Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2011



Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Peggy Reynolds, Dowl Lynch, Jen Hardy, Andy Goodman, Jim Balkam, Ed Dennehy, Ralph Perrotto, Charles Cella, Andrea Schafer, Dave Carter, Mike Tropeano, Paul Allen, Dave Gleason, and Craig Messner.



Reminder that select team coaches will be interviewed and chosen at this meeting.



Minutes document from August 2011 meeting was reviewed. It was sited that the U8 team max should be 15.  With that change the REPORT ACCEPTED



Gary Parker not present, no report.



Movie Night

            The movie night at the fields scheduled for this Saturday will have to be postponed due to EEE threats.


            Snack Bar Patio

            The majority of the installation of the brick patio is complete and the tables are in place.  Just a few finishing touches pending.


            PA system

            The PA system is installed and working.  Need to ask coordinators to let coaches know announcements can be made. (i.e. Kids’ Birthdays etc.  )


            CORI Checks/Coaches Meeting

            The bulk of the CORI process is complete.  Mike will continue to have a laptop at the snack bar one more week to capture the last few coaches needing CORI checks.  PYS would like to purchase a scanner printer to use for CORI checks going forward. U6/U8 Coaches meeting went well. Many coaches at that meeting expressed interest in helping out.  Harry Eva will take charge of PYS’ Sponsorship Program.


            Update on Lease Meeting with Frank Hackett, School Superintendent

            A meeting was held with Frank Hackett, Mike Vecchio and Dana Batista regarding the extension of the field lease and the proposed field upgrades.  Response to the request for a 25-year extension was one of surprise but the go ahead was given to start re-wording the document. 


            Recycling Schedule and Process

            Lisa Cullity offered to give recycling bins to PYS to use at the fields.  A High School student, Brendan Parmentor will clean up the fields and empty the recycling to earn community service hours.



Mike Tropeano reported. There are 944 players registered (908 in divisions U6-U14).  141 of these sign ups came in the last three weeks.  There are 166 CORIed coaches.  There were 20 hardship or partial hardship registrations.


Any player on the fields must be registered.  Unregistered kids cannot play! 


Preliminary thoughts on how to fine tune the registration system and make the process smoother were discussed.  The PA system will help get the word out before the end of the spring season to alleviate some of the late registrations.  Perhaps creating a “submitter” position to help with coach CORIs.



Ralph Perrotto reported.  PTUSA is running the skills Monday classes.  Turnout for the first week was good.  There were 30 U7/U8s and 50 U10s/U12s.  PTUSA has offered a coaching mentor program to go along with the skills sessions.  They will send session plans out ahead and give feedback on implementation.  They have also offered 2 one-hour coaching clinics.  PYS needs to give them a date, time and topic and they will provide the service.  They would like us to continue to support the Samba Sundays and Summer Camp.  Perhaps more kids would sign up if the summer camp was more “recreational”.

A proposal for skills class expenses was distributed. (see attached) The basic skills clinic expenses are Monday Skills Clinics:  Approx $1,920.00, Samba Sundays Program:  $2,672.00.  A Motion was made to accept the written proposal taking the word “select” out of wording for the added gym time.  MOTION PASSED


Discussion took place about the possibility of hosting a tournament to end the Fall soccer season.  Ralph will research the process to have Coastal sponsor a tournament. 



Everyone should be sent a CORI update when they can go in and revise their profiles on line with MYS. When this notification is received it needs to be done timely.



No Report 



EEE threat Policy

All kids need to be off of the fields by “dusk”.  Currently, that means around 6:30 PM.  This decision is based on the Board of Health recommendations. 


Speed and Agility Clinic

Dave Gleason is willing to offer a speed and agility clinic to PYS players free of charge.  The clinic will be 45-minutes to an hour.  The PYS board supports this program and will forward a date.


Player numbers debate

Numerous U12 and U14 coaches are requesting to play 7 v 7 during their Saturday games.  Through much deliberation the board came to the conclusion that the play should continue to be 6 v 6. 


Select Team Coach Process

Various coaches discussed reasons why they should be considered to coach the Spring 2012 Select teams.  The results are as follows:


Girls U12-  AJ Valeri

Boys U12-Dave Carter

Girls U14-Andrea Schafer

Boys U14-Bill Mello


It was decided to wait and see how many U16 kids decide to register for Spring to determine if a select team will be a possibility at the girls and/or boys divisions.












































NEXT MEETING October 12, 2011