Board Meeting of October 14, 2009

Dan Sullivan, Mike Cavalear, Andy Goodman, Deb Bostwick, Dave Bostwick, Ralph Perrotto, Ed Dennehy, Bill Keeler, Peggy Reynolds, Chuck Pulselli, Dave Carter, Gary Parker, Erin Fletcher, Bill Mello, Dave Gleason, Mike Tropeano

Matt Lopez of the Boston Breakers spoke to the board to discuss the benefits of going to Breakers games and to request PYS support.

Minutes from September 9, 2009 meeting were reviewed. REPORT ACCEPTED


PYS Scholarship Fund Raiser
Volunteers needed! Only 4 responses to Mike Cavalear’s e-mail request. Proposed date for “preferred parking” fundraiser postponed until October 31st. E-mail will be sent to coordinators to get the word out to coaches that if they have parents, HS kids etc. that are willing to help out they should contact Mike Cavalear. The fundraiser will include a raffle. Raffle items discussed include a free registration, bricks and tickets to the Rev's. It was stressed that this fund raiser cannot happen without enough committed volunteers! Contact person for this is Mike Cavalear.

Field Trash Management
The trash situation continues to be very bad. The boys’ fields seem worse than the girls. The high school kids are the worst offenders. Also, the high school teams have been using field 1 although contract only allows them use of fields 2 and 3. Dan is open to suggestions on new ways to keep them off of fields as he has tried everything he can think of and will continue to do so.

2010 Executive Board Positions:
The following are Executive Board Nominees:
Mike Cavalear - President
Dave Carter-VP
Mike Tropeano - Registrar
Jen Hardy - Secretary
Lisa Stoyle - Treasurer

Lisa Stoyle unavailable to report. A financial report forwarded from her was distributed to the board members attending the meeting.

Andy Goodman reported. In an effort to have an accurate account of teams for the Coastal League in January, a letter will be mailed out on 11/01/09 to all HS players who were registered last spring but have not yet signed up for Spring 2010. The letter will include a registration deadline of December 15th to add urgency and thus avoid numerous late registrations. A player can still register after the deadline if there are still roster spaces but a $25 late fee will be charged.

Nothing new to report. All information is up to date.

No report

No Report


Winter Soccer Program:
Discussed whether or not to move forward with this program as there was no response from the current U7coaching group to a request from Ralph Perrotto to help out in the winter. Mike Tropeano does plan to run the U8 program, regardless. Paul Turner was contacted to see if they have interest in helping out with the U10 group and they agreed to help, but have also committed to a program in Kingston which may limit their abilities with PYS. One reason for questioning whether the program will be successful is the odd times PYS was able to secure the Fieldhouse. It was decided that we would wait on a final decision to run this program until Ralph has a chance to talk with some of the U7 coaches face to face and get a better feel for the interest.

Spring 2010 Team Roster Numbers
U12 Boys-Select team of 15 players + four additional teams of 15 with no weighted team 2.
U12 Girls-Select Team of 15 players + weighted team 2 of 15 players and 5 teams of 14 players.
U14 Boys-Select Team of 20 players + one team of 21 and one team of 22 players. No weighted team 2.
U14 Girls-Select Team of 18 players + three teams of 21 players. No weighted team 2.

Select Team Coaches Picks/Discretionary Picks
One letter received to date from U14 girl Cheryl Acompora. If any boys are unable to attend pending try outs it is imperative he gets a letter to a member of the Executive Board to be considered for the team. Bill Mello had a question of situation where the highest scoring goalie also scored within the top 11 of the field trials opening an additional discretionary pick. It was communicated to him that the pick can be from any player regardless of her ranking.

BU12 and BU14 Tryouts
Scheduled for Saturday and every effort will be made to accommodate these tryouts even if other PYS games are cancelled. Much discussion regarding other venues however it was decided to push for our fields and pray for no rain.

Advertising November’s Board Meeting
The November board meeting will be advertized to all PYS affiliates in an effort to encourage new people to get involved and join the board.

Athletic Revolution
The Athletic Revolution Sports facility is opening. Dave Gleason discussed the open-house scheduled for Saturday and the demos that would take place to teach kids speed, skills and injury prevention. Also, Kevin Alston of the Revs will be there. It was agreed the PYS board would support this facility.

Photos of Development
Dave Carter passed around pictures of the soccer fields during construction. The field construction started in 1985 and was completed in 1987. The first games were played in 1988 and the dedication ceremony took place in 1989.

Bathroom Locks
Gary Parker reported that one of the bathroom door locks has been replaced already and the other will be done soon. Also, the snack bar was discovered unlocked one evening.

Popcorn Popper
The popcorn popper is broken. We will be going without it for the time being.

8:57 PM