Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minute

August 8, 2012


Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds,Ralph Perrotto, Dow Lynch,Craig Messner, Dave Gleason, Dave Carter, Anne Herrmann, Jim Balkam, Ed Dennehy, Paul Allen, John Nugent and Dave Bostwick.


John Nugent, a representative of "Viridian" discussed a fund-raising opportunity for Pembroke Youth Soccer.Viridian is an energy company available to Pembroke residents.†† Most people believe National Grid is the only company that supplies electric, however, there are other companies to choose from.Viridian is able to provide lower utility expenses using "re-usable" energy thus making it more environmentally friendly.Viridian is a non-profit company.If PYS decides to support them, there are no entry fees, no goals and no start-up costs,A personalized website would be set up for PYS allowing customers to convert their utilities over to viridian on-line and with each transition, PYS would earn$2 per month (assuming payments are current ) and if 25 people transfer to Veridian, PYS would receive a $250 bonus.John is willing to market the program and make it successful.

Volunteer Crusade

Pembroke Youth Soccer needs volunteers!Many of the long-time board members will be stepping down this year as they no longer have children in the program.Recruit wherever you can.Coordinators need to push coaches to push parents.Also, the snack bar will need new management in the Spring.


Minutes document from June 2012 was reviewed Ė REPORT ACCEPTED


Gary Parker reported.††The Profit and Loss Report covers June 13-August 8, 2012 and reflects a net income of $1,129.12 (full accounting report distributed). PYS balances are as follows CD= $72,435.96, current checking account balance=$64,873.56 and savings account=1,230.15 making the total current assets= $138,539.69.


Web Site

Bill Tholen is reviewing the new website at present.

New Travel Uniform Color

The new colors were voted at during the last meeting.The new uniforms will consist of white shirts with red stripes on the sleeves, blue shorts and blue socks.


Fall Travel Select Teams

Four spots have been reserved for the U12 and U14 select teams to participate in travel as a team during the Fall season. The select teamswill only participate in this league during the last four weeks of the Fall season. Games are scheduled for Saturdays.If the select team coaches/players do not want to participate, the option can be presented to any of the teams.The cost was $150 per team.




Mike Tropeano out of town.Mike should have updated registrations report out by the end of the week so team sizes can be decided.He will have player cards available at the draft.


Ralph Perrotto reported. PTUSA camp is occurring this week.Twenty-four players were signed up for the camp.The Skills Clinic has been confirmed and will take place Mondays from 4:30-5:30PM for U8, U7, U6 groups and 5:30-6:30 for U10, U12 and U14 players.


Two different companies have approached Ralph with information about select teams at the U8 level that travel and play any of the other towns that have decided to participate.



No Report.




The referees received their pay checks.They are happy.



Revolution Season Tickets

A motion was made to purchase season tickets for Revolution games.MOTION PASSED.A Revs night will be planned for September.

MPS Proposal

Mike Cavalear had emailed MPS to get clarification on their request to rent the fields.They want one game per field each Sunday.NEFC will also want to rent fields and in the past they have had preference.It is still completely feasible to rent to both groups once NEFC informs about the number of games they will be playing.An 8 v 8 field may need to be lined.



Fall Coaches Meeting

The coaches meeting for U6, U7 and U8 level coaches will take place on September 4, 2012atthe Pembroke Public Library from 7-8:30 PM.


New Cori Procedures

New State Law for Mass Youth Soccer requires obtaining the last 6 digits of social security #s.Instructions to set up profile with MYS will be forthcoming.


Fall Draft

The draft for U10, U12 and U14 levels will take place on Wednesday August 29th at the Pembroke Public Library at 7 PM.Player cards will be available that night.


Fall Team Roster Numbers

When the registrarís report is distributed, team numbers can be decided.


Miscellaneous News

         Revenue from Titan sports apparel is $185, so far.It is anticipated that as the season begins this amount will increase significantly.

         Andrew Sullivan of ProtectoWire wants to sponsor PYS but not through having the company name on a shirt.Ideas?

         Select team coaches will be determined at the September meeting.

         Dave Gleason is the official new owner/co-director of World Cup Soccer Camp.His co-Director is Matt Dwyer

         Paul Allen won Rev Tix this week









NEXT MEETING September 12, 2012