Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minute

May 9, 2012





Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds, Andy Goodman, Kevin Winters, Ralph Perrotto, Dow Lynch,  Craig Messner, Dave Gleason, Dave Carter, Dave Bostwick, Anne Herrmann and Jim Balkam




There is no “Minutes document” from April 2012-Secretary was unable to make the meeting due to death in family.



Gary Parker reported.    The Profit and Loss Report covers March 7  through June 9, 2012 and reflects a net income of -11,460.66 (full accounting report distributed). PYS balances are as follows CD= $72,435.96.  Current checking account balance=$19,281.78 and savings account=1,230.15 making the total current assets= $92,947.89




Movie Night

            Movie night will be held on June 9, 2012 7:30ish PM.  Help is needed! A clean-up crew will be needed the next day especially since U12 play-offs will be held at the fields that day.  Ralph will purchase glow sticks and necklaces.  A 50/50 raffle will be held…need someone to take charge of it. The paper needs to be notified to announce the movie night.  Popcorn can be purchased at BJs.  Sponsor tables are welcome.  Businesses that make sense such as Titan Sports and Athletic Revolution can set up a table to promote their products/services.   Bring blankets, chairs, flashlights etc.


            Calendar Raffles

            Only half of the packets were distributed last week due to First Communions and away games, the rest will go out this week.




Registration will be held at the fields on June 2, 2012 from 12-4 and again on June 3rd at the Town Hall from 7-9 PM.  Mike Tropeano will be needing help these days,


Discussion took place regarding registration fees. There was no increase to fees for the 2009-2010 seasons, For 2011-2012, fees increased by $10, Mike Tropeano proposes that the fees for 2012-2013 increase by $5 in order to offset internet set-up fees.  When players are registered on-line, PYS is charged a fee but it is much easier for the Registrar so he would like to encourage internet registrations.  Not all board members agreed with the idea of increasing fees for various reasons.  A MOTION was made to increase all registration fees by $5 to offset on-line registration costs allowing PYS to offer free on-line registration to its members.  MOTION PASSED



Ralph Perrotto reported.  The goal keeper skills workshop was not overly successful.  There were 6 workshops and there were only 2-6 players who attended each week.



Play-off brackets were supposed to be posted last night May 8, 2012.  As of last check, they were not there but should be posted in the very near future,



Bill Tholen not present, no report. 




Score Reporting

Jim Balkam is requesting help from coordinators to encourage coaches to report their weekly scores on a timely basis. 


PTUSA Request for Summer Use on Fields

PTUSA would like to use the fields for a few different programs

1)    Summer camp during the week of August 6, 2012, 

2)    A weekly skills clinic starting June 25th and running for 7 weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays or Mondays OR Wednesdays depending on if it is a once or twice a week program. 

The board discussed options on what kind of rate to offer PTUSA to run the clinic and it was decided that PYS would charge $10 for each player signed up for  the program. 


PYS will need a copy of PTUSA’s liability insurance naming Pembroke Youth Soccer as additionally insured.


New Uniforms  

Discussion on new uniforms was tabled until next meeting,




Computer Software

Research and review have taken place with regards to implementing a new software program for the organization.  All feedback has been positive.  A MOTION was made to adopt “League Athletics” as PYS’s new software thus allocating up to $2,000 to start the process of implementation.  MOTION PASSED 


Player Card Lamination

Discussion took place about the best way to go about supporting coaches in the task of laminating player cards.  It does not seem fair that this should be an out-of-pocket expense for the people who are volunteering to coach.  The idea of purchasing a laminating machine for the snack bar was discussed and decided against.  Instead, it was decided that PYS would set up an account at Staples allowing PYS to be charged for player cards to be laminated. 


Field Maintenance Recommendation

Kevin Winters, the person in charge of fields for PYS, recommends that top dress is applied and aeration occur to the fields.  This process softens the ground which allows more efficient drainage and thus the grass grows better which will basically smooth out the field surfaces,  Gary Parker agreed to provide the machine for the top dressing task.  He also agreed to do the labor for the top dress thus the only expense will be for the materials and a few hours of aeration labor.  Last time this was done, PYS paid approx. $3,000 for 1/8th inch of sand and $2,500 for the machine and labor.  Kevin recommends tripling the amount of sand this time.  Gary will get confirmed pricing and the approval will be requested via an e-mail vote,



Movie Night

Kicking and Screaming will be shown June 9th.



Four scholarships for $500 each will be awarded in 2012.


World Cup Soccer Camp

The dates for the WCSC are the week of July 9 for grades 1 and 2 and the week of July 16th for grades 3 thru 6.  Dave Gleason will co-chair with Dean Schneider this year.  It is the 25th Anniversary of World Cup Soccer Camp.








NEXT MEETING June 13, 2012