Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2011



Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Peggy Reynolds, Gary Parker, Craig Messner, Dave Gleason, Fran Squantrito, Dave Carter, Jim Balkam, Chuck Pulselli, Dave Bostwick, Ed Dennehy and Paul Allen



Numerous Referee issues this season with coaches and parents.  Any complaints reported to PYS have been forwarded to Coastal.  Also, in an effort to insure all coaches on the sidelines have been CORI checked, a list will be kept at the snackbar and T-shirts will be distributed only to those on the list.  Only gown-ups with the appropriate T-shirt will be allowed on coaching line.  T-shirts have been ordered. 



Minutes document from April 2011 meeting was reviewed.  REPORT ACCEPTED



Gary Parker reported.  The Profit and Loss Report covers March 9th thru May 11, 2011 and reflects a net income of -4,578.78 (full accounting report distributed). PYS balances are as follows CD= $72,205.93 and current checking account balance=$12,948.26



            Lease Committee

            PYS would like to tread lightly when asking for extended lease.


Team Pictures

            PYS would like to offer a make-up date for teams that missed pictures due to schedule conflicts.


            Revs Night

            Revs night will be this Saturday.  There are still 54 tickets available.  A league wide e-mail will be sent to remind all players and parents to come join the fun.


            Calendar Raffle

            Raffle calendars are due Saturday May 14th, Need coordinators to remind their coaches to remind their teams.



Final count of Spring 2011 registration was 1,070 players.  Registration nights for the  Fall 2011-Spring 2012 season are scheduled for May 25, June 5 and late reg July 12, 2011.  All registrations will be held at the Town Hall from 7PM-9PM.    Also, the on-line registration is set up and will be ready to go when rates are added. 




Ralph Perrotto not present, no report.



MTOC dates are scheduled for June 24, 25, and 26th.  The Duxbury Jamboree is scheduled for June 4th.  Make up games for the first half of the season should be played by May 15th The home team should reach out with dates to reschedule. 



Overall things are going well with the Pembroke Refs.  A few “fyi” emails have been sent to some coaches to communicate potential issues, but no formal warnings or action has been taken to date.  The referee mentors program initiated by the state is in place to help retain refs. 



Movie Night

The board discussed sponsoring a PYS movie night at the fields.  The cost to rent the screen is $749 and a movie license is $400.  No admission fees will be charged, but donations will be accepted.  The proposed movie is Kicking and Screaming.  It was decided to hold this event off until early in the Fall season. 


Capital Improvements

·         PA System

Discussed installing a PA system to the fields.  The sound system proposal includes horns to mount onto telephone poles enough to cover 7 acres. PYS will need to install.  A Motion was made to allocate $1,800 for a new PA system:  Motion ACCEPTED       


·         Snack bar patio and picnic tables

Discussed adding a 30 x30 patio and new picnic tables to the snack bar area.   A Motion was made to allocate $3,500 ($2,300 for 9 pallets of bricks, $700 to prepare base area and $500 for initial picnic tables) to create snack bar patio. Motion ACCEPTED


·         Field 3 expansion

No discussion about the field three expansion.  The board would like to figure out the extended lease term with the schools before committing to the field upgrade.


            REVs Ticket Donation by PYS

The Board agreed to donate a set of Revolution Tickets to the Hussey Family 5K fundraiser so they can raffle them off. 








8:50 PM

NEXT MEETING June 8, 2011