Self Assignment for officials:

We have chosen to allow Officials to assign themselves to games based on the type of game and their Officiating experience;

The following chart illustrates what games you may assign to yourself depending on your Officiating experience;

CONNY - (Professional Officials ONLY)

Senior A - (Professional, 3rd, 2nd, 1st * year Officials )

Senior B - (Professional, 3rd, 2nd, 1st * year Officials)

Junior A - (Professional, 3rd,  2nd, 1st * year Officials)

Junior B - (Professional, 3rd, 2nd, 1st * year Officials)

Bantams (2nd, 1st Year Officials)

* NOTE - 1st year Officials may assign themselves to Senior and Junior level games but only with prior approval of the appropriate officals coordinator (via email or phone confirmation).

To assign yourself to a game you must do so on the Master Schedule page. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

        InitiallySign in to the Officials Area or the Master Schedule (click the icon) with your email address and password. The sign in for the officials area resembles the following;
            Officials sign in
If you have forgotten your password or have never signed in before, enter only your email address and the system will send the password to t
he email address, provided the address given matches the address of an assigned member of the Officials team. This should be the same email address that you provided to an officials coordinator when you were contacted.

  1. Go to the Master Schedule page (located on SYL homepage under the Officials tab). Any open assignment that you qualify for will have a drop-down selection in the Officials ("Ofl") column.
  2. The drop down boxes will have a number (for how many officials are needed) and a Letter (R- referees (boys) and U - umpires (girls)). It will be red if  no officials have been assigned, yellow if partially filled and green if completely assigned.
  3. Select the game you wish to assign yourself to and select "Assign" from the drop down list. If you wish to subsequently un-assign yourself from a previously assigned game, select "Not Assigned". This will cause a cancel message to be sent to SYL officials coordinators.
Note: The Master Schedule can be configure to show only games and filtered to show only Simsbury Home games. The games only checkbox is at the left and the filter icon is
          on the top right. The image below represents the schedule with the home fields selected in the filter.

Master Schedule with home filetr fields