Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minute

September 12, 2012


Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Peggy Reynolds, Ralph Perrotto, Dow Lynch, Craig Messner, Dave Gleason, Dave Carter, Anne Herrmann, Jim Balkam, Ed Dennehy, Dave Bostwick. Dan Sullivan, Andrea Schafer, Tiffany Taylor, Gary Taylor, Greg Ross, Mike Tropeano and Andy Goodman 


Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.”


On Saturday mornings, help is needed to get feilds ready, get snack bar opened, put out Player/Coach signs (they are located in the snackbar) and to emptyi trash.  Also, if after the last game of the day, the coaches could bring in signs, it would be helpful.  Coordinators need to send an email to coaches with this request.


Minutes document from August 2012 was reviewed – REPORT ACCEPTED


Gary Parker not present, no report.


Web Site

Bill Tholen  has been sick with Lyme’s disease so has not been able to focus on the website.  Dow Lynch and his wife have taken on the project.  Mike Cavalear and Mrs. Lynch will be reviewing and launching the website in the near future.

New Travel Uniform Color

The new colors that were voted for during the last meeting (white shirts with red stripes on the sleeves, blue shorts and blue socks) will be revised a little as the shirts with the red stripes are too expensive.  So the shirts will now be white with white stripes, red emblems and red numbers.


Fall Travel Select Teams

There will be schedule conflicts with the Cranberry League travel games and home games during the Fall season.  The choice that needs to be made is whether to pull out of the Cranberry League and forfeit the money, risk reputation, etc. OR have the kids play anyway but realize and accept that when there is a conflict for the child, he/she will be asked to play the Cranberry League game. A MOTION was made to allow the select team kids to play the Cranberry league travel games as long as the select team coach has his team covered at home for the town game if there is a conflict.  MOTION PASSED



Mike Tropeano  reported.  There are currently 967 kids in the program.  Sixty of these registrations came in after August 1st!  This puts a huge hardship and strain on the registrar to get the season rolling smoothly as it has an affect on the number of teams, roster sizes, etc,  For example, only six teams worth of shirts were ordered for the GU14 division and that division ended up with 8 teams. How can the late sign ups be discouraged in the future?  Increasing late fees?  The division numbers are as follows:

U6-106 boys and girls

U7-114 boys and girls

U8-113 boys and girls

BU10-117 Boys

GU10-119 Girls

BU14-96 Boys

GU14-86 Girls

BU16-14 Boys

GU16-7 Girls

BU18-9 Boys

GU18-1 Girl

BU19-1 Boy


There are 15 “scholarship” players (kids offered free registration due to hardship situations).  There are still some coaches signed up that need to complete the  CORI paperwork.


Next year, all of the coaches will need to go through the CORI process again as the State is now requiring that the last 6 digits of social security numbers are kept on file.  It is anticipated that there will be at least 120 coaches to do a CORI.  It would be a good idea to ask someone other than the registrar to be in charge of the CORI procedure. 


Any new players that are still submitting registration must have the forms in by Wednesday or they cannot play in Saturday’s game or participate in practice this week.


Ralph Perrotto reported.  The Monday Skills program is up and running.  Approximately 35-40 kids from the younger divisions and 20 to 25 kids of the older divisions participated



No Report.



With Bill Tholen being sick, it would be a good idea to be sure we have someone there to back him up and be sure there are enough weekly refs.  Mike Cavalear will print and post the referee schedule.



Grievances U8 Division

Tiffany and Gary Taylor attended the meeting to discuss concerns about the way the U8 division teams are competing.  It has come to the attention of the parents, that the U8 teams have been divided into two levels and that each team will only play 3 of the seven other teams in the division of 8 teams.  This upsets Tiffany because she feels this is basically “divisionalizing” the age group.  She would like to know why 2nd graders should be separated.  She feels her child will not get better if he is not playing kids that are better than he.  Board members who attended the last meeting informed the Taylors that at the previous board meeting there were concerns discussed about how many kids were not enjoying playing because the level of play was so uneven between teams.  The solution from the prior meeting was to divide the teams so that the more competitive teams would play each other and the less competitive teams would play only each other in an effort to have all kids enjoy playing the game.  Also, some of the more tenured coaches agreed to support and mentor some of the newer, less experienced ones.  Also, the coaching education committee highly recommends (and pays for) coaches to take the MYSA coaching courses.  PYS usually even offers to host the “G” and “F” courses in town to make it easier for busy parents. 


The evaluation committee will review the current state of the U6-U8 levels and decide if changes need to be made.  Reality is that with the Little Kickers programs and kids starting so young in the recent past, the competitive levels at the younger ages may indeed have changed and need the program to tweak it’s policies.  In general, PYS follows the MYS guidelines so veering too far from their recommendations is not likely, but will be explored.   


In the end, the discussion was tabled until the next meeting to give people the opportunity to think of and offer suggestions on how the current U8 division should be handled this Spring.


Select Team Coach Interviews

Coaches applying for the select team coach positions were given an opportunity to present to the board why they would be the best choice to coach the appropriate select team. 


The U12 Girls division had 3 candidates:  Kevin Winters, Mike Tropeano and John Graziano.  The U12 Boys division had one candidate: Dave Gleason.  The U14 Girls division had 2 candidates: Andrea Schafer and Dan Sullivan.  The Boys U14 division had one candidate: Ralph Perrotto.


Congratulations to the following coaches of the Spring 2012 select teams:

GU12-Mike Tropeano

BU12-Dave Gleason

GU14-Dan Sullivan

BU14-Ralph Perrotto



An email will be distributed soon regarding the Revs Night Out event.  It is scheduled for September 22, 2012.  Tickets will be picked up at “will call” thjs year rather than needing to hand them put in town.





















NEXT MEETING October 10, 2012