Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2010


Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds, Jim Balkam, Dave Bostwick, Ralph Perrotto, Dave Gleason, Kevin Winters, Rich Robatzek



A brick was presented to Gary Parker and his family as a way of saying thank you for all of their efforts and work they do for Pembroke Youth Soccer.



There were no minutes presented to accept.



Gary Parker reported.  The financial report presented represented March 2010 through May 2010 as Gary was unavailable for April’s board meeting.  The most significant expenditure noted was the past due phone invoices.  Subsequent to unpaid bills, the PYS phone was shut off April 14, 2010.  Discussion took place as to whether PYS really needs its own phone number.  If so, it needs to be a commercial account holding PYS (rather than an individual) accountable.  Until resolved, the number needs to be removed from the website.  Mike will ask Bill Tholen to do this.  MOTION made to accept the financial report. REPORT ACCEPTED





The 2nd round of photos scheduled for May 15, 2010. 


Field Rental Update

Fred Marks of the Scorpions confirmed that they do want to rent the fields and have no issue with the presented price.  Board members discussed the importance of a written field contract.  Mike Cavalear will be creating the agreement.  MOTION made to open the fields for rental and agree to a contract with the Scorpions.  MOTION PASSED. 


Calendar Raffle

The annual raffle has earned $4,130 to date.  The date was extended through the coming weekend with hopes of earning more money.  Winning results will be posted Monday May, 17th.



Registration will be held at the Town Hall Sunday, May 16th, Tuesday, May 25th and Tuesday July 20th.  Mike Tropeano is looking for volunteers from the board to help with registration nights.  Let him know if you can help.



Ralph Perrotto presented a detailed proposal for changes to the U12 players for the Fall season.  MOTION was made to send Ralph’s proposal to the Evaluation Committee for review.  MOTION PASSED.  Additional discussion took place regarding the idea to add “skills” training practice and how can the coaches be inspired to teach soccer skills.


COASTAL REPORT  - No report.



Bill Tholen not present however, reported through Mike Cavalear that he is aware that some of the coaches are unhappy with the referees and that he is working on improvements.  He is creating additional training programs to help the kids.  Board members agreed that Bill does a fantastic job with the referees and Pembroke has some of the best refs in the league.





Mike Cavalear introduced the idea of strongly suggesting that each family purchase 5 tickets for $10 each at registration.  They can keep them or sell them.  At the end of the season one big prize will be raffled off.  The idea was well received by board members present.  Also discussed was the importance of sponsorships and that the bricks need to be better advertised. 



Kevin Winters reported that there is a plan in place to repair the drainage issues behind Field 2.   There will be six trenches cut across the field about 4-5 inches wide.  This should by design, suck the water off the field.  A request was made for $2,500 to be allocated (although it is suspected that the project will actually cost less than $2,000) for PVC piping, a trencher and a sander.  The labor will be free of charge.  This project should be completed and field 2B should be usable by Fall 2010.  Comment was made that Al Wood has been very generous and helpful overall.  MOTION made to spend up to $2,500 to repair the drainage issue on Field 2.  MOTION PASSED.



Ralph Perrotto suggested that we use professional coaches to run Samba Soccer next winter and actually focus on teaching skills to the kids.  Fundraising could take place in an effort to keep the costs associated with the professionals lower. 



Jim Balkam distributed “missing scores” report.  Reiteration was made about reporting to him even if the game is cancelled due to weather etc so he can note that on his report to Fran. 



Dave Gleason distributed a proposal for Athletic Revolution to develop a partnership with Pembroke Youth Soccer.  A MOTION was made to accept the Athletic Revolution Proposal.  MOTION PASSED.



The U12 Boys team won the Indoor Session II and Session III championships!  Great job!!



As a result of the difficult parking situation at the fields on Saturdays, Gary Parker spoke with the Pembroke Police Department and they mentioned they have some “community funding” that needs to be spent.  They will be sending Police Officers on bikes to enforce parking rules and meet the kids etc. 









Meeting adjourned 9:05 PM

Next Meeting Scheduled for June 9, 2010