annual meeting in 2 weeks (March 28th). Your feedback, enthusiasm and support will continue to be critical to the new board which gets elected that night. Please attend, and participate!

best regards,

Bob Haynes, UVRF President


5:30 – 5:45pm Arrive & Socialize

5:45pm Call to Order

1. Welcome; Review of year and plans for future (Bob Haynes, UVRF president)

2. Committee Reports

  • Bylaws (Phil Harrison & Peter Davenport)
  • Nominating (Elizabeth Glenshaw)
  • Programs (Cyndi Stam, executive director)
  • Finance (Peter Kermond)
  • Boathouse (Bob Haynes & Al Stam)
  • Fundraising (Cheryl Bogohsian & Chip Davis)

3. Q&A

7:00pm Meeting Adjourned; more socializing!


The Bylaws of Dresden Rowing Club, Inc. were originally adopted in 1999. At the time, the organization was in its infancy. The club's board consisted of a small number of directors, there were no employees, and the organization provided no programs to its members. Since that time, the club has grown significantly. The name of the organization was changed to the Upper Valley Rowing Foundation to better reflect our mission. The UVRF now offers a number of rowing programs to members of the community, including coached sweep programs, sculling instruction programs, coached tank sessions, and sculling programs for individuals. To organize these programs, the UVRF has hired an Executive Director as well as a number of coaches and coxswains. The UVRF has also purchased real property, rowing equipment, launches, a trailer, and has made several attempts to develop a boathouse for the Upper Valley Community.

Given all this change, the UVRF Board felt this it was appropriate to review its Bylaws to ensure that they were consistent with a much larger and complex organization. In so doing, the Board felt the original Bylaws were overly simple, and in some cases, unclear. A committee of the Board spent several months with the assistance of an attorney reviewing and updating the Bylaws to better reflect the organization as it now exists. The principal changes to the Bylaws that the UVRF Board is recommending include the following:

1) Clarifying membership, dues, meetings of the membership, the Annual Meeting, actions voted by the members, and termination of members;

2) Clarifying the powers, size, election, term, committees, and meetings of the Board of Directors;

3) Clarifying the powers, election, term, and responsibilities of the Officers of the Board of Directors;

4) Providing the Board with the mechanism to hire an Executive Director;

5) Establishing a conflict of interest policy for members of the Board that is consistent with New Hampshire law.

6) Adopting required annual corporate operations including the provision of an annual budget and an annual audit of the corporation's financial statements.

The Board of Directors of the Upper Valley Rowing Foundation voted unanimously in favor of adopting these revised Bylaws. The original Bylaws require a two thirds majority vote of members present and voting at the Annual Meeting in order for these revised Bylaws to become effective. Accordingly, the Board of Directors of the Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
strongly encourages those members present and voting at the Annual Meeting to vote affirmatively for the adoption of the revised Bylaws.

Bylaws Committee:

  • Peter Davenport
  • Phil Harrison
  • Karen Sluzenski

Slate of Nominees for the UVRF Board of Directors

  • Buzz Congram
  • Peter Davenport
  • Chip Davis
  • Elizabeth Glenshaw
  • Dick Grossman
  • Phil Harrison
  • Bob Haynes
  • Peter Kermond
  • Kristen Laine
  • Win Piper
  • Bill Proom
  • Julie Stevenson
  • Dartmouth (shared by Steve Perry, Topher Bordeau, Wendy Lavash)

Nominating Committee:

  • Cheryl Boghosian
  • Elizabeth Glenshaw
  • Karen Sluzenski

Chip Davis

davis photoCharles "Chip" Davis is the founder and a current director of the Upper Valley Rowing Foundation, Inc. (previously named Dresden Rowing Club, Inc.). Chip lives in Sharon, VT and works in Lebanon, NH as the publisher of Rowing News, the magazine of rowing. A lifelong oarsman, Chip would like nothing more than to see a public rowing facility built for the Upper Valley community.



Elizabeth Glenshaw

glenshaw photoI am new to rowing having just 4 years of experience under my belt. I came to consider serving on the board because I truly want to help an organization that gave me a chance to try something totally new. UVRF was welcoming and exemplified the sense that rowing can be for everybody. I am having a blast and hope that with my prior board experience I can help the organization grow to ensure that the same opportunity will be there for many others in the Upper Valley region.

During the day, I am a Director with the Calvert Foundation, a 501c-3 focused on providing community investing opportunities throughout the world. Along with my husband, Peter and three children, Hannah, Jacob & Noah we have lived in Lyme, NH for 6 years now after a prior decade in Boston.

Dick Grossman

grossman photo I would be interested in serving on the board of the Upper Valley Rowing Foundation, and feel I have a number of strengths that might be useful to the organization.
I have been involved in rowing for 47 years as a competitor, coach, administrator, crew parent, and owner of a rowing-related services company. As a competitor, I have raced at the high school, college, club, and national team levels, and still compete in masters' races.

I have served on administrative committees at several rowing clubs, as well as the EARC and U. S. Rowing. I have managed national teams and olympic trials, have been involved in regatta organization, including the Head of the Charles, as well as boathouse fundraising, planning and construction at Dartmouth. Finally, having coached at Dartmouth for 30 years, I have a good working relationship with the Dartmouth crew coaches and athletic administrators.

Bob Haynes

haynes photoI'm a 1973 Dartmouth graduate and rowed my freshman year. Having taken up sculling in the early 90's to get back on the water, I have been involved with the club for the past 10 years, as a volunteer and board member. I took over as club president last summer from Bruce Smith . I own a Hudson 2X with Chip Davis and Blair Brooks and my regular rowing partner is Al Stam, government professor extraordinaire. When I get stood up, I also row my single.

My business days revolve around commercial real estate brokerage and development in and around Hanover. I have 4 kids in college (3 are seniors, thank God!) and my wife Brenda is pursuing a nursing career. Much of my "personal time" is spent either on the river or working to get us located in a permanent facility in Wilder.

I am always eager to exchange ideas about rowing in general, UVRF in particular or getting from the proverbial A to B.

Kristen Laine

laine photoI was brought to Upper Valley Rowing in 2003 by a newspaper article. Since then, I've become ensnared by the camaraderie and the intensity of the summer programs and inspired by the club's vision of its future. If elected to the board, I would work for club stability, community outreach, and making the dream of our own boathouse a reality.

I am a writer and live with my writer-editor husband, Jim Collins, and our two children in Orange, New Hampshire. I've previously served on the boards of several outdoor and arts organizations in Seattle, Washington, and New Hampshire including:

Mountaineers Books (executive committee)
Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Park Fund (member of first board)
Women's Funding Alliance (longtime board member, executive committee, two executive director searches)
Women Climbers Northwest (founding member, numerous committees, lengthy service as a board member)

Bill Proom

proom photoMy interest in the UVRF Board stems from my two daughters' participation in Hanover High School's crew program as well as my desire to contribute my time to undertakings that benefit children and young adults in the Upper Valley. I have seen firsthand the physical and emotional benefits that my daughters derive from being a part of the crew team. The team provides young women and men a wonderful opportunity to pursue athletics in an environment that I think is very healthy for their overall maturation. Co-ed sports teams were not common when and where I was growing up and I think that they offer unique benefits that are unavailable through other avenues. Finally, my participation in the UVRF Board represents an extension of my volunteer efforts with the SPECTRA skiing and snowboarding program at the Dartmouth Skiway as well as with the CHaD Half Marathon. I cannot think of anything more enjoyable that to work with and for children and teenagers.

Win Piper

piper photoI first tried rowing in college, a long time ago. Later, as a graduate student, I rowed with Yankee Rowing Club in Northampton, MA and served two terms there as president. Since ours was a small club, my primary responsibility was to answer inquiries from prospective members and spend time on the water introducing newcomers to sculling. We also maintained a number of club singles for members’ use. We shared boathouse space with U Mass. and had a ringside seat to watch the explosive growth of women’s rowing there, guided by head coach Jim Dietz. Yankee was also involved in a collaboration with the Massachusetts Dept. of Natural Resources to develop and operate an adaptive rowing program, which I participated in as a rowing partner.

Since moving to the Upper Valley in 1997 I have been an active sculler in the Fuller Boathouse group based at the Dartmouth facility, racing occasionally. Though our sons are not yet students there, I have been an admiring fan of the Hanover High Crew and this year am volunteering as an assistant coach.

Rowing has been my single greatest interest after family and work for the past 20 years and I have had the opportunity see it from many vantage points. I would be honored to continue to serve the Upper Valley rowing community as a member of the UVRF board, and will work diligently to see rowing opportunities made available to all in the Upper Valley