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Freshwomen Division Rules (K - 2nd Grade)

Last Update: 5/3/2019

This document is intended for all coaches and players affiliated with Milton Girls Softball (MGS). The goal of Milton Girls Softball is for each player to have fun while improving her skill and knowledge of the game. This is critical for the Freshmen level. We want the girls to have fun, learn about the game and gain confidence as they continue to improve over the course of the season.

The Freshmen Division Rules are outlined as follows:

Flow of the Game

There are no umpires and it is the responsibility of the coaches on both teams to keep the game moving. The game involves a coach pitching to his/her own team with another coach standing behind the catcher to throw the ball back to the pitcher.


When an out is recorded (and when it's clearly an out), the batter or runner in question should return to the bench. This division is 100% instructional and although it may initially be a surprise to your player, use it as a teaching moment. We want to to understand the rules of the game. She will always get to bat again in the subsequent innings and the probably is that she will be on base.

Base Running

Players are encouraged to learn when to advance an extra base and when to return to the previous base. We encourage fielders to make throws and attempt to get outs. General guidelines to follow include:


Everyone in the lineup bats every inning. After the last batter hits, you take the field and the other team bats. Coaches pitch and after maybe six (6) or so swings, it may be necessary to use a tee. The goal is to help girls gain confidence and improve their batting skills while balancing the need to keep the game moving.


Players should play the normal infield positions with maybe another infielder behind second base. A player can play the position of pitcher while the coach pitches to the batter. It is important that this player stays alert and is ready for a batted ball. The team should field outfielders and make an effort to rotate players around to different positions inning to inning to keep them interested and alert.

Length of Game

Weekday games will begin at 6:00 p.m. The game should start promptly at the scheduled time. Teams are slated for a 90-minute time slot with 45 of practice/drills and 45 minutes of a game. Use your judgment and communicate with the other coach in terms of the length of the time. Typically three to four (3-4) complete innings is suffice for most teams.

Scoring, Winners and Losers

Teams do not keep score. There is no winner and there is no loser. And most importantly, encourage the girls to have fun.

Safety Issues

  1. Girls are encouraged to wear facemasks but they are not required. At the next level, sophomores, they are required. Our suggestion would be to start having the first base position wear one, then add positions as they are comfortable.
  2. Teams are encouraged to play games in light to medium rain. Games must be suspended for 20 minutes at the first sight of lightning.
  3. Coaches are expected to remain on the bench or in the general vicinity of the bench during the game. All players not in the field, at bat, or on deck are expected to remain on the bench during the game. Only players and a designated safety-adult are allowed on or near the players’ bench.
  4. Coaches are responsible for keeping the equipment, players, parents and other spectators behind an imaginary line drawn from the end of the backstop to the fence in front of the player’s bench. This imaginary line extends beyond the distance of the left and right fielder.
  5. Batters, on-deck batter, base runners, and player base-coaches must wear helmets and chinstraps at all times.
  6. Sneakers or rubber cleats may be worn. Rubber cleats are recommended, as they are safer, especially in damp weather. Metal cleats are not allowed.
  7. Players should wear MGS Softball shirts, and visors to the game.
  8. No jewelry including watches, rings, earrings or necklaces can be worn during the game.
  9. No dogs are allowed near the players’ bench, even if on a leash. Dogs at the field must be leashed at all times.
  10. Please pick up debris on the field and by the bench following the game.

Responsible Conduct

The coaching staff is ultimately responsible for the behavior of the parents of their team and their fans. Taunting of players by others will not be tolerated. Cheering for your own team is highly encouraged. Teamwork and building an enjoyable experience for all the girls in the league is our desired goal. However, there comes a time when the line can be crossed over, and it is up to the coaches to be aware of the incidents and to try to maintain a level playing field for both teams. This issue is not only between girls from both teams, it involves coaches and parents. Negative cheers about the other team should not be tolerated. Sudden noises (shouts, horns, foot stomping, “swing”, or other noise making devices) shall not be tolerated. Yelling things like “good pitch”, “ball”, “strike”, etc. should not be allowed until after the pitch is over. These are manipulative techniques to influence the batter. The coaches should stop the game to give a warning the first time and discipline the person the next time it happens.