Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minute

June 13, 2012




Mike Cavalear, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds, Andy Goodman, Ralph Perrotto, Dow Lynch,  Craig Messner, Dave Gleason, Dave Carter, Anne Herrmann, Jim Balkam, Mike Tropeano, Ed Dennehy, Dan Sullivan, Chrissy Hendrickson, Mike Kelner, Allen Phillips, Troy Albee, Marco Consalves, Paul Allen and Rick Dalhquist



Many new faces inspired an introduction of all board members and additional attendees.



Minutes document from May 2012 was reviewed – REPORT ACCEPTED



Gary Parker present, but no report available.




The 4 $500 scholarships were distributed to Steve Cullity, Tom Cahill, Caroline  Bettle and Billy Quigg.   In general, participation was down.  There was a low number of essays entered.  And the quality of the non-winners essays was far less than has been seen in years past.


Movie Night 

            Movie night was held on June 9, 2012.  The movie started at 8:30 PM and ended at 10 PM.  Approximately 150-175 people attended (probably would have been more if the Celtics play-off game was not happening at the same time)  and everyone really seemed to enjoy it.  All the feedback has been very positive.  A BIG chair was raffled off as a VIP seat which added to the fun of the night.


            Calendar Raffles

            Very low participation selling raffle tickets.  Only $3,600 was raised with the potential of $25,000.  Winners were distributed via email and will be posted to the web.


New Software

League Athletics has been enlisted as the official software for Pembroke Youth Soccer website.  They will be helping to integrate the PYS program as soon as championships are over and they have more time.



Mike Tropeano reported.  Approximately, 250 sign-ups occurred through the two walk-in registration times. Making the on-line registrations available at no charge has been an “outstanding success” with 150 on-line registrations, so far.  This is as many on-line registrations as were done in total last year. 


Mike has asked the board to think about how the process of hardship allowances should be handled.  Last year, 30 hardships were requested and there have been 10 requests this year, already.  If registrations continue to be offered for free at this rate, the program will potentially lose too much money.  So the discussion on if the board needs to formalize a process and standardize criteria; and if so, what should be put into place; needs to occur at the next meeting.   For example, should the parents be required to volunteer in some capacity? Does each request need to go through the executive board?  Could payment plans or reduced rates be offered? 



Ralph Perrotto reported.  The season is scheduled to start September 8, 2012 which is the first Saturday after Labor Day.  The Monday skills session will begin Monday, September 10th.  The coaches’ meeting needs to be planned for sometime during the week of August 26th.  Mike Cavalear will check library availability and fine tune the date.  



PYS hosted the U12 play-off games.  There are still a few games to be played.  The Coastal League president gave very positive feedback about PYS’s fields and facility. It is likely that the request will be made again next year to allow the play-offs to occur at the PYS soccer fields.



The referees were given a lot of positive feedback for doing a terrific job!  Checks will be sent out and reflect on next month’s financial reports.  At next month’s meeting a discussion needs to take place in order to decide if ARs can referee  U10 level.



Team Selection Process

Big discussion took place regarding the policies and procedures of how teams are chosen to play in which Coastal divisions.  Some coaches expressed extreme concern for how uneven the team talents within the divisions were.  After much discussion some solutions that were presented were: 1) Make sure PYS has a stronger “voice” when teams are being placed into divisions with Coastal and 2) Try to keep all PYS non-select teams out of the 2A division going forward.




2012-2013 coordinators

Age level coordinator decisions are as follows:


U6  Dow Lynch

U7 Troy Albee

U8 Jim Balkam

GU10 Dave Carter

BU10 Rich Robatzek

GU12 Melissa Parmenter?

BU12 Ralph Perrotto

GU14 Peggy Reynolds

BU14 Andy Goodman

GU16/19 Mike Tropeano

BU16/19 Mike Cavalear


New Uniforms  

Discussion on new uniforms took place.  Should the color be changed?  Options presented were to chang color to silver with stripe or white with stripe?  A MOTION was made to change uniform to white shirt with blue shorts and blue socks was made.  MOTION PASSED with the knowledge that it has to be approved by Coastal.



Currently, the tradition is to try and keep the players on the teams from the U6 level consistent throughout the U7 and U8 levels as it follows Mass Youth Soccer guidelines.  However, the talent on the current U7 teams are quite varied.  Some teams are much stronger than others which is influencing the enjoyment of the game for some of the kids.  Discussion took place to try and determine how to handle continuing teams with such diverse spectrums?  Solutions presented were to: 1) Have the stronger tenured coaches support the newer ones and 2) Reconfigure the schedule so that the stronger teams play each other and the weaker teams play each other.    If this needs to be revisited in August after more thought, it can be. 


Field Rental

MPS would like to use the fields based on the attached proposal.  Mike Cavalear will get a more detailed breakdown and revisit the option.


Sportmanship By-Laws

A proposal to amend the PYS sportsmanship policies was made by Andy Goodman via email.  Please review so discussion can take place next meeting.


Field Repairs

A motion was made to allow $1,000 to spend for purchase of sod for the fields.  MOTION PASSED.



NEXT MEETING August 8, 2012