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December 2007 Annual Meeting

Saturday December 1, 2007
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Richard W. Black Recreation Center
Hanover, NH

Agenda (forthcoming)
Board Nominees



Nominees for the UVRF Board of Directors

  • Brenda Sirovich
  • Deb Smith
  • Liz Marshall
  • Elizabeth Glenshaw

Nominating Committee:

  • Peter Davenport, Chair
  • Liz Marshall
  • Elizabeth Glenshaw


Brenda Sirovich

sirovich photoI learned to row as a senior in college when I signed up for intramural crew. Despite a winter on the erg, a month in the tanks, and 6 am practices (intramurals?!), I fell in love with the sport. Years later, I made my way down to the Dartmouth boathouse shortly after moving to the Upper Valley in 1998. Peter Kermond, coaching recreational summer rowing at the time, invited me to jump into a boat that afternoon, and I've been rowing with Upper Valley Rowing (then Dresden) ever since. In the summer of 2002, Fred Cressman suggested that we enter a Women's Masters Eight in the lottery to compete in the Head of the Charles that fall. I signed on just to be able to keep rowing another 7 weeks; five years and many regattas later; I count myself very lucky to have been part of that boat.

Our rowing club has grown over the years into a community. I believe that in order to continue to thrive and to grow into a true and inclusive community rowing club, it will be important to take advantage of our strengths - the dedication and diverse talents of our membership, our experience, and the extraordinary natural resources of the Upper Valley - and to learn from our past mistakes. As someone whose life has been enriched by this club, I would look forward to helping it realize these goals.

Deb Smith

I have been rowing since 1980, and I have been competing in masters rowing (both sweep and scull) for the past 15 years.  My family and I relocated here from   Chicago  5 years ago, where I spent several years on the board of the Lincoln Park Boat Club, serving as president, vice-president, and rowing director. Additionally, I captained the women's rowing team and coordinated the Learn-to-Row programs.  In July of this year, I took over the daily operations of UVRF from Cyndi Stam and worked with UVRF board members in designing the new all-volunteer structure of UVRF.  I am very excited about the change in board structure and the increased opportunity for member participation. Already, members have begun to step forward with enthusiasm and experience to share.  I am delighted to be a part of the new energy of UVRF.

Liz Marshall

Why do I have an interest in serving on the board? Hmmm..... I guess it is because I believe in the sport of rowing and all that it can do to bring people together from very different walks of life. I hope that the efforts of all those on the board can help make the sport more accessible to the community at large and in so doing, unite the community, even if it is only in some small way.

Liz Marshall has been rowing a single since the summer of 1977 when the Dartmouth summer rowing program was just getting started.  I started racing in 1978 and have been rowing and racing - on and off - ever since.  I have been a member of the Cambridge Boat Club since 1981 and served as the steward of Fuller for three years.  I have two sons - Jon (25) and Sam (19) - and live in Etna, NH.

Elizabeth Glenshaw

glenshaw photo I have been rowing for 4 years so I am new to the sport though I did a short stint in a scull in 1990 (6 weeks) that culminated in racing at the Head of the Charles. My start with UVRF was through UVRF’s advanced program. It’s the community of people and the spirit of community that keeps me rowing and working on the clubs behalf. If I can help others who wish to row be able to participate, then I will have paid it forward for the next person in search of an opportunity to grow. This past year I have served as the Secretary of the UVRF Board and have been honored to serve. I am a fervent supporter of the new energy within the club. I live in Lyme, with my husband Peter and three children, Hannah (12), Jacob (10) and Noah (7).