Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2011



Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds, Dowl Lynch, Andy Goodman, Jim Balkam, Ed Dennehy, Ralph Perrotto, Mike Tropeano, Dave Gleason, and Craig Messner.



New board members will be voted in at Novemberís meeting.Current board members need to focus on actively recruiting future members to insure the success of the program going forward.Mike Cavalear will use the PA at the fields during Saturday games to send out this message.



Minutes document from September 2011 meeting was reviewed. REPORT ACCEPTED



Gary Parker reported.The Profit and Loss Report reflects August 11, 2011-October 12, 2011 (because no report was presented in Sept 2011) and reflects a net income of $-4,376.51 (full accounting report distributed). PYS balances are as follows CD= $71,205.29 and current checking account has a balance=$58,903.28.Also, the savings account reflects a balance of $1,230.15 for a total asset amount of $131,338.72.The funds being held in the Certificate of Deposit were not removed because the deadline was 4 days earlier than approval from the board was received.The funds will stay in that account for six more months.



EEE threat/precautions still active in Pembroke

††††††††††† Practices on the fields must still end by dusk based on the board of Healthís recommendations.


††††††††††† Spring Draft Dates/Times

††††††††††† Now that the Select teams have been announced the spring season team draft must take place.Place and time will be determined in the near future.A MOTION was made to alleviate weighted 2 teams for all gender/age divisions for the spring.MOTION PASSED

††††††††††† †††††††††††


Mike Tropeano reported.The influx of registrations slowed down in October.Current focus is getting the word out to current High School age kids for Spring Registration.



Ralph Perrotto reported.PTUSA skills Monday classes will run for two more weeks. The participant numbers have been huge indicating a very successful program.The gym space for this winterís Samba Sunday sessions has been reserved and the PTUSA coaches are set up.In an effort to fill up the U10 sessions, communication about the program will be sent out earlier this year to the PYS families.Flyers will be created to distribute during Monday skills and onto windshields during Saturday games.Detailed information about the program will be available on the PYS website on November 1st.The program tuition will be $70 for U7/U8s for 10 one-hour sessions and $110 for the U10s for ten 1 Ĺ hour sessions.The program will run January 15th-March 18th 2012.




Fran Squatrito not present.No Report.



Report received via e-mail from Bill Tholen and was communicated by Mike Tropeano.

Things are going pretty well.As previously noted, we have too many referees but I am being as fair and equitable as I can with assignments.I have put something on the main page of the website to let future ref candidates know of our current situation in order to manage their expectations.I have also been encouraging existing refs to ref at a higher level in order to make room for the high number of new refs.


Also of note - No poor behavior reported so far this fall.Only some minor issues.



Preferred Parking Scholarship Fundraiser

The Preferred Parking fundraiser will take place October 29th with a raindate of November 5, 2011.Mike Cavalear will be out of town the date of the fundraiser and is asking for someone to step up and coordinate the process.The sign is in the shed, the tickets are available and Mike will send out initial emails to get volunteers scheduled.He needs someone to supervise on that day.


Registration of U16 players

So far there are 14 U16 girls registered and 21 U16 boys.It is anticipated that these numbers will increase dramatically based on the level of interest amongst the players at this age level and the numbers in last yearsí U14 rosters encouraging PYS to register 2 teams each with Coastal.A registration night to get the players registered will take place.Date, place and time to be announced.


November Elections

Mike Cavalear went through the list of current board members to determine their intentions for next year.Registrar position for Fall 2012/Spring 2013 will need to be filled.††


Speed Agility Program has been rescheduled for October 29, 2011.













NEXT MEETING November 9, 2011