Minutes of February 2, 2008

General Membership Meeting


429:    The mandatory meeting of head coaches of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held on Saturday, February 2, 2008 at Noon at Bertona Hall, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington.


            Board President: Vern Smith

            Board Executive Secretary: Gail Shelton

            Division I Rep: Brandon Fortier

            Division II Rep: Kevin Martin

            East Rep: Vern Smith

            Metro Rep: Ryan Kelly

            West Rep: Rob Hawley

            North Rep: Ken Hopkins

At-Large:  Absent


            Division I – Bainbridge Island, Bellevue, Curtis, Garfield, Issaquah, Lakeside, Lynnwood, Maple Valley, Mercer Island, Puyallup, Roughriders, Skyline, Vashon


            Division II – Blanchet, Eastside Catholic, Highline, Kings Way, Klahowya, Lake Tapps, Nathan Hale, North County, North Kitsap, Northshore, Overlake, Port Angeles, Redmond, Sammamish, Seattle Prep, Snohomish, South Kitsap, Stadium, Stanwood, Tacoma, Whatcom


430:    Roll was taken and Vern welcomed Kings Way to the league and introduced Leslie Cornelison, the incoming Executive Secretary/Treasurer for the League.


431:    Vern asked the coaches to review the handout.  He reminded the coaches that this handout does not cover everything in the Handbook and it is the responsibility of the head coach to ensure he and his assistant coaches review the handbook and abide by the rules.


432:    The 2008 Acknowledgement, WSP Certification/Players Code of Handbook Certification and a list of all coaches is due to the Executive Secretary today.


493:    Proof of insurance is due before practice begins on February 25, 2008.  If the proof is not provided by the 25th, games will be forfeited until it is.


494:    March 10, 2008 the following are due to the Executive Secretary/Treasurer

·        League Dues

·        Official’s Fees

·        Official program roster (everyone in the program)

·        Rosters posted on Sportability

            Teams will be receiving invoices for league dues and fees soon.  If you are planning to add or remove games, you must let Brandon know immediately.  Within the next two weeks, Brandon will outline how to enter your roster on Sportability.  You will be emailed a username/password.  You only need to post the Varsity roster.  If you move someone up, even for one game, they must be added to your Sportability roster.  There will be sanctions for programs who do not meet the deadlines listed above.


495:    On the whsbla.org website each team has a page with field location, jersey colors etc.  Make sure this page is up to date before the season begins.  Give all sites for your games and send directions if you think it is necessary.


496:    The 10-practice rule explains what a practice is.  Please read it carefully.


497:    Read the procedures for changing a game field or game time carefully.  Please be flexible and consider other games scheduled for the day you are requesting.  Email Brandon and cc the opposing coach when a change is being made.  Make sure you have the opposing coach’s approval.


498:    If you have field problems that are out of your control, you must make sure the box is regulation size – 40 yards wide and 35 yards deep from end line to restraining line.  WALOA has been instructed to not enforce field requirements that are out of the control of the program.


499:    Matching helmets and shorts will be enforced by WALOA.  For Division I teams, the league requires matching gloves in their dominant color.


500:    Please read the NFHS rules regarding jersey specifications.  If you are ordering new jerseys, make sure they follow the specifications.  Beginning in 2010, all jerseys must meet the specifications – both Divisions.


501:    Check the team page on whsbla.org before you leave for a game to check jersey colors.  The home team wears light jerseys and visiting team wears dark jersey.


503:    Any team that forfeits a game is responsible for the costs of game officials and field rental costs to the other team, if any unless notice of intent to forfeit is received more than 24 hours prior to game time.  In that case, the officials will be cancelled and no costs for officials will be incurred.

504:    Vern clarified the definition of “ejections” from a game and the appeal process for the 2nd ejection.

505:    Gail reviewed the security that will be in place at the state lacrosse finals.  Each team participating will be required to provide two supervisory personnel to help coordinate with game management in supervising the student sections.


506:    Out of season begins August 1, 2008.  Any questions regarding dead period should be directed to your representatives on the Board before you risk violating this rule.


507:    All head coaches are required to be USL members during the entire season.  Many coaches have memberships that expire during the season.  The Board suggests you renew now, it will be tacked onto your current membership by USL.  If games are coached by a coach who has an expired membership, those games will be forfeited.


508:    The Board would like to encourage teams to stop behavior that is inappropriate at rivalry games or big games by having people in the stands to help control the crowd.


509:    A new policy will be implemented that will prohibit head coaches from being voting members of their board.  It is important that a board of directors is in place that can oversee the program and the coaches.  It must provide an oversight board that allows parents to go to the Board and be heard.  The policy will require teams to have full boards in place by October, 2008.  The coach can be on the Board, but cannot be a voting member.


            Question:  Why shouldn’t the coach be president of the Board? 

            Answer:  It doesn’t give the appearance of impartiality and there is no recourse for parents who want to be heard.


            Question:  Why can’t the coach be a voting member?

            Answer:  The appearance is as important as the reality.  If the coach has a vote it doesn’t provide parents with the appearance of a fair appeal process.


510:    The Coaches’ Convention is scheduled for February 9-10 at SPU.  You can register at uslax-wa.org for $25.  A Timers/Scorers clinic will be held on Sunday 2/10 from noon-2pm at SPU, Demaray Room 258.  Register at waloa@msn.com


511:    There is a critical need for more referees.  Ask your parents or alumni to become referees.


512:    Wenatchee LC is holding a jamboree March 23/24, 2008.  Flyers for the jamboree can be requested from Gail.


513:    Three Rivers is also hosting a jamboree April 19/20, 2008.  They can be reached through their website.


514:    Vern introduced Chris Long from WALOA who talked about the training WALOA is giving officials for the 2008 season.  There are not many rule changes for the new season.  When changing game dates, don’t move them to Saturdays.  Jamborees and scrimmages must be posted on Sportability in order for officials to be assigned.


515:    The high school girl’s league, WSLA, has applied for WIAA sanctioning for the 2009 season.  WHSBLA will apply in 2009 for the 2010 season.  Please be aware that the Board will be looking at league realignment for the 2009 season.


516:    Please make every attempt to move your club from a private club to a school club.  Rob Hawley is a good source of information on ASB club teams.


517:    The WA Chapter in conjunction with WHSBLA and WSLA has hired a professional PR person who will be submitting game scores and highlights to greater Seattle area papers for publishing on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  You will soon be receiving an email from Tony Olney outlining the process.  Teams must have their scores, stats and game summary posted on Sportability immediately following a game.  Gail will have Tony and the PR person contact John Wherry regarding the Comcast game of the week.  If you know a company that wants to sponsor the game of the week, please get in touch with John Wherry. 


518:    Please read carefully on the website the requirements for coaching certification – head coach/30 hours and assistant coach/20 hours.


519:    Brandon keeps the website up to date, so you can go there to find any information about the league that is important.


520:    Three subcommittees have been formed by the Board:

1.      Coaching Committee – Help new coaches in the league

2.      New Program Assistance Committee – Help new boards with procedural and set-up questions

3.      Compliance Committee – Will investigate in and out-of-season violations that are reported to the Board.


Any coach who is interested on sitting on one of these committees please contact the Board.


521:    The Board now consists of the highest number of non-coaches – 3.  If you have any problems, questions or concerns during the season, please contact the In-Season Liaison Committee:  Tony Olney, Kevin Martin or Ken Hopkins.


522:    A Game Official’s Evaluation form will be available to coaches shortly.  Please be constructive when making criticisms of an official and if you have one that calls a game particularly well, don’t hesitate to complete the form.  Brandon will be sending information soon regarding the form.


523:    The All-League selection meeting is scheduled for May 11, 2008, Sunday at 3pm at SPU, Bertona Hall.  Most of the balloting is done on-line before the meeting.  You must vote.  Board Presidents and ADs will be informed if a coach fails to vote.


524:    The fall meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 4, 2008 at 10 am.  Representation can be head coach, assistant coach or board member.


525:    The next mandatory coaches meeting is always the first Saturday in February.  Next year it will be February 7, 2009 – please get it on your calendars now.  The Board understands that there are circumstances which will be considered good cause for missing this meeting.  Every fact pattern is different and we are asking nothing more than WIAA asks of its head coaches.


526:    Dead period:  August 1, 2008 – coaches cannot coach 8th graders who will be incoming freshmen.


527:    Vern reminded all coaches that they are privileged in lacrosse to be part of a small community.  Parents are entrusting them to help teach their boys to become men.

            It is a privilege to be able to coach lacrosse.


528:    The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.


                                                                                    Gail Shelton, Executive Secretary