Code Of Conduct Disciplinary Actions

All Cheerleaders, Players, Parents, and/or Guardians, Coaches, Board Members are required to review, sign and comply with the Avon Grove Wildcats Code of Conduct.  In the interest of providing a safe and positive environment for the children involved in the Wildcats, strict compliance with the Code of Conduct will be required and enforced at all Avon Grove Wildcat sanctioned functions including, but not limited to sign-ups, practices, games, pep rallies, banquets and fundraising events.  Violations to the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action in the following manner:

 Violations will be brought to the Avon Grove Wildcats Board of Directors for review and determination of disciplinary action.  If disciplinary action is deemed necessary, the Board shall convene a hearing in which all affected parties shall be given ample opportunity to testify concerning their witnessing or involvement in the incident.  Upon hearing all witnesses and evidence, the Board shall review the same and render a judgment, including any disciplinary action necessary.  Because of the infinite range of potential violations and severity of the same, it shall be the responsibility of the Board to determine suitable disciplinary action for the offense.  Examples of potential disciplinary action include:

  • Warning Letter

  • Practice/Game Suspension

  • Season Suspension

  • Lifetime Suspension

 Additionally, the Avon Grove Wildcats will pursue legal action as appropriate based on the nature and severity of Code of Conduct violations.

 In the event that the Board’s decision and/or disciplinary action is in dispute, the following appeals process shall be implemented.  A disciplinary review committee shall be appointed by the President of the Avon Grove Wildcats, who will act as a non-voting chairperson of the committee.  The disciplinary review committee shall have a minimum of three members.  Pertinent information on the incident including testimony shall be reviewed.  Upon review of all pertinent information, the committee shall either endorse or reject the Board’s decision and disciplinary action by way of majority vote.  In the event of a tie, the President shall cast the deciding vote.  If the committee rejects the Board’s decision and/or disciplinary action, they will be required to issue a recommendation on disciplinary action.  If in turn the Board rejects the committee’s recommendations, the Board and the committee shall meet together until a consensus on appropriate disciplinary action is reached.

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