About Herbie The Hebe


Herbie The Hebe is a legendary Jewish softball odds maker who emigrated to the USA in 1942 from his native Turkmenistan.  While out working the fields trying to build a new life for his family in his new hometown of Oskaloosa, Iowa, he noticed some overweight men hitting a big ball with a stick.  He was fascinated, and hooked for life. 

Since that time, Herbie has travelled the world learning everything possible about this crazy game they call 'Softball'.  Herbie's blind pursuit of this passion (some may say obsession), cost Herbie everything and everyone that was dear to him. The Hebe finally settled in Canada in 1985, alone and penniless.  Nobody has seen him since, but rumor has it that he has taken up residence in a crudely burrowed out dwelling that exists below the floorboards of the Eddy J. Park equipment shed.

One thing we do know for sure about Herbie The Hebe: His softball odds making abilities are unmatched!