Minutes of September 14, 2008 Board Meeting


901:    The Board meeting of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held Sunday, September 14, 2008, at 10:00 am at the home of Vern Smith 24224 SE 187th Street, Maple Valley, WA 98039.   Present were Vern Smith, Brandon Fortier, Tony Olney, Kevin Martin, Rob Hawley, Ken Hopkins and Gail Shelton.  Absent was Ryan Kelly.


902:    MOTION:  The Board meeting minutes of June 3, 2008 are approved as amended.  Motion passed 6-0.


903:    Vern requested checks from the Board members to cover the WHSBLA jackets that were ordered for Board members.


904:    Leslie Cornelison resigned from the position as Board Secretary for personal reasons.  Vern asked Gail to put a notice out to the membership asking for names of interested candidates for the position.


            MOTION:  Leslie Cornelison’s name is to be removed from the League’s Bank of America account.  Motion passed 6-0


905:    The election for Regional Board members will be held at the October 4, 2008 General Membership meeting.  Candidates are:

            Metro: Ryan Kelly – unopposed

            East:   Vern Smith; Henry Valentine                                                                       

            North:  Ken Hopkins; Peter White

            West:  Rob Hawley – unopposed

            The issue of write-in candidates was addressed.  Because the Bylaws do not speak to this issue the Board looks to Robert’s Rules of Order for guidance.  In the absence of specifics in the bylaws, members have the right, on the ballot, to cast ‘write-in’ votes.  Vern asked Gail to adjust the ballots to accommodate write-in votes.


906:    Review and discussion of the 2008 Questionnaire followed.  Tony asked that the data regarding public relations be forwarded to Mike McQuaid.  Rob will address the history of the Council and the formation of the Board at the October meeting for the benefit of new members. 


907:    The amendment relating to “Refusing to Play” was presented by Rob, discussed and amended to read as follows:


            REFUSING TO PLAY – Teams are obligated to participate in a contest or athletic event to its normal conclusion unless the contest is terminated by mutual consent of the school officials involved due to unusual weather or game conditions, or situations which could be hazardous to participants or spectators.  Any coach is prohibited from unilaterally refusing to play.


            Violations of this rule will result in the coach being suspended for a time determined by the Board and the team will forfeit that game.

As with rescheduling, teams that foresee game day timing issues for scheduled contests must provide notice to coaches and referees at least 48 hours prior to a scheduled start.  In this way all games will be rescheduled as necessary or played per rule.


In the particular case of a V/JV doubleheader, the play of the JV game shall be adjusted (shortened duration, cancel or reschedule) so that the varsity game is played per rule.  Any adjustments must be agreed to prior to the start of the first game of the doubleheader.


MOTION:  The Board adopts the “Refusing to Play” amendment to be placed in the Handbook as amended.  Motion Passed 6-0


908:    The Board discussed game start times and tabled this item until the next meeting.  It was agreed that no game should be scheduled to begin after 8:00pm.


909:    Discussion followed regarding the state finals – venue, timing of games, and the Board’s position on the Chapter handling the finals.  Vern asked Gail to prepare a report outlining the grants given to the lacrosse community (male and female) by the Chapter.


910:    The Re-Alignment Committee presented its report and recommendations.  The results of a survey to DII coaches were clearly in favor of retaining the Div. I/Div. II model.  Discussion followed regarding the subjective/objective items the Board considers when reassigning teams from one division to another. 


911:    A new team forming in Skagit Valley sent the proper application to the Board.  The Board reviewed the boundaries for current teams involved. Tony will contact Skagit Valley to determine their selection for a “home” school. 


            MOTION:  Skagit Valley LC, having met the requirements for a Provisional Team, is admitted to the WHSBLA for the 2009 season.

            Motion passed:  6-0


912:    Vern contacted Providence to ascertain their involvement in the League for 2009.  Providence is not ready to become a provisional member but requested that their players be allowed to play at Lynnwood.  Vern will contact Nathan Morris at Providence to inform them that where individual players attending private schools are assigned depending on where they live.


913:    MOTION:  The Board will maintain the Division I/Division II structure for the 2009 season.  Motion passed 6-0


914:    MOTION:  Lynnwood LC is reassigned to Division II.

            Motion passed:  5-1


915:    MOTION:  Roosevelt is reassigned to Division II

Motion passed 6-0


916:    MOTION:  Based on the ability to meet Division I requirements, Seattle Prep is reassigned to Division I.  Motion passed 6-0


917:    MOTION:  Based on the ability to meet Division I requirements, Northshore is reassigned to Division I.  Motion passed 6-0


            Kevin, as Division II representative, will contact the coaches for Seattle Prep and Northshore.  Vern will contact the Lynnwood and Roosevelt       coaches.


918:    Committee Reports:

            League Compliance Committee:  Disbanded for lack of interest from membership.


            New Program Assistance Committee:  Disbanded for lack of interest from membership


            Coaching Committee:  Disbanded for lack of interest from membership.


            WIAA Committee:  Tony reported that he has had several conversations with Sue Haviland, the WSLA member who spearheaded their efforts at WIAA this year.  The perception is that it will not have any effect on the decision if WHSBLA and WSLA combine their efforts toward application to WIAA.  WSLA will send another application to WIAA in December.  Tony suggested that WHSBLA get Mike McQuaid involved and tap into the resources of USL and the WA Chapter.  The Board will advise the membership of the benefits of encouraging parents to contact their district offices regarding WIAA sanctioning. 


The 2008 Questionnaire indicates the membership wants the Board to continue its efforts toward sanctioning.  Tony will prepare the application to be sent to WIAA in December, 2008.


919:    Discussion followed regarding the contract negotiations with WALOA.  Vern had an initial meeting to set the groundwork and another meeting will be scheduled soon with Brandon, Vern, Ryan and Ian O’Hearn representing WHSBLA.


920:    The Board reviewed the draft of the 2008 Annual Report to the Membership. The following changes were suggested:


Item 1:  Budget Items:  Dues $10/player with new teams to pay $5/player


Item 2:  Team additions, team movements:  Vern will rewrite to include Board decisions at 9/14/08 meeting


Item 3:  WIAA Sanctioning:  Vern will rewrite

(a) League Realignment

                        (3) New Committees – disbanded for lack of membership interest


Item 7: New policies and/or procedures:  Add “e.  Board Composition” language


            Item 7b – delete


            Item 7c:  JV & Frosh/Soph games:  Add “For purposes of reassignment to Division I, the Board is using the capability of a program to field a doubleheader in the same day as one of the criteria.”  


921:    USL memberships for head coaches was discussed.  Added to the Acknowledgement form will be space for the head coach’s USL # and expiration date.  The manner of compliance will be tabled until the next Board meeting.


922:    WIAA has in its rules the total number of games a sport can play in a season.  Discussion followed regarding jamborees, tournaments and games.


            MOTION:  Teams are limited to 20 games plus one jamboree per regular season.  Motion passed 6-0


923:    Brandon will explain at the October and February meeting why no new games will be scheduled after the first two weeks of the season.


924:    Wenatchee Lacrosse Club sent a request to the WHSBLA Board regarding required games in Wenatchee.  The Board agreed that because we did not schedule regular season games, officials, or play-off spots to Wenatchee, their 2008 League Dues will be refunded. 


925:    Brandon will complete the new language for the Handbook regarding how all-state and all-league teams are selected.


926:    John Shapton’s petition states that he attends Charles Wright (in University Place SD) which does not offer lacrosse, but lives in the Lakes HS area.  Lakes HS is tied to the Stadium program. He has requested to play for Curtis HS.


            MOTION:  Shapton Petition #61 is denied based on residence.  Motion passed 6-0


927:    Ken has been sent a petition (Mueller Petition #62) that will be forwarded to the Board for review and determination.


928:    Vern asked Gail to forward the PCA announcement to the Chapter for distribution to the WHSBLA membership.


929:    The general membership meeting will be held October 4, 2008 at SPU, Bertona Hall, Room #1 beginning at 11:00 am.  The Board will meet directly following to elect a president.


930:    There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.


                                                                        Gail Shelton

                                                                        Executive Secretary