Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2011



Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Peggy Reynolds, Gary Parker, Dowl Lynch, Jen Hardy, Andy Goodman, Jim Balkam, Dave Bostwick, Ed Dennehy, Rich Robatzek, Ralph Perrotto, and Dan Sullivan



Congratulations to the new High school soccer coaches-Andy Goodman Boys JV team and Andrea Schafer Freshman boys team!



Minutes document from June 2011 meeting was reviewed.  REPORT ACCEPTED



Gary Parker reported.  The Profit and Loss Report covers June 8, 2011 through August 10,2011 and reflects a net income of $59,370.59 (full accounting report distributed). PYS balances are as follows CD= $71,205.29 and current checking account has a balance=$67,357.42.  Also, the savings account reflects a balance of $1,230.15 for a total asset amount of $138,792.86.



            Lease Committee Update

            The lease committee met in July to put together a plan of action for the proposed new lease extension.  For the Fall, PYS will allow the high school to use field three until 4:30 PM in addition to the field use listed in the current lease which includes use of two other fields until 5 PM for practice. 


            Snack Bar Patio

            Work has begun on the installation of the patio.  Foundation materials have been delivered and bricks are expected by Friday.  Anyone who can volunteer to help should come by fields in the evenings.  The installation should be complete before the season begins.


            PA system

            We have installers for the PA system through Dave Gleason.  The only expense will be materials.  The system should be up and running before the season begins.


            Coordinators Postions

            All division coordinators were put into place during the June 2011 board meeting.



Bill Mello reported for the registrar.  There is a mandatory new CORI program with which PYS must comply.  All of the coaches drivers licenses will  be recorded and kept on file per the new policy.  The registrar will verify the license and scan a copy for the file.  Each individual will need to be re-checked every two years.  T-shirts will be distributed to people who have an updated  CORI, only.  No other adults are allowed on the coaching side of the fields. 


The current number of players registered for the 2011/2012 season is 803 which is exactly how many had signed up by this time last year.  It is anticipated that there will be approximately 200 more players registered. 



No report.  



No Report



No Report 



Mondays Skill Sessions

A decision needs to be made as to whether PYS wants to continue offering soccer skills clinics on Monday afternoons.  NEFC can do it again.  They will add coaches as needed.  Pricing needs to be verified.  MOTION was made to move forward with hiring NEFC to do skills clinic this fall that can be offered at no charge to registered players.  MOTION PASSED


Fall Coaches Meeting

The coaches meeting in the fall will be geared toward the U6, U7 and U8 coaches.  It will be scheduled for September 6th at 6:30 PM in the library once it is confirmed that Mike Tropeano can  be available so the CORI procedure can take place along with the meeting. 


New CORI Process

A date will be set for coaches to present licenses and CORI forms so PYS can comply with the Mass Youth Soccer mandated procedures.


Fall Drafts

Date, place and time to be set for U10, U12 and U14 player drafts.  The draft can coincide with CORI processing.

.  . 

            Fall Team Numbers

All teams accept U8 should have no more than 13 players each.  The U8 teams can go up to 15 players.   The number of teams for each division were decided as follows:

U6      - 10 teams

U7      - 10 teams

U8      - 10 Teams

U10G  8 Teams

U10B – 10 Teams

U12G   8 Teams

U12B –10 Teams

U14G  8 Teams

U14B  6 Teams                   






NEXT MEETING August 10, 2011