Minutes of November 5, 2007 Board Meeting


766:††† The Board meeting of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held Monday, November 5, 2007 at 6:45 pm at the office of Vern Smith, 4040 Lake Washington Blvd., Kirkland, WA.†† Present were Vern Smith, Brandon Fortier, Tony Olney, Ken Hopkins, and Gail Shelton, and Kevin Martin and Rob Hawley by teleconference.Absent was Ryan Kelly.


767:††† MOTION:The Executive Board minutes of the October 1, 2007 meeting are approved as written.Motion passed 5-0


768:††† MOTION:The General Membership minutes of the October 6, 2007 meeting are approved as corrected.Motion passed 6-0


769:††† Coach Tedd Girgus was invited to join the Board.Vern thanked him for coming to the meeting.Discussion followed regarding the Kyton Blair petition, the Lynnwood Lacrosse program and the past two lacrosse seasons.After Coach Girgus left the meeting, discussion followed.

770:††† MOTION:A letter of admonishment will be sent to Coach Girgus.The letter will not be circulated, but will be part of the official Board record.Motion passed 6-0


771:††† Vern asked Kevin to draft a letter of admonishment to be circulated to Board members.


772:††† The Board discussed the Drew Thomas petition.The player attends Black Hills high School in Tumwater and has asked to play lacrosse at Stadium High School.


††††††††††† MOTION:The Thomas petition to play at Stadium is approved.Passed 6-0


773: †† The Austin Tripp petition was discussed by the Board.Austin attends Marysville-Pilchuck and per the Boundary Document is assigned to the Snohomish Lacrosse Team.Austin has petitioned to play at Stanwood.


774:††† MOTION:The Tripp petition to play at Stanwood is denied.Passed 6-0


775:††† The Board discussed the Kyle Blair petition. †††††††


MOTION:The Blair petition is approved and Kyle Blair will play at Mukilteo.Passed 5-1

776:††† Gail presented a draft form to be sent to all teams requesting information about the structure of their program.Teams who are approaching their ADs about club status may be able to use this information.It will also be used by the new subcommittee dealing with team formations.After reviewing the questionnaire, Gail will send it to all programs.


777:††† The Division II regional conference format was discussed.


778:††† MOTION:The Board accepts the Division II alignment as presented and the playoff scenario will be discussed at the December Board Meeting.Passed 6-0


779:††† Rob will email to the Board his outline of a play-off scenario.


780:††† There may have been some confusion at the General Membership Meeting about the memberís ability to appeal a playerís second ejection.

††††††††††† Vern will clarify to the membership the ejection petition process.


781:††† Although the NFHS does not require all gloves to be uniform, WHSBLA has in the past required all Division I programs to have uniform gloves.Brandon will rewrite that portion of the handbook and forward it to the Board for review.


782:††† In an effort to cut down on postage and paper costs, all documents will be posted on the League website and ADís, Board Presidents or head coaches will be required to go to the website to get the By-Laws, Handbooks, and 2008 Handbook Addendum.The 2008 Acknowledgment forms and important dates, information etc. will be emailed to the programs to sign and return by the Feb. General Membership Meeting.A note will be sent informing programs that they can receive a copy by mail if they do not have computer access.The Addendum will be finalized at the December Board Meeting.


783:††† Gail reported on her meeting with Trip Goodall, Mark, Finley, Michele Finley and Chris Shogun in Spokane regarding the LaxFest event in June.

††††††††††† It appears at this time that they are not ready for this type of event but probably will be in the summer of 2009.They are making progress with starting youth programs in the nine parochial schools in Spokane for the 2008 season.


784:††† In an effort to support the growth of lacrosse, WHSBLA will continue to allow high school coaches to coach middle school players in the off season.Tony will contact the Lakeside coach regarding this issue.


785:††† MOTION:Cindy Raffety will be removed from the signature card on the League account at the Bank of America.

786:††† Vern will present an update on the wind jackets at the December meeting.


787:††† The Board discussed the By-law rule that requires 2/3 of the members to be present at a special meeting to overturn a Board decision.The rule will stand.††


788:††† Gail will draft a letter to Franklin LC, Mukilteo LC and Wenatchee LC to inform them of their probationary status.


789:††† Vern will talk with Jim Franklin at WALOA regarding financial incentives for teams producing referees.It was also requested that Vern inquire what WALOA is doing to recruit new officials.


790:††† The Board will work on new rules regarding coaches serving as board members on their programís board of directors.


791:††† Kevin will investigate a better, less expensive source for conference calls before the December meeting.


792:††† Tony received an email from Dave Haralson of the WA Chapter regarding the hiring of a PR professional.


793:††† MOTION:The Board authorizes up to $1500 to fund the hiring of a public relations professional.Passed 6-0


794:††† The next Board meeting will be held at Vernís office on December 17, 2007 at 7:00 pm.


795:††† There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Gail Shelton, Executive Secretary††