Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2012



Mike Cavalear, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds, Dow Lynch,  Andy Goodman, Ed Dennehy, Ralph Perrotto, Mike Tropeano, Dave Gleason, Dave Bostwick, Anne Herrmann and Paul Allen.



Bill Boulter attended the meeting to discuss the Pembroke’s 300th Anniversary plans.   Part of the planned activities includes a Civil War “encampment” which may involve the soccer fields, although at this point is more likely that the fields up behind the recycling center will be used.  However, the field parking lots will still be needed.  There will be a huge parade occurring on September 23rd which will include 100 antique cars, a military fly over, floats etc.  Bill presented the offer to have PYS join the parade with a float or a group walking.  The parade will occur after a Road Race in the morning.  The High School will be the destination.  Many additional events are still in the planning stages.



Minutes document from November 2011 meeting was reviewed. REPORT ACCEPTED



Gary Parker reported.    The Profit and Loss Report covers October 12, 2011 thru January 9, 2012 and reflects a net income of -24,387.37 (full accounting report distributed). PYS balances are as follows CD= $71,205.29, current checking account balance=$46,536.65 and savings account=1,230.15 making the total current assets= $118,972.09.




Town Water Balloon Toss

            There are new details involving the balloon toss.  The initially reported world record that Pembroke was hoping to beat has been beat already by another group.  The new record is significantly higher so now the event is more for fun than to beat a world’s record.  The balloon toss committee with the town has indicated that they would be responsible for rolling tarps out onto the fields, giving kids bags of balloons and keeping the function in control. Discussion took place about the various locations in the town that this event can occur.  A Motion was made to allow the water balloon event to take place at the soccer fields.  Motion DENIED with the recommendation of holding the activity at the Commnity Center.


            Lease and Field Expansion

            More discussion about expanding field 3 took place.  PYS proposes to add 50-60 feet on the far side of the fields going into the woods.  (The Town of Pembroke owns the woods.) This would add two U12 fields and one additional full sized field for High School use. The Selectman would need to approve as he will need to sign the extended lease agreement.  It is believed the High School needs to be in concurrence in order for the selectman to agree.  PYS will not expand the fields until the current lease is extended.  The current goal is to finalize this process before the end of the year. 


            Movie Night

            A date for movie night needs to be chosen.  Current idea is to have the movie night the same night as the end of season Jamboree. 


            Scholarship Fund

            The parking fee fundraiser raised $1,142.  It was suggested to run a 50/50 raffle at the fields when the Spring season begins to raise more money for this fund.  PYS would like to give four $500 scholarships to High School students that played soccer with PYS.  A Motion was made to run 50/50 raffles the first two weekends of the spring season to add money to the scholarship fund.  Motion PASSED. 




Mike Tropeano reported.  As of now, 1,005 players are registered to play Spring 2012 soccer.   Current registrations for U16 for the spring include 30 girls and 37 boys; U16/U19 division has 0 girls and 13 boys.  There should be enough kids to have 2 GU16 teams and 2 or maybe three BU16 teams.  If there are two GU16 teams and there are 2 divisions available, try-outs will be held in the gym being used for Samba Soccer.  If there is only one division the teams will be divided evenly.  PYS is still waiting for the division information from Coastal.   


The U12 Boys, U14 Girls and U14 Boys select teams will be playing in division 1A.  The U12 Girls select team will play division 2A. 



Ralph Perrotto reported.  There are 53 Samba Sunday sign-ups so far.  Twenty-two U7s, 16 U8s and 15 U10 Boys are registered.  There is available time at the North Elementary gym between 2:00 and 3:30 on Sundays if any teams want to go in and practice there.  Mike Tropeano has the 3:30 timeslot.  The Samba session will begin January 15th and run for 8 weeks thru -March 18th 2012.  (2 Sundays off for Feb vacation). 


G and F coaching courses are scheduled with Mass Youth Soccer in March.  Coaches can register on-line. 


Next month the Software Tech committee should be able to summarize some soccer programs and make recommendations for PYS to use in the near future.



Fran Squatrito sent an email indicating that his work schedule makes it difficult for him to attend the Coastal meetings.  He would like to suggest that a different rep from the Town of Pembroke attend the meeting so PYS can be kept informed.  The meetings are at Marshfield High.  Mike Cavalear volunteered to go until someone else is able to step up.



Bill Tholen not present, no report.




Coastal Rep

If anyone is willing to represent Pembroke Youth Soccer at the Coastal meetings and keep the board informed of Coastal information, please inquire.  Fran needs to step down from the position due to work restraints.


Team Photos

It was suggested that the team pictures be taken the first two Saturdays of the Spring Season.


U12 Play-offs

Does Pembroke want to sponsor the U12 Coastal play-off games again this year?  Discussion took place and it was decided that if a second set of goals is offered, PYS would consider it. 


















NEXT MEETING February 8, 2012