Minutes of September 9, 2007 Board Meeting




671:    The Board meeting of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held Sunday, September 9, 2007 at 10:00 AM at the home of Gail Shelton, 8761 Island Heights Lane, Mercer Island, WA.  Present were Vern Smith, Brandon Fortier, Kevin Martin, Ryan Kelly, Rob Hawley, Ken Hopkins, Tony Olney and Gail Shelton.


672:    The July 9, 2007 meeting lacked a quorum and motions made at that meeting must be ratified by the Board today.


673:    MOTION:  The minutes of the June 25, 2007 Board meeting are approved as written.  Motion passed 7-0


674:    Tony is working with Dave Haralson of the WA USL Chapter to locate a public relations person who can handle the work of the chapter, WHSBLA and WSLA.  The Board has a budget item to cover the WHSBLA portion of the salary.  Tony will continue to work with Dave on this position.


675:    Gail presented the 2008 Budget and informed the Board that the LaxFest jerseys and the travel fees for WALOA have been paid.


676:    MOTION:  The 2008 Budget is approved.  Motion passed 7-0


677:    Brandon volunteered to update the Handbook with draft changes for approval at the October meeting. 


678:    Kevin presented his comparison of WHSBLA/WIAA and NFHS Handbooks.  The most glaring difference between WHSBLA Handbook and WIAA is the ejection rule.  The definition of “flagrant misconduct” was also discussed.


679:    MOTION:  The WHSBLA Handbook will be amended to put the League in alignment with WIAA regarding ejections from games, including a review process by the Board for a second ejection.


680:    Friendly Amendment:   The review process will be instituted by the coach not the official’s organization.  Motion passed 7-0


681:    It was requested that Vern have a discussion with WALOA regarding the seriousness of player ejection and suggest, if possible, using remedies other than ejection.


682:    Discussion continued regarding updating the Handbook.  Brandon will complete the updates for approval at the October meeting.


683:    Ken reported on his discussions with the Lynnwood program.  The head coach/program director will be asked to attend the October Board meeting and bring a list of board members with phone numbers as well as minutes from their meetings. 


684:    MOTION:  Redmond Lacrosse Club will move to Division II in the 2008 season.  Motion passed 6-1


685:    MOTION:  Seattle Prep will move to Division II in the 2008 season.  Motion passed 5-2.


686:    MOTION:  Puyallup will move to Division I in the 2008 season.  Motion passed 6-1.


687:    MOTION:  Tacoma Lions will move to Division I in the 2008 season.

            Motion failed 0-7.


688:    MOTION:  WHSBLA will pay ferry fees to WALOA for one car and driver.  A fee beyond that must be justified to the Board before it will be paid.  Motion passed 7-0


689:   MOTION:  The following names will be removed from the signature card at the bank:

                        Dave Low

                        Steve Corley

            The following names will be added to the signature card at the bank:

                        Vern Smith

                        Cindy Raffety

            Gail Shelton will remain on the signature card at the bank.

            Two signatures will be required on all checks.  Motion passed 7-0


690:    MOTION:  The memo entitled “WIAA Out of Season Definition, Rule 17.6.0” will be distributed to the General Membership.  Motion passed 7-0


691:    MOTION:  WHSBLA will contact the WA Chapter of USL to see if they are interested in putting on LaxFest in Spokane.  Motion passed 7-0


692:    MOTION:  The Board will form a new subcommittee to assist new clubs with formation details.  Motion passed 7-0


693:    MOTION:  The Board will form a new subcommittee to assist new coaches to the League.  Motion passed 7-0


694:    Vern asked the Board if they felt a fund should be set up to assist new clubs.  The consensus was that the WA Chapter of USL and US Lacrosse had the funds and procedures to handle the requests.


695:    It has been reported that Overlake may move soccer to a spring sport. Brandon’s research on this matter indicates WIAA does not allow players to participate in more than one sport during a season.


696:    There is no allowance for protesting games in the rules of NFHS Lacrosse; therefore, WHSBLA will not provide a procedure for protesting games.


697:    Brandon will compose a list of recommendations from the league scheduler regarding varsity and JV and will present it at the October meeting.


698:    Vern will provide information regarding the 10-practice rule and weather allowances and what constitutes a practice in the annual report to the membership.


699:    A method of formalizing communication to the Board when a player or coach is ejected was discussed.  It was decided that the responsibility for notifying the Board of a player or coach suspension relies solely on the coach involved.


700:    The Board will prepare a statement that defines the point of access for conflict resolution between programs. This will be presented at the February meeting and will become part of the Handbook.


701:    Brandon has done a great job of updating the website.  The by-laws, handbook and addendum will be updated and posted.


702:    MOTION:  Dues for the 2008 season will be $10 per player and $5 per player the first year a team joins the league.  Motion passed 7-0


703:    Vern discussed the negotiations with WALOA for the final year of a three-year contract.  Officials will be paid $60 per game per ref. Administration fees are still being negotiated as are travel reimbursements and required receipts.  Vern, Ken and Ryan will meet again with WALOA on September 11, 2007 to hopefully finalize the contract.


704:    Rob Hawley reported hearing that Archbishop Murphy is not likely to field a team in 2008.  Gail reports that Mark Thomas is in the process of forming a team which will consist of several small private schools in the Lynnwood, Everett and

Shoreline areas.  Mark is aware of the requirements required for combined team as set by WIAA and the Board hopes to have a letter from Mark by October 2, 2007 requesting admission to the league.


705:    Comments from the 2007 Questionnaire were discussed.  It was agreed that after all references to individual programs were removed, the results will be posted on the league website.


706:    Tony submitted coaching standards for the Board to review.  Following some discussion, Tony will revise the document and submit it at the October board meeting.


707:    MOTION:  Eastside Catholic should not be allowed to start the 2008 season early because they played in the JV league in 2007.  Motion passed 7-0


708:    Tony has agreed to act as in-season liaison to deal with issues between coaches, officials and the Board.  Ken, Kevin and Tony will all try to attend games in their respective areas when possible during the season.


709:    In an effort to provide a presence at games, Board members have been authorized to purchase shirts with the WHSBLA logo on the shirt at Board members’ expense.  Vern will arrange for the shirts and notify the members of the Board.


710:    Vern has informed WALOA that the varsity teams of WHSBLA will conform to the new jersey regulations in the 2010 season.  The regulations will be printed in entirety in the 2008 addendum.


711:    Vern distributed a regulation field diagram and asked that it be included in the Handbook.  It was suggested that coaches be reminded that if their field doesn’t meet the regulations, the difference should not be made up in the box area but in the centerline area.


712:    Gail and Brandon will update the Handbook Addendum for review at the October meeting.


713:    MOTION:  The WHSBLA Board will go forward with the WIAA petition.  Motion passed 7-0


714:    It was agreed the Board would encourage teams to become school teams or clubs by 2009 – whether part of the athletic department or ASB.


715:    The league may be realigned to coincide with WIAA after the 2008 season.  Board members will be actively seeking input from the members.


716:    Vern will contact WSLA regarding forming a partnership with the girl’s league for a joint petition to WIAA.


717:    Tony with work as a liaison with Cindy Hettinger at WIAA.


718:    The Board will be looking for AD’s from public schools to sponsor the petition to WIAA.


719:    Vern will be working with Beth Reisinger at USL to create a written and power point presentation for ADs.


720:    WOA is a branch of WIAA and won’t undertake WALOA duties until WIAA approves lacrosse as a sanctioned sport.


721:    The Board will continue to emphasize the home team jersey rule in the Handbook, annual report and Addendum.


722:    The Board will not require officials to appear at a field to pronounce the game forfeited if it has been determined in advance that that game will be forfeited.


723:    Gail will meet with the AD and principal from Mercer Island to determine policies for security at the State Finals and will report back to the Board.


724:    Payment by the Chapter to WHSBLA for the state finals will remain on the agenda for the October meeting.


725:    Tony will head a compliance sub-committee made up coaches which will investigate and make recommendations to the Board as to penalties for programs who violate the rules of the Association. 


726:    The NFHS Coaches Code of Ethics will be added to the Handbook to replace the Coaches Code of Conduct.


727:    WHSBLA will contact BYLW to encourage participation in the Team Washington camp to help with expenses for the team.  Vern has asked Brandon and Ian for ideas on how the league can help.


728:    The Board will table the Blair petition until further investigation can be completed.  Gail will send an email to that effect to the petitioner.


729:    Gail and Vern will work on the team information page including requesting Board president or AD and contact email and phone number.  Board members will review the current form on the website and make suggestions for improvement for information.


730:    Vern distributed a sample official’s evaluation form for the Board to review.  Brandon will investigate if this can be posted on the website and sent to Gail.   


731:    Kings Way School has applied to the Board to join the League.  The Wenatchee lacrosse club has requested to have a full league schedule for the 2008 season.  Vern will contact both programs to see if in the interest of travel, they can secure a field that is half-way between Seattle and their program.


732:    Steve Wizman has two sons who he coaches on his Northshore team and also on the Starz team.  The Starz director has asked if Steve can coach his sons during the dead period.  The Board determined this would violate the dead period and will not be allowed.


733:    Matt Spies is a middle school coach for Starz and a JV coach for Bellevue.  Can he coach the middle school Starz program in the dead period?  The Board determined this was not a violation of the dead period as long as he does not coach players who he will be coaching during the regular season.


734:    A question about a player who lives in Tumwater and wants to play for Stadium was presented.  Gail will forward the email to Vern and Gail will send a memo to the player informing them that the Board is investigating the boundaries for this area.  The decision will be between Stadium and Puyallup.


735:    The Board will meet on the first Monday of each month at 7pm at Vern’s office.  Meeting dates will be October 1; November 5 and December 3, 2007.


736:    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:20 pm.


                                                            Gail Shelton, Executive Secretary