Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minute

November 14, 2012


Mike Cavalear, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds, Ralph Perrotto, Dow Lynch, Craig Messner, Dave Gleason, Anne Herrmann, Ed Dennehy, Marco Gonsalves, Chris Newton, Kara Malone, Matt Dwyer, Kevin Winters, Charles Cella and Dave Bostwick  



Minutes document from October 2012 was reviewed – REPORT ACCEPTED


Gary Parker reported.  There is no financial report available at this time because the accountant has the laptop to perform a tax audit.  The accountant has scheduled to return the laptop computer to Gary this Friday November 16th.  Currently, the fiscal year for PYS ends on September 30th.  It is recommended that the end of the fiscal year be changed to December 31st.  This can be accomplished by filing an additional tax return that encompasses Oct 1-December 31, 2012 and starting the 2013 fiscal year as of January 1, 2013.    This will allow the treasurer to create more helpful reports such as per player expenses.  A MOTION was made to change the fiscal year from October 1st through September 30th to January 1st through December 31st going forward.  MOTION PASSED.   


Web Site Update

Dow Lynch reported.  No new information to report at this time.  Dow will email a link so board members can get into the site and review.


Scholarship Fundraiser

The parking fee fundraiser raised $1,852 to be given to high school students who participated in Pembroke Youth Soccer and present the best essay to be judged by the scholarship committee.  A MOTION was made to add $148 from the general fund to allow 4 scholarships to be awarded at $500 each.  MOTION PASSED 


Cranberry League

Overall, the select team players, coaches and parents enjoyed participating in the Cranberry League.  It gave the teams a great advantage by giving the coach an opportunity to see what the skillset of each player is and do some team building.  There was some negative feedback reported from the non-select player parents as they felt that the kids on the non-select teams had the perception that they were “left behind” and will have a harder time in the Spring than they could have if they were offered the same opportunity as the select team players.


A suggestion was made to do a U14 draft in the Fall for the Spring 11 v 11 teams shortly after the select teams are chosen and allow them to scrimmage each other in the Fall to get them used to playing 11 v 11 thus be more prepared for playing other teams in the Coastal League in the Spring.



Mike Tropeano not present, no report.



Ralph Perrotto reported. There are already 25 players registered for Samba Sunday winter soccer.  11 U7 boys/girls, 5 U8 boys/girls and 3 U10 girls and 6 U10 boys.  The program starts in January so there is plenty of time for more players to register.



Mike received the monthly email but there is still no word from Fran Squatrito.



Bill Tholen is planning to send an invoice for the referee payments as soon as the majority of the referee reports have been received.



Field 3 Expansion/Lease

Much discussion took place regarding the proposed new lease.  The current lease expires 2017 so a 10-year lease extension was requested in the most recent meeting with the school’s Superintendent, Frank Hackett.   It was communicated that the school board has only agreed to extend the lease for 5 more years.  Frank Hackett requested that some verbiage in the lease be changed.  In writing, he would like stated that two freshman teams will have access to a third field after school.     PYS has suggested the willingness to expand field 3 which would allow the High School to have an additional full sized soccer field, allows PYS the ability to have 2 additional U12 sized fields and the U14 teams to play on the PYS field rather than the High School turf field in the Spring, Many board members expressed concern about putting the money into this project if the school board is unwilling to extend the current lease more than 5 years.  Additionally, it was brought up that the current lease contains a clause that allows the town to terminate the agreement with one year’s notice.  However, there is no real reason to believe that they would exercise this right, The board decided to ask Frank Hackett to attend a PYS board meeting to explain to all of the board members the reasoning behind only allowing a 5 year extension and to give feedback as to why it would be equitable for PYS  to put $40-$50,000 into the fields and risk losing them.    


2013 Elections

Elections took place to fill all of the executive board, board and committee positions,  The results of the elections can be found on the attached document entitled Pembroke Youth Soccer Directory.  Congratulations to all of the new and returning PYS board and committee members. 


Miscellaneous Item

A MOTION was made for PAPA to receive a free PYS player registration to be offered as part of their December fundraiser.  MOTION PASSED.



NEXT MEETING January 9, 2013