Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2011




Bill Mello, Peggy Reynolds, Gary Parker, Dowl Lynch, Craig Messner, Dave Gleason, Fran Squatrito, Dave Carter, Jim Balkam, Dave Bostwick, Ed Dennehy, Kevin Winters and Dave Carter



Frank Hackett sent an e-mail stating he has  coaching position openings for both the freshmen girls’ and boys’ soccer teams at Pembroke High School for this fall”.  Any interested potential candidates can email or call him directly no later than June 17, 2011. 



Minutes document from May 2011 meeting was reviewed.  REPORT ACCEPTED



Gary Parker reported.  The Profit and Loss Report covers May 12, 2011 thru June 8, 2011 and reflects a net income of -4,973.41 (full accounting report distributed). PYS balances are as follows CD= $72,205.29 and current checking account has a balance=$8,074.85.  Also, the savings account reflects a balance of $1,230.14.  These amounts do not include registration fees for the 2011/2012 soccer season.  Gary would like to transfer the money out of the CD once it matures and speak to an accountant to help decide the best place to hold the funds.  A motion was made to transfer the money from the Certificate of Deposit when the funds mature on June 27th to the PYS checking account until the board can make an educated decision as to the best place to put the money.   MOTION ACCEPTED



            Lease Committee

            Lease committee needs to discuss extension of lease term as it directly affects field improvements.  Would like to get Frank Hackett’s needs and wants to see how we can accommodate and negotiate. 


            Calendar Raffle

            Raffle winners will be posted to the website.


            Snack Bar/Patio

            Project to install patio and picnic tables was approved at the last meeting. Installation will begin in June.



PA system

            Purchase and installation of a PA system was approved at the last board meeting.  Installation will occur over the summer.



Website is now available to have players registered on-line.  Late walk-in registration is scheduled for July 12, 2011 at the Town Hall 7-9 PM.  It appears of the registrations to date, there is a larger number of U6 players signing up than in the past. It is believed that this can be attributed to the successful Tot program run by Dan Sullivan over the past few years.



No report.



Reported by Fran Squatrito. Play-off teams and schedules are all listed on Coastal’s Website.  Pembroke teams that made the play-offs are as follows:  BU14 team 1, GU14 Team 1, BU12 team 1, GU12 Team 2 and GU14 team 5.  Congratulations to our Pembroke teams!   


MTOC games scheduled to begin Fri June 24th.  Be ready with laminated cards, correct rosters jersey #s matching roster etc.


Discussion took place regarding score reporting and make-up game scheduling.  If a Pembroke coach is trying to schedule a make-up game with another town’s team and is having trouble getting the game scheduled get Fran S (Or current Coastal Rep) involved sooner than later.  Do not wait until the last week before play-offs as it is too late at that point. 




Zero Tolerance Policy

The program really needs to find a way to control coach and parent behavior toward referees.  Pembroke coaches can and should report coaches from other teams mistreating refs in addition to controlling their own emotions. 


            2011-2012 Coordinator Positions

            Division Coordinators were decided as follows:

U6      - Dow Lynch

U7      - Jim Balkam

U8      - Melissa Paramenter

U10G – Dave Carter

U10B – Rich Robatzek

U12G – Bill Mello

U12B – Ralph Perotto

U14G – Peggy Reynolds

U14B – Andy Goodman

U16-19G –Mike Cavalear

U16-19B - Dave carter          






8:30 PM

NEXT MEETING August 10, 2011