Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2012





Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds, Ralph Perrotto, Dow Lynch,  Mike Tropeano, Craig Messner, Rich Robatzek, Dave Gleason, Dave Carter, Dave Bostwick, Bill Tholen, Anne Herrmann and Jim Balkam



Tech committee (Ralph Perrotto, John McMahon, Scott Murdoch and Kevin Gillespie) did research to narrow down software options for PYS to use in the future to help manage the website, registrations and communication.  Ralph gave an overview of 5 different software options. League Athletics, Blue Sombrero, NGIN, Demosphere and Corrio were the software candidates explored by the tech committee as these are the ones that appear will work best for the overall needs of the association.  Through discussion, it was decided that the core people to review the websites would be Gary Parker, Mike Tropeano and Bill Tholen as their current positions and experience with PYS require the most use of the software.  Numerous notes and costs for each of these software packages are on file with PYS secretary.     



Minutes document from January 2012 meeting was reviewed. REPORT ACCEPTED



Gary Parker reported.    The Profit and Loss Report covers January 11 through February 8, 2012 and reflects a net income of -13,685.82 (full accounting report distributed). PYS balances are as follows CD= $72,435.96.  Current checking account balance=$30,842.44 and savings account=1,230.15 making the total current assets= $104.508.55.


PYS is responsible for “meals tax” on food sold at the snack bar.  Since the organization legitimately filed for “non-profit” status, it was realized that past due meal taxes were due.  No penalties need to be paid but taxes will need to be paid for all recorded sales from the snack bar dating back to October 2009 at which time the sales were not broken down by line item.  Going forward drinks and candy bars can be recorded separately and taxes on those items will not be required.  MOTION TO ACCEPT THE TRESURER’S REPORT; REPORT ACCEPTED 





Spring Pictures

            By April 7th, season will start by all players (Coastal begins 3/31).  The weekend of April 14th is the first week of Spring break and uniforms should be available the 3rd or 4th week in March so leaning toward April 7, 2012 to be picture day.  


            U12 Playoffs

            Mike Cavalear had reached out to find out if the Coastal division wanted Pembroke to sponsor the Boys U12 play-offs again this year.  He mentioned that nets will be needed as the ones on the field now belong to Marshfield and they want them back.  The Coastal meeting was held this past Monday February 8, 2012 so he anticipates finding out soon if Pembroke will indeed sponsor the play offs.


            Spring Times for U6-U8

            The season for the U6-U8 divisions will begin March 31, 2012.  The game times will be modeled after the past few years schedules which are between 8:30 AM and 12:30 PM.


            Registration Meeting

            Mike Cavalear and Mike Tropeano will meet to discuss the logistics of holding next year’s registration process at the fields. 




Mike Tropeano reported.  The Coastal divisions that the teams will be playing in are as follows:

U12 Girls 2A             U12 Boys 1A

U14 Girls 1A                         U14 Boys 1B


There are only 6 U16 Boys and 7 U16 Girls teams in Coastal this year, so far.



Ralph Perrotto reported.  PTUSA is planning to hold a Soccer Camp during February vacation at The Fieldhouse Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for all age groups.  They want to run a camp in the summer as well but the dates are still in question.  There is a four week goal keeper workshop available for $300-$400.  A MOTION WAS MADE TO ALLOW PYS TO SPONSOR A GOALKEEPER WORKSHOP FOR NO MORE THAN $360.  MOTION PASSED


The G and F coaching courses are scheduled to be held at Hobomock on March 3rd (G) and March 24th (F).



Fran Sqautrito not present, no report.





Bill Tholen reported.  There is a new policy for the referees in the league.  If the ref is 16 years old and still at grade 9, they will be required to go to grade 8.




Donate Free Registration to the PEF Casablanca Fundraiser

Erin Fletcher reached out to request PYS to donate two registration fees to the Pembroke Education Foundation to raffle off at their annual Casablanca fundraiser in March. A MOTION WAS MADE TO DONATE TO REGISTRATION FEES TO THE PEF FUNDRAISER.  MOTION PASSED


PYS Clothing Discussion

Jim Balkam volunteered to follow-up with Titan Sports, Pembroke’s local merchant with a storefront that sells Pembroke sports teams’ products regarding what needs to be done to offer approval for them to sell Pembroke Youth Soccer gear.  Approval needs to be given to Titan Sports on the logo and product line once the product line is determined.  Concerns for the current apparel provider were discussed and acknowledged but due to the year-round opportunity to touch and feel and buy merchandise, the board feels it is an avenue to be explored.     


Speaker Joe Ehrmann  

Joe Ehrman Coach for America will be speaking at Norwell High School on March 25th. 



Movie Night

Kicking and Screaming will be shown June 9th. (High School graduation is on June 2nd)



Four scholarships for $500 each will be awarded in 2012.


World Cup Soccer Camp

The dates for the WCSC are the week of July 9 for grades 1 and 2 and the week of July 16th for grades 3 thru 6.  Dave Gleason will be helping Dean Schneider this year.  It is the 25th Anniversary of World Cup Soccer Camp.








NEXT MEETING March 14, 2012