Minutes of October 19, 2009 Board Meeting


1053:  The Board meeting of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held Monday, October 19, at 6:30pm at the offices of Vern Smith 110-110th NE, Bellevue, WA.   Present were Vern Smith, Brandon Fortier, Ryan Kelly, and Daniela Colter. Present by teleconference were Peter White, Rob Hawley, and Kevin Martin. Absent: Ian O’Hearn.


1054:  There was a discussion concerning the details of the WSP background check.


            MOTION: Do not change the language in the handbook regarding the WSP background check rules. Motion passed 4-2.


            MOTION: Place the WSP link on the WHSBLA website for programs to access. Motion passed 6-0


1055:  The Board received a request from Liberty Lacrosse Club asking if Hazen players would be allowed to participate for their program. 


            MOTION: The Board accepts LLC’s request for Hazen players to participate in their club. Motion passed 6-0.  


1056:  The Board received a request from Liberty Lacrosse Club asking if the program could start practices before March 1, 2010 because it is a new program. The Board decided to table the request until the November board meeting for further investigation.


1057:  The Board received a request from Liberty Lacrosse Club to accept any players who have been cut from the Issaquah Lacrosse Club.


            MOTION: The Board denies LLC’s request to allow players cut from Issaquah Lacrosse Club to play for LLC. Motion passed 6-0.


1058: Brandon and Ryan reported on negotiations with WALOA. The Board will request the members’ input regarding the length of time for non-varsity contests.


1059:  The Board decided that a sub-committee was not required to review the By-Laws. The By-laws will be reviewed before the 2011 season by the Board.


1060:  MOTION: WHSBLA supports efforts to promote cancer awareness and will permit placement of cancer awareness stickers on helmets. Motion passed 6-0


1061:  Vern informed the Board that there is no by-law written to prohibit nominations on the day of the vote. An amendment to the By-Laws may be required.


1062:  Vern informed the Board the Voting Rules need to be reviewed regarding the same nominee running for multiple board positions. A rule needs to be established to decide what happens if a nominee wins both positions. That person cannot fill both seats.


1063:  It was proposed that a DI Rep and DII Rep head a 3-4 person sub committee to review league assignments for next season.


MOTION: Form two subcommittees, a DI and DII subcommittee comprised of 3-4 people, to review and recommend league assignments for the 2011 season. Motion passed 6-0


1064: The USL WA Chapter is holding a two-day convention, January 30-31, 2010 with presentations and workshops including a CPR workshop. Vern will contact Tony Olney to inquire if the Chapter would add a First Aid workshop. Kevin will ask his contact if they are willing to organize the First Aid workshop. The decision to have a workshop immediately following the Feb meeting is tabled until the next board meeting.


1065:  There was a discussion regarding jamborees. Brandon explained that jamborees during the regular season are set at 20 minute running clocks due to safety concerns and not wearing out the players during the school year.


1066:  The DI and DII playoff structure was discussed in detail.


MOTION: The top six teams from each Division I Conference will earn a playoff berth and Overall Standings will be used in determining the six seeds in each Conference. Motion passed 4-2.


Motion: The top three teams in each Division II five-team conference and the top one in the Eastern conference will be used in determining the playoff spots. Motion passed 6-0.



1067: The Handbook was reviewed and language in several sections was clarified or edited:

3.3.0, 3.5.0 and 3.6.0, Add “and have available for inspection” to the first sentence in each of these sections.


            3.2.0 Add section Acknowledge and Certification (Coaches Packet) 


3.4.0 Add section Lystedt Law


3.5.0. Strike out: “Teams will not be allowed to participate in league play without proper certification.”


3.7.1 Add: “The registration fee will be paid by the February membership meeting”.


7.2.7 Add: March 1, 2010.


            10.7.3 Add definitions for Goal Keeper Saves, Assists and Ground Balls.


            12.8.1.C.3   Add: “An ejection is not to be confused with a disqualification for collecting 5 personal fouls in one game.


1068:  The coaches packet was reviewed and Brandon will forward the final updates discussed in the meeting.


1069:  WALOA would like to be on WHSBLA’s distribution list. It was unclear as to why so Vern will contact WALOA for details.


1070:  An e-mail was received from Rick Jenness inquiring why the Board decided that North Sound Christian was accepted into the Providence Lacrosse Club since North Sound is part of the Cedar Park Christian School family. The decision was based on geography and other private school partnering in WIAA sports. The Board was not aware of the North Sound affiliation with Cedar Park. Kevin will contact Providence to ask for details.


1071:  The USL WA Chapter will conduct a Level II Clinic on February 13, 2010 at Eastside Catholic High School. An e-mail will be sent to the members regarding the clinic.


1072:  A request from Kennedy Catholic program to join WHSBLA for the 2010 season was denied due to missing the deadline. Ryan will let them know that they can schedule JV games. The program can apply for the 2011 season.


1073:  The next Board meeting will be held on November 16,2009 at IHS in Brandon Fortier’s classroom.


1074:  There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.


Daniela Colter

Executive Secretary