Minutes of October 6, 2007

General Membership Meeting


389:    The meeting of the General Membership of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held on Saturday, October 6, 2007 at Noon at Bertona Hall, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington.


            Board President: Vern Smith

            Board Executive Secretary: Gail Shelton

            Division I Rep: Brandon Fortier

            Division II Rep: Absent

            East Rep: Vern Smith

            Metro Rep: Tony Olney

            West Rep: Rob Hawley

            North Rep: Absent


            Division I – Bainbridge Island, Bellevue, Curtis, Eastlake, Garfield, Issaquah, Lakeside, Lynnwood, Maple Valley, Mercer Island, Puyallup, Roughriders, Skyline, Vashon


            Division II – Blanchet, Eastside Catholic, Kings Way, Klahowya, Lake Tapps, Mt. Rainier,  Nathan Hale, North County, North Kitsap, Northshore, Overlake, Port Angeles, Redmond, Sammamish, Seattle Prep, Snohomish, South Kitsap, Stadium, Stanwood, Tacoma, Whatcom


390:    Roll was taken and new members introduced themselves.


391:    Eastside Catholic played a JV schedule last season and this season will be playing a full Division II schedule.


392:    Wenatchee Lacrosse is a new Provisional Member who is fielding a JV team only and will have a limited schedule.  They are hosting a jamboree/shoot-out March 29-30, 2008 for interested JV and Fr/Soph teams.  Please contact Wenatchee Lacrosse if you are interested.  Contact Brad Schock – brad.schock@ncwlax.org


393:    Also added to the Association as a Provisional Member this season is Kings Way from Vancouver, WA.  Their home field will be at Battle Ground HS and their head coach is David Holler – Daveholler33@gmail.com


394:    Vern introduced new Board member, Tony Olney.  Tony is the At-Large member and is not affiliated with any program.  Kevin Martin, Division II rep was absent.  The Board now has three members who are not affiliated with any program – Tony, Kevin and Ken Hopkins, North Rep.


395:    The ground rules for voting on the by-laws were announced.  All members will speak only once until all members have spoken.  Members are asked to make their point succinctly.


396:    The vote has been divided into 6 areas: (1) lift probation on members; (2) reduce 3 meetings to 2; (3) voting issues; (4) sanction issues; (5) housekeeping matters; (6) executive secretary compensation.


397:    Ballot #1 was distributed to members who were not on probation.  Vern explained the reasoning behind the proposed by-law change.  There was no discussion.


398:    BALLOT #1:  III.B.3 Takes all programs off current probation.  Passed 26-1


399:    Ballot #2 was distributed.  It contains five individual votes.  Vern explained Vote #1 which reduces the required meetings from 3 to 2 and changes associated with this change.  There was no discussion.


400:    BALLOT #2, Vote #1:

III.B.1  Reduces the meetings from 3 to 2 and then defines who must attend the fall and winter meetings.

III.B.3  Defines and clarifies what happens when a program fails to attend the fall meeting and the right of the program to appeal. 

IV.C    Moves elections from June to October because the June meeting is cancelled.

IV.H    Reflects the fall election of board members and extends current terms from June to October.

IV.K    Reflects the move of elections to the fall meeting and eliminates the procedure after our initial election.             

            Passed 33-1


401:    Vern explained Vote #2 dealing with voting matters.


402:    BALLOT #2, Vote #2:

            III.B.7  Clarifies that voting by proxy is not allowed.

            III.C.4  Clarifies what Provisional Members can vote on.

            IV.G    Reflects the intent to always have an odd number on the Board.

            Passed 33-1

403:    Vern explained Vote #3 dealing with sanctioning matters.  Discussion followed.

404:    Question: Regarding III.A.2, why can’t the sanctions be spelled out?  There is a concern about the randomness of the sanctions.

            Answer:  The Board cannot pre-decide all the sanctions.  The ultimate sanction is expulsion from the League but sanctions can vary from reprimands, suspensions etc.  The program can appeal.  The Board understands there can be extenuating circumstances, but the membership must put trust in the Board to weigh all the circumstances.

            Question:  Are the sanctions progressive. 

            Answer:  If a program blatantly chooses to not follow the by-laws, rules and procedures of the Association, there will be sanctions.  If you aren’t happy with the decision of the Board, you can appeal – 1/3 to hear the appeal and 2/3 of the membership to overturn the Board.

            Question:  The problem is getting members to the special meeting.     

            Answer:  Members vote with their feet – if they don’t choose to vote, they won’t show up.  It is up to the appealing member to encourage the members to appear.  There is a procedure in the By-laws for changing the rules.  If you don’t like this rule, you can approach the general membership.  A program that doesn’t follow the By-laws, rules or procedures apparently doesn’t want to be a member.

            Question:  Will the Board discuss this issue?  The burden shouldn’t be on the appellant.


405:    Question:  Regarding III.B.4, why are head coaches being required to attend the February meeting?


            Answer:  All WIAA sports require head coaches to attend a mandatory preseason meeting.  Details of the season, rule changes and final preparation for the season will be discussed.


406:    Question:  It would be better if we could vote on each of these separately.


407:    MOTION:  Ballot #2, Vote #3 – Sanctioning matters should be three separate votes.

            Passed 18-15


408:    BALLOT #2 – Vote #3

            III.A.2  Adds the ability of the Board to expel members who fail to abide by the By-laws

            Passed 27-5 with one abstention.


            III.B.3  Defines and clarifies what happens when a program fails to attend the fall meeting.  Clarifies the right to appeal.

            Passed 34-0


            III.B.4  New provision that addresses what happens when a required coach fails to attend the winter meeting.

            Passed 33-1  


409:    Vern explained Vote #4 dealing with housekeeping matters and there was no discussion.

            III.A     Defines more accurately what is and who are General Members.

            IV.I.     Reflect the change to 2 meetings and gives the board 45 days to post minutes.  Further reflects how elections are conducted in III.B.8.

            V.A      The Board fills vacancies; doesn’t “replace” them.

            X.L      Removes the definition of Representative which is no longer relevant.

            Passed 34-0


410:    Vern explained Vote #5 dealing with compensation for the Executive Secretary.  There was no discussion.

VI.C    A new provision that allows the Board to compensate the Executive Secretary.

            Passed 34-0

411:    SCHEDULING - Brandon reviewed scheduling:

a)             Division I - there will be 14 teams, with an 8-team play-off.

b)             Division II - there will be 24 teams with a 12-team play-off.

c)       Both Division games will be divided as even as possible between home and away.

d)           Team blackout dates must be submitted by Nov 15th. (i.e. spring break, Prom, religious holidays, etc.)

e)           1st draft will be available Dec 1st.

f)              To ease the difficulty in travel, attempts will be made to schedule Kings Way home games on Friday and Saturday nights as much as possible.

g)           Jan 1st - New teams may begin practice.

h)            All games played must be reported.

i)              Each player must participate in 10 practices before they may play in a league game. Coaches are to keep track of their player's attendance.

j)              Feb 25th - Season begins.

k)            Coaches must regulate players coming in mid-season


412:    Request for Frosh-Soph or J.V. teams to step-up to play Wenatchee, Wenatchee is looking for 3 home and 3 away games.


413:    COACHING CERTIFICATION - Tony discussed Coaching Certification:

a)           30 hrs required for Head Coach

b)           20 hrs required for Assistant Coaches

c)           Hours are to be completed by 2010 and renewed every 3 years

d)           Any lacrosse-affiliated meeting, training or certification meets the criteria for required hours (example: bi-annual meeting, CPR certification, US Lacrosse coaches clinics…)

e)           Report hours to Program Directors or AD

f)             Programs must certify that all coaches have met the required hours for Coaching Certification by signing the 2010 Acknowledgement Form for the February meeting.


414:    Fred Wilmot announced that Walax was again publishing the 'Evergreen State Annual'.  Publication deadline for photos is January 15, 2008.  If you have questions regarding format etc. please contact Fred at www.walax.com


415:    WA CHAPTER/USL ANNOUNCEMENTS - Gail presented the 2008 information for the WA Chapter/USL.

a)         Levels I and II Clinics - There will be no instructional (on-field) clinics in Seattle this season.  Coaches can still go to the USL website to get the on-line certification for Levels I and II.  Level II instructional clinic will be offered in late 2008.

b)         First Aid/CPR – Because so many programs are handling their own certification, the number of attendees have been declining.  The Chapter will review this decision for next year.  Please contact the American Red Cross or your local fire station for information on both courses.

c)          WA State Coaches Convention will be held February 9-10, 2008 at SPU

d)         WA State Championships will be held May 17, 2008 at Memorial Stadium.  WHSBLA has the early games this year.

e)         The WA Chapter of USL will be hosting the U-19 national team in their final week before they go to the tournament in Vancouver the first week of July.  June 28 they will be playing a Seattle alumni team as well as putting on youth clinics at Mercer Island High School.  Watch the Chapter website for more information.


416:    DUES - Dues for the 2008 season will be $10 per player for all players - frosh/soph, jv and varsity.


417:    OFFICIAL’S FEES - Officials fees will be $60 per referee per home game with a $7 administration fee, i.e. each home game will be $127.  The Board is negotiating with the WA Chapter to have the Chapter pay for the officials at the championships.  WHSBLA will pay for the officials at the semi-final games.  Teams will split the cost of officials for the play-off games ($60 per team/game).


418:    WIAA SANCTIONING - The results of the 2007 WHSBLA Questionnaire indicated 2 to 1 in both Divisions coaches wanted the Board to seek WIAA sanctioning.  The Board is moving ahead with the petition in 2009 for the 2010 season.  If WIAA accepts lacrosse as a sanctioned sport and a team is not granted affiliation, the WHSBLA Board will still be in place and will be the governing body for high school club lacrosse in Washington.


419:    The Board will be working on the following projects relating to WIAA sanctioning:

a)         League realignment for 2009.  Please send suggestions to your regional or divisional representative.

b)         The Board requests that all teams work on attaining status as a school varsity, or school club team.  Any advances made in this area will be beneficial to sanctioning.  The Board will survey teams to determine what their level of school involvement is at this time.

c)          WHSBLA and the Chapter are combining resources to hire a public relations professional.  Scores will be reported to papers and articles will begin appearing in local papers regarding lacrosse.

d)         WHSBLA has requested that the Chapter move LaxFest to Spokane on June 14th to assist in marketing lacrosse in Eastern WA. 


420:    NEW SUBCOMMITTEES - The Board has authorized the formation of three new subcommittees:

(1)   Coach Assistance – a subcommittee to mentor and help new coaches with drills, practices etc.

(2)   Program Assistance – a subcommittee formed to help with the formation details, non-profit status etc.

(3)   Compliance – Tony Olney will head this subcommittee which will investigate non-compliance by coaches and programs.  The subcommittee will present its findings to the Executive Board with recommendations for sanctions.


421:    IN-SEASON LIAISON - Tony Olney will serve as an in-season liaison for coaches and officials.  Tony will be traveling to games around the area.  Ken Hopkins will be traveling to games in the north region and Kevin Martin will be traveling to games in the south region.


422:    JERSEY RULE - The Board reminds all teams they must conform to the NFHS jersey rule for the 2010 season.  If you have any questions about the rule, please refer to your NFHS/USL Rule Book.  This rule is for varsity only and there will be no extensions allowed.  WALOA will be enforcing this rule.


423:    MATCHING HELMET RULE - Division I varsity teams must have matching helmets per NFHS rules.  It is imperative that the NOCSAE label is visible to officials.


424:    The Board requested all teams send their Team Information Page to the League Secretary.  This information will be posted on the website.


425:    PLAYER AND COACH EJECTIONS - New rules are now in place and will be spelled out in the Handbook dealing with player and coach game ejections which conform to WIAA rules for ejections, including a review process by the Board for a second ejection.  The player’s coach must notify the Board within 24 hours of a player ejection.  The review process must be instituted by the coach.  A coach must also notify the Board within 24 hours if a coach has been ejected.  Discussion followed regarding the seriousness of a game ejection.  WHSBLA will send a letter and discuss with the director of WALOA the seriousness of ejecting a player and ask them to reinforce in training the difference between disqualifying  and ejecting a player.


426:    OFFICIAL EVALUATION FORM – Game official evaluation forms will be available by the beginning of the season and will be on the website.


427:    The next General Membership meeting is scheduled for February 2, 2008.


428:    The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.


                                                                                    Gail Shelton, Executive Secretary