Minutes of January 14, 2008 Board Meeting


814:    The Board meeting of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held Monday, January 14, 2008 at 7:00 pm at the office of Vern Smith, 4040 Lake Washington Blvd., Kirkland, WA.   Present were Vern Smith, Brandon Fortier, Tony Olney, Ryan Kelly and Gail Shelton, and Kevin Martin and Rob Hawley by teleconference.  Absent was Ken Hopkins.


815:    MOTION:  The Executive Board minutes of the December 17, 2007 meeting are approved.  Motion passed 7-0


816:    Chris Long, a certified referee with WALOA, will be invited to the General Membership meeting in February and will be asked to present information regarding new rules and WALOA points of emphasis for the 2008 season.


817:    Vern will contact Jim Franklin to discuss any changes for 2008 that WHSBLA would like to the federation rules.  Changes addressed were:

·        The “mercy” rule will be enforced as written.

·        Field dimension problems beyond control of the home team

·        Jerseys must cover shoulder pads

·        NFHS Jersey rule is delayed by WHSBLA until 2010

·        Matching helmet rule is enforced for Division I teams only

·        Matching shorts rule is enforced for Division I teams only


818:    Vern will speak to Erik Smith regarding recruiting officials and will pitch the need for more officials at the general membership meeting.  WHSBLA will also post a link on website for WALOA and advertise the need for officials. Vern asked Gail to forward the documentation regarding monies given to WALOA several years ago. 


819:    WHSBLA will be negotiating with WALOA beginning in June for the 2009 contract.  Brandon and Ryan will  serve on the negotiating committee and Vern will speak with Ian O’Hearn and Tim Jones also. 


820:    Tony reported that Pete White expressed interest in serving on the Compliance Committee along with Kevin Martin and Tony.  There was no response from any coaches who wanted to help with the other committees.


821:    The February 2 General Membership meeting was discussed.  Vern will put together a handout for the members including: 10-practice rule, ejection appeal clarification, uniform policies, minimum field requirements, and dead period.  Members of the Board are asked to email Vern if there are other items to be included. Vern will also discuss first aid/CPR requirements and WSP background check requirements.


822:    CPR/First Aid classes were discussed.  The Chapter did not offer these classes this year and some teams are having trouble finding courses.  Gail will send Tamra Patton’s contact information to Ryan Kelly.  The Board will table the discussion regarding online courses until the fall.  Vern will speak with Tim Jones/BYLW regarding this requirement.  


823:    The Board agreed that if a team knows in advance (24 hours) that a game will be forfeited, the officials can be called off that game.  This will prevent officials from arriving at the game field, being dismissed and having to be paid.  If, however, a team does forfeit a game without 24 hour’s notice, that team will pay for the officials.


824:    A question has arisen about girls playing on boys teams.  Girls are allowed to play on a boy’s team if there is no girls’ lacrosse program in the area.  Gail will contact Mukilteo with the Boards response.


825:    Vern will remind the general membership that the Board will be working on realignment for leagues in 2009.  Brandon will head a subcommittee joined by Rob and Ryan and invite members to contribute ideas.


826:    Vern will inform the general membership that the Board is working on a policy regarding coaches being on their boards. 


827:    Gail reported on the status of the Archbishop-Murphy application.  After speaking with the acting AD at the school, Gail learned that the administration is not going to field a team for the 2008 season, but will definitely be planning for the 2009 season.  They will also not be taking students who do not attend Archbishop-Murphy onto the team.


828:    Security at the State lacrosse finals was discussed.  Although WHSBLA is not responsible for security, the Chapter will be asking the Board to assist in making sure each team represented at the finals has a supervisor or liaison between the fans and security at the stadium. 


829:    Under new business, Gail has not heard from Wenatchee regarding coaches for their program.  She will contact Brad again.


830:    The February 2 Board meeting will be at 10:00 am with the general membership meeting to follow at noon.  Gail will send a notice to the members.


831:    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.


                                                            Gail Shelton, Executive Secretary