Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2011




Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Jen Hardy, Ralph Perrotto, Peggy Reynolds, Kevin Winters, Rich Robatzek, Fran Squatrito and Craig Messner



Andy from PTUSA discussed allowing them the opportunity to work with PYS to help improve player and coach development.  Ideas presented included providing free coaching clinics and assistance to coaches during games on Saturdays and practices during the week.  The PTUSA rep could run the warm up program for the team and stand by the coach to offer advice and answer questions.  Andy discussed the summer camp that runs in August.  He says it is a “premier” camp geared toward players who seriously want to learn soccer.  The only three locations they run these premier camps in are Duxbury, Pembroke and Cape Cod.  They have moved their home office to Kingston and reside strategically around Massachusetts to provide the best support possible to organizations such as ours. 



Minutes from November 2010 meeting was reviewed.  REPORT ACCEPTED



            Chris Campbell Eagle Scout Project

            Letter for Chris’ recycling project at the field was sent out with board member blurbs on Sunday January 9, 2011.



            Bill Mello provided 2 sample uniform shirts for board members to see.  There was discussion about changing the color of  Pembroke’s uniforms in the future as some of the competition has changed their colors to the same color as PYS.  Fran (Coastal Rep) assured us he would see if the towns with matching colors could be required to wear the pinnies when they play Pembroke as they are not complying with their town’s uniform colors approved by Coastal. 


            Lease Committee

            Mike Cavalear will be sending an e-mail out to lease committee to determine a meeting time and date.



Gary Parker not present.  No report submitted.



Fran Squatrito reported that the PYS registrar needs to have information about what players play on Club teams to Coastal ASAP.  Also, the registrar needs to confirm that all coaches and assistant coaches are registered and have been CORI checked with Mass Youth Soccer.  








Reported by Fran Squatrito.  The next Coastal meeting is scheduled for January 24, 2011.  The 2011 Coastal book preparations will begin February 7th and final adjustments are scheduled to be made by February 21st. 


Noelle Cross is asking Pembroke to register her with MYSA.  An e-mail vote for approval amongst PYS board members will take place within the next week.


Rule changes and updates will be reflected in the new Coastal book involving coach placement on the field and coach and fan behavior expectations and consequences.  Fran recommends a pre-season coaches meeting to go over Coastal rules.  He is willing to attend that meeting.



Reported by Ralph Perrotto:  Samba Sundays offered by PYS with PTUSA located at the North Pembroke gym will begin January 23rd  and run for 8 weeks thru March 20th.  So far participation includes 13 U7 boys and girls, 16 U8 boys and girls, and 12 U10 boys and girls (it was decided to combine U10 boys and girls due to low registration) the U10 coed session will run from 2:30 PM -4 PM.  Thus the North Pembroke gym will be opened from 4-5:30 PM on these Sundays should any PYS coaches want to rent the space to run practices.  The expense is $60 per the 1 ½ hour timeslot.  Need to pick date for coaches’ meeting.  Proposing to hold meeting March 20th from 4-5:30 PM at the North Pembroke gym.


Discussion about continuing NEFC skills training in the Spring resulted in a recommendation that these sessions are discontinued until next Fall.



A referee re-certification course for grades 8 and 9  will take place on February 24, 2011.





In the past, calendars have raised $6k-$7k.  Should this effort be discontinued  and replaced by simply increasing the registration fee to make up the difference?  Or maybe distribute raffle tickets at registration offering participants to sell or keep with chances to win prizes. PYS currently seeking funds to increase the size of field 3 allowing enough space to have two 12 v12 fields.    Discussion to be continued. 


            Team Photos

            Dad’s photo is still in business


World Cup Soccer Camp April

Dean is requesting permission from PYS to run a soccer camp during Spring Break (April 18-22), Mon-Fri from 9AM-2PM for kids grades 3-6 at the cost of $175 per player.   An on-line vote will be conducted within the next week to seek approval for this event. 


Dean has agreed to provide PYS with a coaching plan PDF file to put onto the website and a couple 90 minute coaching clinics in an effort to maintain the positive relationship. 





9:05 PM

NEXT MEETING February 9, 2011