Board Meeting of August 12, 2009

Dan Sullivan, Mike Cavalear, Lisa Stoyle, Andy Goodman, Jen Hardy, Dave Bostwick, Ralph Perrotto, Ed Dennehy, Bill Keeler, Paul Allen, Peggy Reynolds, Chuck Pulselli, Dave Carter, Gary Parker, Erin Fletcher, Bill Mello, Andrea Schafer, Deb Bostwick, Tim Birnstiel, Rich Tworig (Sunset Turf Lawn Care)

Minutes from June 10, 2009 meeting were reviewed. REPORT ACCEPTED.


PHS Field Use
Pembroke High School wanted to use 4 fields for fall sports. Leases says two fields. Dan Sullivan has communicated this to Bill Fallon.

Lisa Stoyle reported and presented updated financial report and a comparison from previous year. Lisa is transitioning to QuickBooks which will allow her to run more reports and allow a more detailed breakdown of what is in each account. REPORT ACCEPTED.

Andy Goodman presented handout showing number of registered players and proposed number of teams. For fall 2009 the team breakdown will be as follows:

U6 14 teams 10 max per team
U7 12 teams 12 max per team
U8 8 teams 15 max per team
U10B 10 teams 14 max per team
U10G 6 teams 14 max per team
U12B 8 teams 10 max per team
U12G 10 teams 10 max per team
U14B 6 teams 11 max per team
U14G 8 teams 11 max per team

Ralph Perrotto reported. The following courses/clinics have been scheduled for fall:
9/8: MYSA clinic for U6/U7/U8 coaches (no cost to PYS)
9/9: PTUSA coaching clinic for U10 coaches (no cost to PYS)
9/12: MYSA U6 specialty clinic. Two MYSA coaches will run practice sessions with U6 coaches (cost to PYS $520)
PTUSA will be running its training academy in Pembroke again this fall starting 9/14.
Ralph is also looking into winter indoor programs for U7, U8 and U10 starting at the end of January. MYSA may also be starting a skills academy at the Fieldhouse for U12 and U14 in January.
Next G course will be 3/20 at the Fieldhouse. Next F course will be 3/27 at the Fieldhouse.

No report

No report


Field Update
Proposal presented by Rich Tworig for field maintenance through end of fall season. Cost would be $7,665.18 or $7,949.05 depending on whether fertilizer is applied in August. MOTION: Accept proposal for $7,665.18. MOTION PASSED.

Fall Field Design
U6/U7/U8 will use field 3. U10/U12/U14 will use 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B. Field 4A will be open as a practice field and a back-up game field if 2B is closed due to flooding.

Fall Season
Season will kick off 9/12 and run through 11/14. Girl select team tryouts will be 9/26. Boy select team tryouts will be 10/3. U12 and U14 will not play those weeks.

Pop Warner Cheerleading Request to Use Fields
Board approved request of Pop Warner Cheerleading to use fields for practice in August (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights). Dan will give Lisa Harkin a key to bathroom and Pop Warner will be responsible for cleaning and locking up.

World Cup Soccer Camp
PYS received a check from Dean Schneider for $1,820 for the week. Feedback from camp was positive. There was a big turnout for the mighty mite program.

Tot Soccer
Board approved request of Dan Sullivan to use a portion of field on Saturday morning to run a tot soccer program for pre-school children. Will not interfere with PYS game use of field.

Recycling Proposal
PYS player Chris Campbell has a proposal for PYS for his Eagle Scout project. Chris would build recycling/trash bins for the fields. Board was positive about recycling but concerned about who would be responsible for emptying trash and sorting recyclables. Request that Chris refine proposal and report back to Board.

U10/U12/U14 Fall Draft
MOTION: Face up draft for fall season for U10, U12 and U14. MOTION PASSED.

PYS Revolution Night
Revolution night will be 9/26/09 (7:30 game). Tickets will cost $21 for a ticket with face value of $30. Dave Carter is organizing.

Field Clean-Up
Fall field clean-up will be Saturday 8/22/09 at 8AM with a rainout date of 8/23/09.

8:45 PM