Updating Your ABYB Team Web Site

Our new LeagueAthletics web site allows Coaches and/or Team Managers to update their team with bulletins, game scores, statistics, and write-ups. Updates to schedules can not be made directly, and have to go through your division coordinator. Here are some quick notes and recipes for working with your team site.

Logging In

In order to access any of features mentioned below, you need to log in with your team password. Contact the ABYB Webmaster at webmaster@abyb.org if you do not know your team password. To log in, click on the "Admin" menu option tab located at the top of the web page. A "Restricted Area" dialog will appear. Type your name "Full Name" field, and type your team password in the "Password" field.

"Off Limits" - Admin Forum

With your team password you have access to a few areas in the LeagueAthletics web site, that you should consider "off limits". The Admin Forum is a discussion group on how to set up the LeagueAthletics web site. Feel free to browse through the Admin Forum but please do not post new messages here, as we do not want to overwhelm the folks at LeagueAthletics. If you have a question on how to use the team administration facilities that are available through your team password, please send your questions to the ABYB Webmaster at webmaster@abyb.org.

Navigate to Your Team's Page

After logging in with your team password, navigate to your team's web page by clicking on the "Team" menu option tab at the top of the page. Change the "League" pull-down to match your division and the "Team" pull-down to match your team.

Once you're logged in an on your team's page, you'll notice an "Edit" icon (a little picture of a table with a pencil on it) and a "Delete" icon (a red X) shows up next to team bulletins. You can use these to edit or delete existing bulletins on your main team page. You'll also these similar icons on other pages of the site for similar Delete and Edit functions.

Adding a Game Score, Pitching Statistics, or Write-up

Click on the "Results" link from the left hand menu. You will see a table of games played. To enter a score or game write-up, click on the "Edit" icon. The write-up (if you choose to do one) is entered in the "Comments" field.

To enter pitching statistics, click on the epsilon icon. On that page, select the "Pitching" Category from the drop down menu next to the pitcher's name, and hit "Stats". On that subsequent "Pitching Statistics" page, fill in "Position: Pitcher", Count (number of pitches thrown), and IP (Innings Pitched).

Note that you can enter scores and write-ups at separate times. In other words, you can post the scores immediately upon returning from the game, and then you (or someone else on your team) can post a write-up at a later time.

Adding New Team Bulletins

Click on the "Admin" menu option tab located at the top of the web page. Click on the "Message" menu item from the menu bar located at the left of the web page. Click on the "Team Bulletin for one or more teams" choice. Be sure to:

This team bulletin shows up on the "Bulletins" left-menu option for your team. If you are logged in with your team password then you will see Edit and Delete icons next to each bulletin allowing you to edit or remove them.

Team Alerts

Team alerts allow you to put notes on your team's schedule/calendar, but you don't have to declare an opponent and location - just start/end date/time, and a note title and description. Click on the "Admin" menu option tab located at the top of the web page. Click on the "Alerts" menu item from the menu bar located at the left of the web page. Enter the information, and hit "Submit". It's probably a good idea to leave the "Recurrence" information blank unless you really need this feature.

Alerts show up in your schedule and can then be edited just like any schedule item.

Emailing Your Team

You can email your whole team directly from the web site. In your Team Page area, click on "Roster" from the left hand menu. On the bottom of the page, you'll find a "Email the whole team" link which will allow you to construct an email that gets sent to the whole team. If an email address is wrong for one of your players, please email the ABYB registrar at registrar@abyb.org.