Special Meeting Minutes of February 12, 2008 Board Meeting


850:    The Special Board meeting of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 6:30 pm at the office of Vern Smith, 4040 Lake Washington Blvd., Kirkland, Washington.  Present were Vern Smith, Brandon Fortier, Ryan Kelly, Leslie Cornelison and Gail Shelton.  Present by teleconference:  Kevin Martin and Rob Hawley.  Absent was: Ken and Tony Olney.  Guests of the Board:  Brian Langhorst and Mark Benedum


851:    The Board met with Brian Langhorst, Eastlake head coach to determine the circumstances surrounding his absence at the mandatory coaches meeting on February 2, 2008.  Brian explained his absence and told the Board that he did not have the Feb. 2nd meeting on his calendar and could have avoided the absence if he had put it on his calendar in October.  Brian did not attend the October meeting, but his Board president did.   Board members asked Brian some follow-up questions and then thanked him for meeting with the Board and for being forthright in his answers.


852:    Mark Benedum met with the Board and explained the circumstances surrounding his absence from the February 2, 2008 meeting.  Mark explained that he had no ability to set the date of his meetings and no choice but to attend.  His meetings are scheduled a year in advance and he has no ability to alter the dates.  Board members asked Mark some follow-up questions and then thanked him for meeting with the Board.


853:    Discussion followed regarding the Langhorst absence.  The Board felt that his absence could have been controlled if he or his Board had been more diligent with WHSBLA requirements.  It was also a concern that Brian was not aware that the mandatory coaches meeting rule has been approved by the entire general membership at the October meeting.


854:    MOTION:  The Board will revisit the Langhorst matter and revote to find good cause to excuse Brian from the February 2, 2008 coaches meeting.  Motion failed for lack of a second.   


855:    Regarding sanctions, Brian admitted the business trip would not have been scheduled had he put the mandatory meeting on his calendar; therefore, the Board felt there was not good cause to excuse Brian.  There was no motion to modify the current vote regarding sanctions, so sanction will stand.


856:    Eastlake also did not have anyone in attendance at the February 2nd meeting; therefore, they will be on probation until October, 2009. 


857:    Discussion followed regarding the Benedum absence.  Because Mark had no influence and could not prevent the dates chosen for his meetings, the Board felt that given the same circumstances next year, the outcome would be the same.  He would be forced to miss the mandatory coaches meeting.


858:    MOTION:  The Board will revisit the Benedum matter and revote to find good cause to excuse Mark from the February 2, 2008 coaches meeting.  Motion passed 3-1-1 Abstention 


859:    The Board agreed that there are several matters involved in sorting out what constitutes “good cause”.  It is imperative that a coach contact the Board immediately upon learning that there is a conflict.  The Board will look at each case very closely and will not take an excuse at face value.


860:    Alex Wade, the North Kitsap coach was out of town for the February 2, 2008 meeting.  North Kitsap was represented by Board president Brian O’Connor.

            No advance notice of the absence was given to the Board.


861:    MOTION:  The Board finds that Alex did not have good cause to be absent from the February 2, 2008 mandatory coaches meeting.  Motion passed 5-0


862:    MOTION:  The Board finds that Alex must be suspended from the first game of the season.  Motion passed 5-0. 


863:    San Juan did not have a head coach at the time of the meeting, but was represented by Brendan Cowan.  No action will be taken by the Board.


864:    In the future, the Board will look at sanctions for a number of reasons.  At the October meeting, Vern will explain to the general membership that the Board will be taking matters more seriously and programs that are not in compliance will be sanctioned.


865:    Gail explained the difference between WALOA and Oregon Lacrosse Official’s Association fees as well as the differences in invoicing, collecting and reimbursing between WHSBLA and OHSLA.  The Board asked her to contact Kings Way, OLOA and OHSLA to figure out the best way to pay Oregon officials handling Kings Way home games. 


866:    The Referee Evaluation form was discussed.  It is ready to be placed on the website for coaches to use.  The completed forms will be sent to Brandon as contact for Sportability and then forwarded on to Kevin as a non-coach member of the Board.  Kevin will review them weekly or more often if necessary.


867:    A petition from Jonathan Higuchi was reviewed by the Board.  The WHSBLA rules state a coach must be a high school graduate.  Discussion followed regarding the purpose of that rule.


868:    MOTION:  The Board grants a waiver to Jonathan Higuchi, head coach at Franklin HS.  Motion passed 5-0


869:    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.


                                                            Gail Shelton, Executive Secretary