Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minute

October 10, 2012





Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Peggy Reynolds, Ralph Perrotto, Dow Lynch, Craig Messner, Dave Gleason, Anne Herrmann, Ed Dennehy, Mike Tropeano, Marco Gonsalves and Chris Newton 


Help is still needed with trash pick up on Saturday mornings and after lunchtime.  Marco Gonsalves has taken on the role of dumping the recyclables. 



Minutes document from September 2012 was reviewed – REPORT ACCEPTED


Gary Parker not present, no report.


Web Site Update

Dow Lynch reported.  The new site is 85% ready.  Bill Tholen and Mike Tropeano have reviewed and suggested a few things that should be redirected to the former site for now. PYS will be keeping the existing site through the next year to insure the registration process transitions smoothly.  The web address will continue to be for the time being.  Linking he Coastal site still needs to happen.  Overall, the site just needs a little fine tuning to make it perfect. 


Fall Travel Select Teams

There are schedule conflicts with the Cranberry League travel games and home games for select players, but overall it seems to be working out as the non-select players are enjoying playing against each other. 



U12-U14 Draft

The Spring 2013 draft for GU12, BU12 and GU14 still needs to occur.  The Veteran’s Hall has been reserved for Tuesday, October 16th at 7 PM.




Coastal Rep Still Needed

Coastal meetings occur twice per month at the Marshfield High School.   The meetings usually occur the first or 2nd Tuesday of the month and again at the end of the month.    Not all of the meetings need to be attended.



Mike Tropeano reported.  There are currently 981 kids in the program. There are 518 boys and 432 girls in divisions U6 through U14.  The division numbers are as follows


U6-110 boys and girls

U7-121 boys and girls

U8-116 boys and girls

BU10-117 Boys

GU10-124 Girls

BU12-93 Boys

GU12-83 Girls


BU14-96 Boys

GU14-90 Girls

BU16-14 Boys

GU16-7 Girls

BU18-8 Boys

GU18-1 Girl

BU19-1 Boy


There are 108 coaches registered.  It should be noted that even if a coach went through the CORI process last year, they are not necessarily registered with MYS unless they are coaching or on the board this year.  So it is important to inform Mike who the coaches are as well as who the assistant coaches will be in the Spring.  The cost to register a coach is $11 per season.  Mike is still researching how coaches are supposed to set up their profile and if this needs to happen before the CORI is accepted by MYS.  



Ralph Perrotto reported.  There are three more weeks scheduled for the Monday Skills program. Ralph is working on setting up Samba Sundays to run from January 13th through March 24th .  Paul Turner is willing to run the program again this year and a request has been submitted to North Elementary for use of the gym.  



PYS still needs a Coastal Rep.



Bill Tholen was at the fields this past Saturday re-introducing himself to the refs and “coaching” them.  An idea that was brought up is whether there should be refs at U10 games to help prepare the refs when they get to the U12 level.  It will be discussed with Bill Tholen and talked about in more detail at a future meeting. 




Weighted 2 Teams for Spring?

Discussion took place about some of the disadvantages to having a weighted 2 team.  Often times, depending on the talent pool a weighted team can deplete the talent from the rest of the teams in that division.  Many teams in Coastal are still too competitive for a weighted team depending on how other towns submit their teams.  If the team is assigned to the 2A or 2B division, it will most likely struggle.  A full 2nd team would help this, however would then impact all of the other teams and could potentially deplete the coach pool. 


A MOTION WAS MADE to field a full select 2 team in the girls U12 division.  MOTION PASSED.  It was determined that Kevin Winters would be the coach of the select 2 team. 


A MOTION WAS MADE to evenly weight the teams in the Girls U14 division for the Spring 2013 season.  MOTION PASSED


A MOTION WAS MADE to evenly weight Boys U12 teams for the Spring 2013 season.  MOTION PASSED


The draft for the boys U14 division has already occurred and one team in that division is weighted.


Evaluation Committee Meeting

The evaluation committee is planning to meet to discuss the following points and make recommendations: 

1)    U7/U8 team assignments

2)    Goal Keeper select team evaluation process-is current process safe?

3)    Select team evaluations in general-(especially if the Cranberry league is an option for the Fall, details about the evaluation timing will need to be revised.) 


Select Team Jackets

Discussion took place to decide whether PYS should continue with the same jackets for the select team.  Also, discussed if the same vendor should provide the jackets.  The general consensus was to stick with what is currently in place.


Observations and Proposals Regarding the Select Process

Chris Newton provided the board with a well thought out list of observations about the current process used to choose the select teams.  He also provided a list of suggestions of ways that he feels would improve the process. See attached hand out for those details.  It was emphasized that these observations and suggestions were gathered from a pool of parents, not just him. The points were discussed and will be considered further by the evaluation committee as they meet to discuss fine-tuning the select process policy. 


Spring 2013 Team Roster #s

GU12- Six teams of 13 or 14 players

BU12-Seven teams of 13 or 14 players

GU14-Five teams of 18 players

BU14-Five teams of 18 or 19 players






NEXT MEETING November 14, 2012