The Snake

Make a grid 30 yards by 20 yards.  For fewer players make the grid smaller.

Have the players pair.  Each group has one ball.  The first player dribbles with the ball the second players follows with their hands on the first players shoulders.

The first player is responsible for protecting their ball.  The second player tries to kick other teams ball away.  If the second player is successful the team that lost their ball joins the chain of the first two.  This team now has three players trying to kick away other teams balls.

The chains continue to grow until there is only one chain.



Mr. Wolf

Make a grid 30 yards by 20 yards. 

Line the team up with their balls along the 20 yard side. 

Select one person to be the Wolf.  They go to the other 20 yard line.  And face away from the other players.

The players yell “Hey, Mr. Wolf what time is it?”

The Wolf Shouts: “It’s x O’clock” (Some number from 1 to 12).

The players dribble and touch the ball x times.  i.e. If the Wolf call six o’clock the players dribble making six touches; two o’clock would be two touches.

This is repeated until the Wolf shouts “Dinner Time” instead of a time.

The wolf then turns and attacks the players trying to steal their balls.

The players must dribble back to the line they started from to be safe.

Every player that loses their ball joins the wolf in the attack.

The scenario starts again with the wolf returning to the original line.

This goes on until there is one player left with a ball.


Stuck in the Mud

Make a grid 20 by 30 yards.

Select a player to be the mud monster. 

The other players get their balls and dribble around inside the grid.

The Mud Monster only has to touch the players ball to make them stuck in the mud.

Once a player has their ball touched they must pick it up, hold it over their head and shout ”Help, I’m stuck in the mud”.  They should spread their legs.

The other players must dribble and pass the ball between a “stuck” player’s legs.

Once freed, the player may rejoin the game.

Start with one monster and add others as you see the need.


Make a grid 20 x 30 yards.  Have the team lineup their balls along the long sides.

The players then line up on one of the short lines. 

A coach or parent goes to the balls. 

The players try to cross the field without being hit by a ball.

The coaches execute low passes trying to “hit” the player below the knee.

Once hit the players join the coaches on the sidelines trying to get their teammates.


9 Steps to Soccer Heaven

The coach yells a number and the players shout back the response and do the action related to the number.  The numbers and actions are:

       Response                  Action

  1.   On the Run          -   The players dribble around

  2.   On the shoe         -   The player traps the ball with the bottom of their foot.

  3.   On the knee         -   The player traps the ball with their knee

  4.   On the floor        -   The players drop to the ground and place their forehead on the ball.

  5.   Staying alive       -   Toe taps on the ball the ball while singing chorus from the “Staying Alive”.  Or a Simple count to ten while ding toe taps and end with a “high five”.

  6.   Do some tricks     -   The players can do anything they want to.

  7.   Ball to heaven      -   The players throw the ball in the air and practice trapping with some part of their body.

  8.   Pass to mate         -   Trade balls with a teammate.  Either a drop pass where they leave the ball and run to the teammates ball or one or both players can try to pass the ball.

  9.   Ball’s all mine       -   The player begin trying to knock each others balls out of the grid while protecting their own.


Introduce 2 or 3 of the above at each session so as not to overwhelm them.  After three or four sessions all of the above should be covered.

Captain on Deck

Make a grid 20 x 30 yards.  Give the four sides a name:  side 1, side 2, side 3 and side 4; port, starboard, fore & aft; top, bottom, left and right; pokemon characters; ...

Players dribble around inside the grid until an order is given.  Orders are mixed up and not given in any particular order.

Orders:                 Actions:

Swab the Deck       Dribble in place passing the ball from one foot to the other.

Climb the Rigging   While standing in place do toe taps counting out loud to ten.  End with ball on foot and shout “Iceberg”.

Captain on Deck     Trap the ball with the sole of foot, salute and shout “Aye, Aye captain”

Dismissed     Throw the ball in the air and trap with some art of the body.

Side 1          Dribble to side 1 and stop on the line

Side 2          Dribble to side 2 and stop on the line

Side 3          Dribble to side 3 and stop on the line

Side 4          Dribble to side 4 and stop on the line

Add players as obstacles acting as sharks or crabs to distract he dribbling players.