Board Meeting of June 10, 2009

Dan Sullivan, Lisa Stoyle, Andy Goodman, Jen Hardy, Dave Bostwick, Ralph Perrotto, Ed Dennehy, Bill Keeler, Paul Allen, Peggy Reynolds, Jim Balkam, Chuck Pulselli, Dave Carter, Gary Parker, Dave Gleason, Tim Birnstiel

Minutes from May 13, 2009 meeting were reviewed. REPORT ACCEPTED


Scorpions August Soccer Tournament
Use of 3 fields at the rate of $60 per field per game in the event Scorpions hold their tournament the first week in August.

PYS Scholarships
Scholarships in the amount of $500 each were awarded to the following former PYS players after review of all the applications by the scholarship committee: Chris Carter, Kathryn Nathan and Kristen Tholen.

Calendar Raffle
Winners of calendar raffle will be posted on the PYS website.

Lisa Stoyle reported and presented updated on financials for remainder of season. REPORT ACCEPTED.

Andy Goodman reported registration totals thus far were 617 at the two walk-in registration nights and 170 web registrations. Late registration is 7/14/2009 from 7-9PM.

Ralph Perrotto reported. Working to schedule the MYSA coaching clinic for U6 & U7 coaches. Is looking at Tuesday 9/8 (rain date 9/10) for clinic with MYSA coach on site for first day of season 9/12 for 4 hours for U6. PTUSA may want to start their clinics 8/31, High School will be done with try-outs so fields will be available if PTUSA wants to start that week. There was also a discussion regarding the results at the U10 level from spring and how to improve results especially with the boys’ teams. Pros and cons of face up draft in fall was discussed but not voted on. Also discussed holding an all coaches meeting for all levels prior to the season to set expectations for coaches.

No report

No report


Fall Coordinators
Age group coordinators for Fall 2009-Spring 2010:
U6 Jim Balkam
U7 Ralph Perrotto
U8 Mike Tropeano
U10B Deb Bostwick
U10G Dave Carter
U12B Ed Dennehy
U12G Bill Mello
U14B Jim Balkam
U14G Peggy Reynolds
U16-19G Mike Cavalear
U16-19B Dave Carter

Fall Field Rental
Request from Pat Marino of NEFC for use of 1 field on Sundays. Is agreeable to $60/game. We have not yet heard from Scorpions about their fall usage request.
MOTION: Rent ½ a field to PTUSA for Monday nights at rate of $30/field (PTUSA will continue to give PYS players a discount). MOTION PASSED.
MOTION: So that fields can rest and recover do not rent fields for fall and spring except for the following: World Cup Soccer Camp in July, possible Scorpions tournament in August, and PTUSA Academy. MOTION PASSED.

Field Conditions
Board discussed condition of fields. Bill Keeler proposed changing vendors for field care due to the field condition thru the fall 2009 season and then solicit bids for the following calendar year.
MOTION: Cancel our agreement with Natural Lawn and use Rich Twoirg (from Pembroke) thru end of fall 2009 season. MOTION PASSED.
MOTION: Authorize use of up to $2000 for fertilizer application in attempt to help condition of fields. MOTION PASSED.

U8-U10 Evaluations
Coordinators need to make sure coaches are getting these evaluations in prior to end of season.

PYS Night at NE Revolution
Dave Carter discussed possible dates. September 26 was chosen. Dave will follow up with Revs.

9:14 PM