Pembroke Youth Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2010




Mike Cavalear, Bill Mello, Gary Parker, Peggy Reynolds, Jim Balkam, Mike Tropeano, Dave Bostwick, Ralph Perrotto, Bill Tholen, Chuck Pulselli, Paul Allen, Fran Squatrito, Tim Birnstiel, Dan Sullivan, Andy Goodman, Kevin Winters, Andrea Schafer



Presentation by Miles Prescott to discuss sweatshirt and pullover options for the select teams.



Minutes from January 10, 2010 meeting were reviewed.  REPORT ACCEPTED.



Gary Parker presented updated financial report. REPORT ACCEPTED Gary made a request to spend an additional $850 to file the IRS 1023 form in order to make the PYS organization tax exempt.   In addition to alleviating the organization from paying sales tax, it would allow donators to write their donations off on their taxes.  MOTION: expend $850 to file 1023 form with IRS.  MOTION PASSED.  Gary will go ahead and file taxes for the past four years and pay the filing fees and attorney general fees (expenditure that was approved at the last meeting) and then file the 1023. 





Mike Cavalear reported that the Pembroke High School was notified of the 4 PYS scholarships and that a notice has been activated on the PHS website.  He will also get the word out to the private institutions that may have kids who played PYS soccer in their youth making them eligible for a scholarship.  Also, Bill Tholen will add the scholarship information onto the PYS website.  The scholarship applications have a due date of March 19, 2010 and award night is scheduled for June 3rd.


Breakers Tickets

Dan Sullivan presented pricing/seating options for Breakers season tickets.  There are 12 home games scheduled at Harvard Stadium.  In addition, PYS will receive 4 complimentary tickets per game and a Breakers replica jersey that PYS can raffle off in a fundraiser.  MOTION: Purchase four Breakers tickets in category II seating for $220 each ($880 total expenditure).  MOTION PASSED.


Laptop Purchase

There was a brief discussion about purchasing a laptop for the Registrar, but Mike Tropeano is comfortable using his personal laptop for now.  He may want to discuss purchasing a printer in the future.




Mike Tropeano distributed report with current breakdown of the 991 Spring 2010 registered players.  There are three U14 boys on a waitlist.  There are currently only 10 U18 girls registered so the effort will continue to field that team.  Fran Squatrito made note that if a team is registered with Coastal and then has to pull out, there will be a fine of $300 assessed.  



Ralph Perrotto reported.   PYS is offering the G coaching course to be held at the Fieldhouse on March 20, 2010.  If the class gets canceled due to lack of participants, PYS will still need to pay the field rental fee. It was suggested we use the space in a different capacity if the class gets canceled. The F course is scheduled for March 27, 2010.  “Samba Sundays” are going nicely.  There are 24 U7 players, 8 U8 players and 3 U6 players making up four teams in that division.  There are 8 girls and 5 boys in the U10 Paul Turner program.  Discussions took place about whether or not PYS should continue to offer this winter program with all of the new winter programs that are now being offered by other organizations.  If it is decided to continue, the word needs to get out to the players/parents before the end of the Fall season.  Ralph also informed the board that MPS is establishing a team in Hingham and they will be having try-outs soon and the Crusaders in Plymouth will also be holding try-outs. 


Ralph has established a page for the Pembroke Youth Soccer organization on Facebook.  He encouraged the board members who have a Facebook account to go in and check it out and make recommendations on additional things to add to it.



Fran Squatrito reported.  A packet was distributed which displays the breakdown of all area teams by age group, town, the division they’ll play in and play-off schedules.    Fran informed the board that player cards MUST be signed at the first game and lamination MUST be done by May 1, 2010.  If cards are not available and laminated May 1st, the team risks a forfeited game.   The Coastal books are scheduled to go to the printer this Saturday.  The books will not include the high school teams as they have not been solidified.  Their schedules will be posted on-line.  The season is scheduled to begin on April 3, 2010.  (HS teams start 4/11).  There have been a few by-law changes which will be posted on the web and shared during the March board meeting.



Bill Tholen reported.  Bill attended the required assignor’s course this past month.  He mentioned the course had a lot of focus on establishing mentor programs.  The state has appointed mentors for each league and Bill was appointed for PYS.  In the meeting, statistics were shared that show 60-70% of “grade 9” refs leave after a year.  Part of this is due to the difficult position the kids are in when being scrutinized and criticized by coaches and parents so Bill is working on establishing a process to monitor the zero tolerance policy and make proper reprimands where necessary.  Also, a PYS referee incentive proposal was presented to the board.  MOTION:   Give $40 incentive bonuses to referees who return a second year ($20 to current 2nd year refs as a retroactive bonus) and give $40 incentive bonuses to referees who achieve “grade 8” through upgrade or taking the initial course ($20 to refs who achieved upgrades from Oct 2009-present as a retroactive bonus).  MOTION PASSED   There is a referee meeting scheduled for Wednesday March 24, 2010 at the library.  Bill is trying to encourage high attendance at the meeting by offering schedule preferences to the attendees.





Discussion tabled until March 2010 board meeting. 



Mike Tropeano went over the evaluation committee’s recommended changes to the current coach and player selection procedures.  The original policy with noted changes was distributed.   Changes include:


Section 4.5.1 “Player Registration”…deleted the “pre-registration” word and replaced it with “registration” in the section title and deleted all information regarding “pre-registration” as players are not required to pre-register for evaluations. 


Section 4.5.2 “Timing of the Evaluation  This section was added and it will say “Try-outs should occur on the first Saturday after Labor Day.  Both boys and girls try-outs should occur on the same day.  The group with the smaller number of combined registered players (U12 & U14 girls versus U12 & U14 boys) should have their try-outs in the morning with the other group in the afternoon after the completion of joint keeper evaluations.


Section 4.5.3 “Who is Evaluating  Wording changed to say: ““It is suggested that each field have at least 3 evaluators.  Coordinators should contact all board members and coaches (U10 and above) at least two weeks prior to the try out to arrange for evaluators.  The coordinators for each try out should conduct a pre-evaluation meeting (two meetings: one for the boys try out and one for the girls try out) for the evaluators on the evening before the tryout.  The coordinators should review the scoring process and logistics for the next day.


Section 4.5.4 “Number of Players on Select Teams”- changed the sentence that references changes to select team size to: “If the size of a select team is changed and the number of players is increased, the additional players added will be at the discretion of the coach.  If the number of players is reduced, the number of players automatically making the team will be reduced by the same number.  The following was deleted from the section: “the selection process below will be altered by changing the number of top ranked field players selected to the team unless otherwise specified by the PYS BOD.”


Section 4.5.5 “Choosing the Select Team”- The sentence regarding the time frame coaches have to consult other coaches and watch games was changed.  Rather than allowing “several weeks” it was decided that coaches should watch games at the next available opportunity (the week after evaluations unless there is a rain out) to make their remaining discretionary selections. 


Section 4.5.7 “Releasing of Players Scores”-This section was added and it will say: “Player scores are not to be released to anyone with the exception of the coordinator, select team coach for the specific age group and the Executive Board.


Section 5.4.9 “Player notification”- The U12 and U14 Select players should be notified 14 days after (upon the completion of games on that day) the evaluation via posting on the organization’s website.  Coordinators will then begin the recruitment process for coaches for the remaining teams.  Each group will conduct their draft within three weeks of the notification of the Select team.  Coaches for the remaining teams should call or e-mail their players within 48 hours of the draft and the team should be posted within 72 hours of their selection. 


Discussion involving the liability around posting a child’s name on the web occurred with no resolution at this time so it was suggested the board re-visit section 5.4.9 at the next board meeting. 


MOTION: To accept all recommended selection process revisions EXCEPT section 5.4.9.  MOTION PASSED



Meeting adjourned 9:35 PM

Next Meeting Scheduled for March 10, 2010