Minutes of June 3, 2008 Board Meeting


870:      The Board meeting of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held Tuesday, June 3, 2008, at 6:30pm at the offices of Cowan Smith Law Firm, 4040 Lake Washington Blvd. Suite 304, Kirkland, WA   98033.   Present were Vern Smith, Brandon Fortier, Tony Olney, Ryan Kelly with Kevin Martin, Rob Hawley present via phone, Gail Shelton and Leslie Cornelison.  Absent was Ken Hopkins.


871:      MOTION:  The Special Meeting Minutes of February 12, 2008 Board Meeting are approved.  Motion passed 5-0.


872:      Discussion on coaches refusing to play a game. 

            MOTION:  To adopt 17.16.0 of the 2007-2008 Washington Interscholastic Activities Association Handbook (page 32) that reads: 

Teams are obligated to participate in a contest or athletic event to its normal conclusion unless the contest is terminated by mutual consent of the school officials involved due to unusual weather or game conditions, or situations which could be hazardous to participant or spectators.  Any coach is prohibited from unilaterally refusing to play.

            Motion passed:  5-0


873:      Amendment for above motion:  Coaches who unilaterally refuses to play will be suspended.  Length of suspension to be determined, team to forfeit that game.

            Motion passed:  5-0


874:      Amendment proposed:  JV game must be terminated to allow for varsity game to start on time.   

            Tabled until August meeting at which time Rob will have the reworded amendment.


875:      Discussion of issues related to state playoff/final games.  Tabled at this time.


876:      Discussion of Ref Evaluations and Sportability.  Kevin will make a presentation for February meeting.


877:      League Realignment, headed up by Brandon Fortier with Rob Hawley and Kevin Martin.


878:      WIAA Sanctioning Subcommittee – headed by Tony Olney.


879:      WALOA Contract Subcommittee – headed by Vern Smith with Brandon Fortier, Ryan Kelly and Ian O’Hearn.


880:      Discussion of what should take place when a team folds after the season starts.

            MOTION:  It was moved that when a team folds after the season start, the following would occur:

a.       Playoffs and standings will not be affected.

b.   Dues should be kept but remaining official dues will be returned to team.

Motion passed 5-0

881:      Discussion regarding USL processing background checks, but it was decided to continue using the WSP checks. 


882:      MOTION:  It was moved to add to 9.3.0 a statement to address players, practices and official rosters:

A player may not play until he is on the official roster and has had ten (10) practices.

Motion passed 5-0


883:      Vern will begin the draft of the Annual Report for the October membership meeting, with the draft being ready for the board meeting in August.


884:      Email from Lon Gerbasi regarding a waiver for his son to continue to play for Snohomish Lacrosse Club was discussed.  Because no official petition was received, the Board did not take a vote on this matter.  Kevin will handle this by email.


885:      Financial software (Quicken) for Leslie’s use was discussed.  She is to price and notify Vern.  At this time, use of an accountant is on hold.


886:      Roster checks will be handled by Brandon Fortier.


887:      WIAA Rule 17.9.9 from 2007-2008 WIAAH which reads:

Waiver of Individual Practice Requirements – An individual who participates in any level of WIAA sanctioned post season play-offs and who cannot meet the minimum practice requirements for the succeeding sport will be allowed to waive up to a maximum of one-half of the required individual practice days for that sport only if the available team practice days for each individual involved in the preceding play-offs are insufficient to meet the minimum requirement before a scheduled contest.


            MOTION:  To add WIAA Rule 17.9.9 to practice language.  Motion passed 5-0.


888:      Discussion of renewal of USL membership – Tabled for August meeting.  Gail will look into this.


889:      After discussion, it was agreed that the insurance we require is for coverage of the players, not the fields.


890:      Discussion regarding teams with fewer than 15 players at start of season-no change at this time.


891:      Discussion regarding number of games

            MOTION:  20 games with every jamboree day counting as a “game”.  Motion failed.

            Tabled until August meeting.


892:      Discussion: No scheduling of new games after first two weeks of season.  Ryan will word a question for the questionnaire going out to coaches.


893:      Discussion:  WIAA rule regarding transfers.  Tabled, Brandon will work on wording for this.


894:      Tony will address Greg Hill on matter of new program in Skagit Valley.


895:      Discussion:  Kolbas email of 5-14-08 regarding the direction of two eastern Washington chapters.  A meeting is scheduled for July 11, 2008 in Ellensburg.  Vern Smith and Gail Shelton will attend.


896:      Brandon will draft new language for the handbook as to how All-State teams and All-League players will be chosen.


897:      MOTION:  It was moved that the WHSBLA pay the expenses for Gail’s gift.  Motion passed 5-0


898:      Discussion:  Battle of Bothell

                                    35-40 Kids

                                    Budget of $500.00

                                    June 21, 2008


            The discussion focused on our agreement to contribute money towards the purchase of jerseys for the Division II All-Star game being played during the Battle of Bothell.


899:      MOTION:  It was moved that Dave Low and Gail Shelton’s names be removed from bank account and that Vern Smith and Leslie Cornelison’s names replace them.  Motion passed:  5-0


900:      Next meeting set for:

                        August 24, 2008


                        Vern Smith’s home

                        24224 SE 18th ST.

                        Maple Valley, WA   98038


Submitted by Leslie Walsh-Cornelison

June 23, 2008