Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2011



Bill Mello, Peggy Reynolds, Dow Lynch,  Andy Goodman, Jim Balkam, Ed Dennehy, Ralph Perrotto, Mike Tropeano, Dave Gleason, Craig Messner, Jen Hardy, Dave Carter, Dave Bostwick, Anne Herrmann.



Mike and Noelle Suprenant came to discuss the possibility of having Pembroke Youth Soccer apparel available at their new store.  They will be opening “Titan Sports” in a store front facility on route 53 (Washington St, just past Mary Lou’s on the other side of the road) in the near future.  The store will focus on selling Pembroke team sport apparel along with specially designed baby apparel as was started by Noelle as an on-line business.  The pricing for the apparel will be 3 tiered thus offering revenue shares to the Pembroke Youth Soccer Association. 




Minutes document from October  2011 meeting was reviewed. REPORT ACCEPTED



Gary Parker not available; no report. 



Parking Fundraiser

            The fundraiser was successful even though rain caused the afternoon games to be cancelled.  PYS received many donations from the folks her were driving by to get to the football game.   



Mike Tropeano reported.  Current registrations for U16 for the spring include 23 girls and 33 boys; U16/U19 division has 0 girls and 12 boys.  There should be enough kids to have 2 GU16 teams and 2 or maybe three BU16 teams.  If there are two GU16 teams and there are 2 divisions available to compete on a MOTION WAS MADE to hold try-outs in the gym being used for Samba Soccer.  If there is only one division the teams will be divided evenly.  MOTION PASSED


The High School soccer team banquet is going to be held in the near future offering an opportunity to advertize PYS Spring registrations. 



Ralph Perrotto reported.  There are 20 Samba Sunday sign-ups so far.  Ralph requested board members to talk it up as he would like to increase the rosters, especially the GU10 group.  The session will begin January 15th and run for 8 weeks thru -March 18th 2012.  (2 Sundays off for Feb vacation). 


There are 140 registered coaches thus the question was presented about the possibility of sponsoring G and F courses to educate the coaches.  There was much discussion around past non-compliance and likeliness of future participation.  It was decided that the link to take the G course on-line would be distributed to current coaches with coordinators’ encouragement to have their coaches take the time to earn this designation.  Player development and additional coach training and guidance to coaches at each level was also discussed at length.  It was decided that this program needs some fine-tuning.




Fran Squatrito not present.  No Report.



A message from Bill Tholen stating “everything is good” was communicated. 



2012 Elections

A motion was made to keep the current executive board in place.

President-Mike Cavalear

Vice-President-Bill Mello

Treasurer-Gary Parker

Secretary-Peggy Reynolds

Registrar-Mike Tropeano




Voting took place to add/remove the following to the current 2011 Board Members:


Craig Messner

Dow Lynch

Anne Herrmann



Deb Bostwick

Kevin Winters

Erin Fletcher

Bill Tholen


Support Staff changes made include-

Field Maintenance and Equipment

Add: Craig Messner

Remove: Deb Bostwick


Fund Raising/Team Sponsorship

Add:  Harry Eva (Chair)

Remove: Jim Balkam (Chair)


Snack Bar

Add: Mike Cavalear

Remove: Gary Parker and Dave Bostwick



Picture Coordinator

Add: Anne Herrmann

Remove: Mike Tropeano


Revolution Ticket Liason

Add:  Dave Gleason

Remove: Dan Sullivan and Gary Parker


Evaluation Committee

Add:  Dave Gleason and Craig Messner

Remove:  Mike Cavalear


For a full listing of all board members and Support Staff see attached.


















NEXT MEETING January 11, 2012