Minutes of December 17, 2007 Board Meeting


796:    The Board meeting of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association was held Monday, December 17, 2007 at 7:00 pm at the office of Vern Smith, 4040 Lake Washington Blvd., Kirkland, WA.   Present were Vern Smith, Brandon Fortier, Tony Olney, Ryan Kelly and Gail Shelton, and Kevin Martin and Rob Hawley by teleconference.  Absent was Ken Hopkins.


797:    MOTION:  The Executive Board minutes of the November 5, 2007 meeting are approved as corrected.  Motion passed 6-0


798:    The letters regarding Coach Girgus were reviewed and discussed.  Gail will draft a letter from the Board thanking those that sent letters for their input.


799:    An email was received by the Board requesting entrance into the League  of a team at Archbishop Murphy for the 2008 season.  Gail will contact the administration at A-Murphy to discuss the procedure for joining WHSBLA, where they are in the process (coach, field, oversight organization etc.) and report back to the Board.


800:    Brandon explained the proposed Division II 2008 play-off scenario.  The twelve team play-off bracket is based on the strength of the 2007 record.  This will allow #1 seeds to avoid each other until the finals and teams from the same conference will avoid each other until the finals.  Discussion followed.


801:    MOTION:   The Board accepts the proposed Division II 2008 play-off scenario as presented.  Motion passed 6-0.


802:    A request from WALOA to appoint  a liaison from WALOA to attend WHSBLA general membership meetings was discussed.  Vern will talk with Jim Franklin, Chairman of WALOA regarding the proposal.


803:    The Board discussed clarification of the ejection rules for players and coaches. 


804:    MOTION:  The Code of Conduct will be amended to conform to rule 18.25 of the WHSBLA Handbook.  Motion passed 6-0


805:    The results of the affiliation questionnaire will be posted on the league website.


806:    Gail will forward Vern’s memo to coaches clarifying the new rule requiring players ejected from a second game to be suspended for the balance of the season.  The memo also clarifies what an “ejection” is and the process for appealing to WHSBLA a suspension for the season.


807:    Brandon will send all coaches a memo regarding the uniform glove issue. 


808:    Vern reported on the style/cost of the WHSBLA jackets and will order them for all members of the Board.


809:    A discussion regarding coaches serving on their teams boards as president or voting members was discussed.  Tony will build a model for the Board using benchmarks for compliance.  Suggestions were that by October, 2008 no coach is a voting member of his own board; programs must submit to the Executive Board a list of their Board members with contact information; by February, 2009 existing teams must have boards in place and teams entering WHSBLA must have a board in place by February of the second season. 


810:    The Board has been advised of a player from Australia who will be attending Mercer Island and playing lacrosse.  Vern will contact Ian at the Mercer Island Lacrosse Club to ask for confirmation from the AD that the player is eligible to participate in WIAA sports.


811:    Old Business:  Tony will send a memo on letterhead regarding participation on the Compliance Committee.


812:    Old Business:  Kevin reported on a service for conference calls that allows for unlimited number of callers and unlimited time for $39.


813:    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.


                                                            Gail Shelton, Executive Secretary