Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2011



Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds, Jen Hardy, Ralph Perrotto, Rich Robatzek, Jim Balkam, Mike Tropeano, Craig Messner, Kevin Winters, Chuck Pulselli and Bill Tholen



Discussion on fields. Turf fields will be available after noon only on Saturdays.Waiting on the Coastal schedule to see if we need to request the use of the lights for evening games.



Minutes document from February 2011 meeting was reviewed.REPORT ACCEPTED



Presented by Gary Parker. The Financial Report included transactions from February 10, 2011 through March 9, 2011.See Report attached.Gary informed the board he was working on a sign for the back of the snack bar that says ďPembroke Youth SoccerĒAlso, there are plans to paint the snack bar building. ††A motion made to accept the Treasurerís Report: REPORT ACCEPTED




††††††††††† Lease Committee

††††††††††† Mike Cavalear still in the process of determining date and time of lease committee meeting.


Coaches Meeting

††††††††††† Agenda items for the coaches meeting include:rules about playing time, zero tolerance policy, rosters, player cards etc. Bill Tholen will discuss refs and their responsibilities, Jim Balkam will discuss score reporting and Ralph Perotto will discuss classes and licensing. Each coach will be given their coach bags with uniforms, ball, 1st aid kits, player cards, Deanís spring camp information etc.Also raffle packets will be distributed.The coaching clinic will be held in the Gym from 4:00-5:30 PM.The clinic will be led by Dave Gleason and Dan Sullivan.Mike Cavalear will put together a formal agenda and distribute to board members for comments etc. before the meeting.




Reported by Mike Tropeano.1,021 players are currently registered. The high school age teams are as follows:U16~24 Boys/12 Girls, U19~21 Boys/0 Girls. Player cards will be ready for distribution at the March 20th Coach meeting.




Reported by Ralph Perrotto.Samba Sundays continuing to go well.Last session will be March 20th.E and F coaching courses will be offered in Scituate in the near future.Dates will be communicated when confirmed.



The preliminary Coastal Book has been distributed to core administrators for review.No knowledge about when it will be distributed to the masses.


The Refs recently took a recertification test to qualify them to continue to be a referee. The test is very difficult.Currently there are 46 refs in the system.




††††††††††† 2011 Registration Fees

Discussion took place regarding actual player expenses vs. actual income from registration fees which resulted in a motion to increase fees as follows:U6 @ $70, U7/U8 @ $100, U10/U12/U14 @ $125, U16/U19 @ $95.And the family maximum to be set at $350.Motion PASSED

††††††††††† Team Photos

††††††††††† Team Photos are scheduled to be taken on April 30th.(concerns about 1st Communion conflicts discussed.)The second date for photos will be determined when the Coastal schedules are released.The tentative date is May 14th.


††††††††††† Rev Ticket Raffle

††††††††††† The first three Revolution games of the season were raffled off to the attending meeting members.The first game was won by Bill Tholen, 2nd game, Peggy Reynolds and third game, Mike Cavalear.††














9:02 PM

NEXT MEETING April 13, 2011